15 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Nails

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Nails

Healthy nails are not something that we are born with, but what you can do is make sure that you follow a simple care regime, that will help you maintain healthy nails. It is not really some rocket science but what you can do is workout a simple schedule to ensure better nail hygiene, growth, prevent nail breakage, yellowing of nails, etc.

So Here Is A Complete Guide And Tips On Maintaining Healthy Nails:

Don’t Bite Or Tear Nails

The first step to maintaining healthy nails is to stop biting them or chewing them or even tearing them. Remember that doing so wrecks up the nail cuticles. What happens here is that the nail takes longer to grow in this reference and also tends to break more.

Don't Bite Or Tear Nails

Keep Nails Trimmed

If you are indeed a fan of long nails, then the most important tip to keep them healthy would be to ensure regular filing and trimming. Like your hair, nails too are prone to all kinds of damage. But ensuring that you trim and file them regularly, you can avoid a lot of hassles.

Trim your nails

Keep Them Clean

The nails too get dirty like the other parts of your body, in this reference you should make sure that when you are cleaning your hands, use clean the nails well. Everyday hand soap can be used to create foam and help you get rid of the dirt inside. You can also use tip of your finger nails for doing this.

Clean your nails

Eat Healthier

Make sure that you eat a healthier diet for healthier nails. This includes iron rich and calcium rich foods that improve nail density, prevent brittleness and also help your nails grow faster. Eggs, meats, dairy, etc. along with green vegetables are the best sources of the same.

Add The Mentioned Foods To Your Diet

Don’t Cut Cuticles

Another rule of thumb for healthier nails would be to ensure that you don’t cut the nail cuticles too much. Remember these cuticles work as the natural protector against fungus and bacteria too. So avoid cutting cuticles too much or pushing them too much.

Avoid Full Nail Extensions

Avoid Nail Hardeners

The next step is to avoid using too much of any nail hardening agent. A lot of women assume that soft nails are more prone to damage but that is not true. In fact, soft nails mean healthier nails, unless they are too fragile. So avoid use of nail hardeners.

Avoid Nail Hardeners

Moisturise Nails And Cuticles

Like all other body parts, your nails too need moisture and nourishment. Not getting the same results in the nails chipping off, breaking off or even cracking. You can get plenty of nail and hand creams in the market that provide nourishment here. Alternatively, you can also try using olive oil or almond oil on the nails. Cream and milk are another natural agent for healthy nails.

Moisturise Nails And Cuticles

Go For Regular Manicures

Make sure that you go for a manicure once a month at least. You can also do this at home. Doing so keeps dry skin, nails and even nail in growth problems in check. If not manicures, soak nails in hot water so that they are soft and then get rid of the ingrowth nails and dry skin around.

Go For Regular Manicures

Avoid Using Nails As Tool

Your nails should not be used as a tool. Be it lids, cans or even bottles don’t exert force on the nails by using them as a tool for opening them. Else, they will be prone to abuse and break and get damaged.

Avoid Using Nails As Tool

Avoid Too Much Nail Products

Be it nail polish, base nail coat or any other kind of nail product, don’t over do the same. Using too much of these leads to the cuticles getting blocked and not being their natural selves. This makes them yellowish in color along with breakage issues too.

Avoid Too Much Nail Products

Have Biotin Supplements

Biotin is the main source of nail food. If you want nails that are healthy and in good shape, try to eat biotin supplements at least once a day. This improves nail health along with improving texture too.

Have Biotin Supplements

Don’t Use Acetone-Based Polish Removers

Acetone based polish removers strip the nails of their natural moisture. If you use these on the nails, they tend to get very whitish and dry with time, leading to brittleness and dryness.

Nail polish remover

Avoid Full Nail Extensions

Instead of getting full nail extensions just opt for nail tips. What happens in full nail extensions is that the nails and cuticles get blocked and choked. In the long run, this leads to poor nail hygiene.

Avoid Full Nail Extensions

Check For Infections

Nail infections and fungus occur commonly. Watch for signs like greenish growth, nail texture becoming too wobbly or even getting very white instead of pink. Consult a dermatologist in this case.

Check For Infections

Use Mild Soaps And Shampoos

Chemical rich soaps and shampoos damage nails. Opt for natural and organic products that are mild and don’t strip nails off natural moisture. It will prevent long-term damage and give you healthier nails.

Using Moisturizing Soaps

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