15 Super Medicinal Uses Of Betel Leaves

15 Super Medicinal Uses Of Betel Leaves

Betel leaves are highly beneficial for health and has an ability to cure number of common ailments. In fact, heart shaped leaves of betel are blessed with unmatched medicinal properties which are quite underrated but they are highly efficient. Following are the amazing health benefits of betel leaves that will surely amaze you once you read about it.

Here Are The 15 Super Medicinal Uses Of Betel Leaves:

1. Good Analgesic:

Betel leaves are good analgesic which is highly beneficial in alleviating pain caused due to inflammation, rashes, indigestion, constipation and even cuts and bruises. You only need to make a paste of betel leaves to cure external cuts and other injuries whereas for internal problems you can either chew betel leaves or can drink juice extracted from such leaves so as to get relief from pain.

 Good Analgesic

2. Improves Digestion:

Betel leaves are too good for improving digestion. Betel leaves do have amazing anti-flatulent, gastro protective, intestinal and carminative properties which on consuming, helps in secretion of digestive acids.   Betel leaves is an instant remedy for indigestion among children and two teaspoon of mixture prepared by boiling betel leaves with little pepper in water gives fast relief from indigestion to them.

Improves Digestion

3. Increases Metabolism:

Betel leaves are highly beneficial in improving body’s metabolism. It makes the sphincter performance somehow better which removes all the waste material present in the body with ease and comfort. Betel leaves also stimulate intestines to absorb essential nutrients and mineral for the body growth.

Increases Metabolism

4. Removes Constipation:

Betel leaves are also very effective in easing constipation because it is also a good natural anti-oxidant. Consumption of betel leaves removes free radical from the body which is responsible for easing constipation. You can also drink juice extracted from betel leaves with empty stomach daily so as to get better result in getting relief from constipation.

Removes Constipation

5. Improves Hunger:

If you’re suffering from loss of appetite problem then you must start consuming betel leaves either directly or in form of juice as betel leaves normalize the PH level which triggers the hunger hormones and finally increases appetite.

Improves Hunger

6. Removes Gastric Problem:

Betel leaves are highly effective in reducing gastric pain and improving GERD and protects the duodenum from harmful free radicals and toxins. It also normalize the unbalanced pH level of the stomach that gives fast relief from gastric pain, acidity and pain arouse due to bloating problem.

Removes Gastric Problem

7. Good For Oral Health:

Betel leaves are too good for oral health and gives protection to the mouth against attack of bacteria’s, germs and other oral pathogens. Chewing betel leaves daily is also a good remedy for decaying tooth and it gives utmost strengths to the gums thereby reinforcing the teeth. Apart from this, chewing betel leaves are also helpful in preventing oral bleeding issue.

Good For Oral Health

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8. Cures Respiratory Problems:

For the patients suffering from respiratory problems like chest congestion, lung congestion or asthma attack, betel leaves are highly beneficial to cure such complications. You only need to boil few leaves of betel with cardamom, cinnamon, cubeb and clove in 2 cups of water for atleast 15-20 minutes followed by drinking the concoction 3 times a day so as to get instant relief from respiratory problems.

Cures Respiratory Problems

9. Gives Relief From Cough:

If you’re having a problem of dry cough or persistent cough from very long time then betel leaves will vase your complication to some extent. Betel leaves are loaded with antibiotics that eases phlegm and reduces inflammation arouse due to constant coughing. You only need to drink mixture prepared by boiling betel leaves with cloves and cardamom in water so as to get instant relief from your cough problems.

Gives Relief From Cough

10. Good Antiseptic:

Betel leaf is an amazing antiseptic and gives dual protection from germs due to its richness in poly phenols. It can be directly applied to cuts and wounds and can also be used in treatment of arthritis.


11. Removes Fungal Infection:

Betel leaves are too good for removing fungal infections which are commonly found in moist body parts.

Removes Fungal Infection

12. Eases Back Pain And Muscular Pain:

Betel leaf is also an effective remedy in the treatment of lower back pain and other muscular pain. Massaging the affected areas with oil extracted from betel leaves gives fast relief from such complications.

Eases Back Pain And Muscular Pain

13. Cures Urination:

Betel leaves are highly beneficial in treating water retention and urination. In fact, drinking 1 glass of betel juice with milk gives better result in easing urination and also gives relief from obstructed urination.


14.  Cure Headache:

Betel leaf is also an effective remedy for curing headache problem. Massage of forehead with betel leaves gives instant relief from headache because of its amazing cooling and analgesic properties.

Cure Headache

15. Removes Skin Problems:

Betel leaf is also a good remedy for treating different types of skin problems including acne and wrinkles on skin. It is blessed with outstanding antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that kills all germs present inside skin and gives relaxation from acne, scars, allergies and other skin infections comfortably.

Removes Skin Problems

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