15 Style Statements By Alia Bhatt For Teens

Style Statements By Alia Bhatt For Teens

The Student of the Year gal Alia Bhatt has become the fashion icon for teens in India with her fresh and stylish fashion statements. Despite the different characters that she has played in her movies, she has always managed to carry off her wardrobe with panache. Here are 15 style statements made by her that teens can aspire for.

Cute Dresses

Alia Bhatt has been spotted wearing cute little dresses and flattering gowns that not only suit her body type but also accentuate her personality. Remember that in order to carry this look, you have to have oodles of confidence to go with it. Cute dresses

Designer Handbags

A big fan of designer handbags, Alia is rarely spotted without the right one at any event. Designer handbags

High Heels

High heels can never be out of fashion, and Alia knows this very well. Rarely spotted wearing flats, she wears envy-worthy high heels that are smart and trendy.

 High heels

Bright Colors

With her age in her favor, Alia uses her youth to advantage by wearing bright colors that emphasize her innocence and fair complexion.

 Bright colors

Poppy Lip Colors

SOTY sees the baby doll Alia wear matte lipstick in bold colors defined neatly by a lip liner. The use of gloss was kept to a minimum which teens nowadays tend to overdo.

Poppy lip colors

Tress Talk

Alia has used her hair to her advantage by having it side-swept for a casual glam look or having it tied up in a puffy bun to compliment her elegant gown.

Tress Talk

Minimal Makeup

Her SOTY look was a fresh face with minimal makeup. The emphasis was on maintaining a dewy and innocent look that is usually the trademark of youth. http://mtv.in.com/blogs/general/just-in/9-reasons-why-alia-bhatt-is-the-next-big-thing-52191073.html

 Minimal makeup

Matching Nails

Being on the right side of 20, Alia Bhatt gets away with wearing bright, bold and unconventional nail colors to up her style quotient (check out her blue nail polish in the image)

Matching nails

Body Conscious

Most teens fail in their attempts to make a fashion statement because in their rush to look trendy they wear clothes that do not suit their body or personality. Despite her youth, Alia works on creating a look which is compatible with her body type as well personality. This creates a unique style statement.

Body conscious

Let The Eyes Do The Talking

Alia has maintained a clean and natural look for eyes by using a liner on upper eye-lid and plenty of mascara for an open-eyed innocent look.

Let the eyes do the talking

It’s All In The Attitude

The biggest weapon in the armory of a fashionista is her attitude. Alia has oodles of it and can carry any dress with élan.

 It’s all in the attitude

Work The Blazer

Alia carries the SOTY look one step further by pairing up dresses with smart blazers.

 Work the blazer

Flaunt Those Legs

One of the biggest advantages of being young is that you can couple oomph factor and innocence together to get a sizzling look. Alia uses it to her advantage too by wearing short and bold skirts.

Flaunt Those Legs

Fancy Accessories

Alia Bhatt accessorizes her outfit with funky neckpieces or chunky watches or multiple bangles and bracelets for that girly look.

 Fancy Accessories

Jumpstarting The Jumpsuit

While it is all good to set your fashion trend, you must also be updated with the current what’s in and what’s not. Alia Bhatt rocks the jumpsuit with just the right accessories and make-up. Jumpstarting the jumpsuit

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