15 Simple Homemade Toners For Oily Skin

Simple Homemade Toners For Oily Skin

Toning is an important part of your daily skin care, especially if you are blessed or cursed with oily skin. After cleansing thoroughly apply good toners which will help to cut away all the dirt and grime that has stayed back in the deepest pores and relax these pores as oily skin tends to have more severe conditions of open pores. While there are many products available over the counter and also online that claim to give the best results, its best to try natural and home made mixes that will give you better results and lasting beauty making your efforts worthwhile. Here are some homemade remedies to replace your cosmetic toners.

White Vinegar:

White vinegar is a highly inexpensive skincare alternative to sort out all kinds of hassles faced by those having an oily skin. It helps to wipe your face with it time and again to remove the shine that is caused by oil and sebum secretion of the pores. Just mix it with equal portions of water to sufficiently dilute it and not irritate your skin. Apply it with the help of a cotton pad for even toning.

White Vinegar

Mint Leaves:

Mint serves as a great astringent and cooling agent that helps calm down the oily glands and considerably reduce the tendency of open pore problems that is so commonly associated with those having oily skin. Just make a reduction of handful of min leaves with water and apply it with a cotton pad once it cools down.

Mint Leaves

Citrus Peppermint Coolant:

This toner has the benefits of lemon which helps cut oil the oil and grease on our faces and make it visibly clearer. It also has the cooling properties of freshly brewed peppermint tea along with the goodness and brightening factors that are heightened with witch hazel. Just brew some tea and add a teaspoon of lemon with two teaspoons of hazel to the mix. Apply evenly when cooler for as many times in a day your face feels greasy.

Citrus Peppermint Coolant

Aloe Vera:

The marvelous succulent has no area in beauty or health where it cannot contribute. Just use a freshly cut stem to apply the gel directly over face and around the neck. It is so effective that it can even reverse the most extreme sun burn conditions that may be bothering you.

Aloe Vera

Sour Cucumber:

A fresh cucumber also contains a bit of the bitterness that exists in every member of the gourd family. This acts as a coolant to the open pores which go on an overdrive due to excessive sebum secretion of oily skin. Mix this with curd and you will nourish the skin while cutting through the greasiness with its sourness. Apply this rather thick mix all over your face to get the best benefits of both the ingredients.

Sour Cucumber

Fragrant Water Coolant:

For the oily skinned people who are highly susceptible to acnes and breakouts, try using this mix on camphor and rose water. Just put a pinch of the camphor in requisite amount of rosewater and apply generously several times a day and rinse it off. This is also an excellent toner to be used post waxing or threading to avoid breakouts.

Chilled Water:

Sometimes the easiest way to look after our skin is with lots of water both inside and outside. So next time you are through with cleansing just rub an ice cute along the skin to get the same benefits as any toner. The reason being this that it will reduce your pores with the chilled temperature which will control the sebum secretion.

Chilled Water

Rose Water:

The most favorable and naturally available toner is the rose water. While chilled water is great, it winters it often leaves you feeling too dry. Rose water gives the right amount of nourishment and sebum control that oily skin badly needs.

Rose Water

Lemon Rubs:

Pure lemon juice has the best acne fighting and grease reducing ingredients so generously apply lemon juice on your face and rinse it off for a refreshed skin that feels oil free and hydrated at the same time. Rub the juice with the help of lemon peels to help scrub out any dirt or grime that may clog the pores and cause acne or blemishes. Full of AHA this will keep you looking younger for longer.

Lemon Rubs

Tangy Honey Toner:

Tomato juice is another citrus compound that has a high level of anti oxidants that helps prevent blemishes and sun burn or sun tan. The honey acts as a sticky binder which helps peel out the dirt and grime and the dead skin cells that tend to stick to greasy skin. Mix them in equal proportions and apply on your face for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Tangy Honey Toner

Mixed Tea Coolants:

Brew in a bag each of green and chamomile teas and let the mix cool down. Now whenever needed rinse your face with this mix to get rid of the unwanted oiliness from your skin. There is no need to rinse it off with water as it is strongly water based and only needs to settle on skin to protect it. To add to the freshness you can add the juice of one lemon to every 3 cups of this mix.

Carrot Spearmint Coolant:

Mix equal parts of freshly brewed spearmint tea with carrot juice and the juice of half a lemon. Apply this cool mix at least thrice a day or more as per your oiliness. The carrots contain beta carotene which is an excellent ingredient towards obtaining glowing skin.

Carrot Spearmint Coolant

Essential Oil Toner:

Take equal portions of lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil. Dilute them with equal parts of distilled water to make a watery mix and apply it all over the face evenly. Follow it up with your usual moisturizing routine as this can make your skin dry out.

Essential Oil Toner

Watermelon Vodka Toner:

Mix two spoons of watermelon juice with equal parts of distilled water and premium vodka and stir it together to make your toner mix. Refrigerate it and apply with a cotton ball evenly on your face for three times or more during the day. This will give the best toning effects than any drugstore product.

Watermelon Vodka Toner

Herb Infused Vodka Toner:

Steep together some rosemary, mint and thyme in white wine overnight. Rosemary will give astringent like properties which will activate the skin cells and the AHA components of wine will help prevent breakouts on blemishes on your skin while you look supple and radiant. Pick your favorite mix and try it on your oily skin. These guarantee better and lasting results that its cosmetic counterparts.

Herb Infused Vodka Toner

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