15 Inspiring Korean Hairstyles


People, especially in the teenage age love to make various kinds of hairstyles in order to make them look beautiful and attractive. Those who are extremely serious about making various styles with their hairs then this article will really fascinate you. We all know about the fashion trends of the Korean people is famous worldwide. The fashion industry has been taken by storm by these Korean people. The Korean hairstyles are always cool and trendy which sets a new fashion statement worldwide. These Korean’s are very creative in the matter of hairstyles. The hairs are so designed that it suits every individual.

Here Are Some Best Korean Hairstyles That You Can Try It Out In Order To Have An Unique Styles Of The Hair:

Boyish Pixie

This boyish pixie is strictly for the female. This style is perfect for those girls who like to have a tom boy look. With the boyish pixie hairstyle you will be having the spikes in your hair like the boys. This hairstyle will make all the girls say “why should boys have all the fun !!.” The boyish pixie hairstyle is quite trendy especially among the teenage girls.

Boyish Pixie

Short And Slick

This short and slick hairstyle for boys is very simple. The hairstyle is perfect for the office goers. The short and slick hairstyle will give you a mature look. Just cut your hair of medium size. Take care of the fringes by applying the hair gel of sufficient quantity with your fingers. The fringes will look cool and natural.

Short and slick

Fine Layers Sleek

The hairstyle is for girls. The fine layers sleek will make you look smart and you will be having a sophisticated look, which will also help you in increasing your self confidence and personality. The hairstyle is very simple. Just brush your hair backwards without any side and middle part.

Fine layers sleek

Side Sweep Brunette Look

Give your face a rustic look by side sweep brunette hairstyle. The hairstyle will make you look simple and beautiful. The hairstyle is for the girls.

Side sweep brunette look

Medium Fringe Up

This hairstyle is for the cool boys. The medium fringe up hairstyle can be done by keeping the back side of the hair short with long and thick hairs in the middle part. The hairstyle will give you a “macho look”. In order to keep the fringes apply sufficient quantity of hair gels on the hair.

Medium fringe up

Ponytails – Simple Tousled

The hairstyle is especially for the girls. The simple tousled ponytail will have some part of the hair hanging on both side of your beautiful face. This hairstyle will make you look very cute. The hairstyle is best suited for the teenage girls.

Ponytails – simple tousled

Long Blunt Sleek

The long blunt sleek hairstyle will make you look smart. The hairstyle is very formal especially for the office going women. The style is all about how you have the edge curves on both side of your face.

Long blunt sleek

Long Tousled Side Part

Give yourself a sensual and bold look with this long tousled side part hairstyle. The long hair part is styled by the windy tousled flair. The hairstyle for the girls will give a fresh and new look.

Long Tousled Side Part

Side Edges Ponytail

The side edge ponytail will give a vintage look. Just tie the back side of the hair in order to have the ponytail and comb your hair by keeping a side part. The hairstyle is perfect for those girls who like to have an old-fashioned but trendy look.

Side edges ponytail

Straightened Black Hair

The straightened black hair is one of the best and famous forms of hairstyle for girls of all the ages. There is no age bar for this kind of hairstyle. The girls with curly hairs can use hair straightener in order to have a long straightened hair. The straightened hair will give a sensuality look to all the girls.

Straightened black hair

Two Blocks Cut

The two block cut has become quite trendy and famous now a day. Every boys are making this hairstyles in order to have a cool look. The two blocks cut is just like the navy cut. Just trim both side of the hairs using the trimmer and have a medium hair cut in the middle part. You can also have the fringes by apply some hair gel.

Two blocks cut

Mohawk Hairstyle

This Mohawk hairstyle is the classic form of hairstyle for the boys. The hairstyle will give you a vintage look. It is perfect for the teenage boys who like to experiment various styles with their hairs. You will be having a combination of long and short spiky hairs along with longer and shorter sides.

Mohawk hairstyle

Super Short Side Parted Hairstyle

The super short side parted hairstyle will give you a fashionable look. The hairstyle especially for the girls is very simple which will make you look adorable.

Super short side parted hairstyle

Pretty Boy Long Hairstyle

The hairstyle is especially for the boys who like to have long hairs. The hairstyle which give a rock star like looks.

Pretty boy long hairstyle

Oval Shaped Hair Styles

This hairstyle for girls will give a cute and adorable looks. The oval shaped hair style will give an edgy look with some long bangs along the side and in the forehead and shorter bangs in the middle.

Oval shaped hair styles

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