15 Home Remedies To Banish Cheek Blackheads From All 5 Skin Types

 Home Remedies To Banish Cheek Blackheads

While blackheads are too common around the nose and chin, but against all myths, cheeks are equally prone to get affected with blackheads that are more tricky to deal with. Blackhead removing strips go well with nose and chin, but they aren’t of much use when it comes to softer skin of the cheeks. If you too are struggling to cleanse them against blackheads to snatch back your lost texture and smoothness, our 15 listed home remedies might prove too handy for you, no matter what your skin tone or type be. Have a quick read in order to quickly banish those ugly bugging blackheads, from all 5 skin types, that weren’t willing to leave you alone.

Cheek Blackheads On Oily Skin:

1. Ginger And Apricot:

Simply grind ginger flakes and unpeeled apricot with some amount of distilled water or rose water, or both in a mixer. Refrigerate the paste for two hours before applying. Clean your face and apply the paste directly on your cheeks. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes until the liquid seeps within. Now exfoliate the surface with the paste for 15 minutes before you wash it away with cold water. Use it twice daily.

Ginger flakes scrub dead cells and open blocked pores. Gingerol, an antioxidant in ginger, absorbs oil and trapped dirt from those pores. Apricot, blessed with unadulterated Vitamin A, removes hidden bacteria.

Ginger And Apricot

2. Onion And Turmeric:

Slice an onion into half and grind it in a mixer to form runny paste. Add a pinch of turmeric to it. Take steam for 5 to 10 minutes. And immediately apply the paste on the cheeks and massage it for 15 minutes. Ensure you aren’t too close to your eyes. Let it rest on the cheeks for 10 more minutes post massaging, before rinsing it with ice cold water.

Steam opens the otherwise adamant closed cheek pores. Onion, a warehouse of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, exfoliates trapped dead cells and absorbs oil and dirt from the pores. Vitamin C shrinks those vulnerable open pores post exfoliation. Turmeric, a warehouse of curcumin, engulfs trapped bacteria to ensure no further dirt accumulates within the cheeks.

3. Tomato And Aloe Vera:

Grind a tomato with aloe vera pulp to form a gel like paste. Refrigerate it for 30 minutes and apply on the cheeks. Keep scrubbing the cheeks till you feel tomato seeds rubbing against them, at least for 10 minutes. Apply a fresh layer and let it become semi dry. Stick a waxing tissue over the paste and pull it gently. Wash with cold water and top it up with a sunscreen.

Tomato is blessed with miraculous anti-inflammatory Lycopene. Lycopene removes dead skin surface to reach for the trapped blackheads, that are actually trapped dirt and bacteria. It kills bacteria and absorbs oil and dirt. Aloe vera hydrates underlying skin cells and restores the texture by smoothing coarse skin.

Tomato And Aloe Vera

Cheek Blackheads On Dry Skin:

4. Honey And Gram Flour:

Take 1 teaspoon gram flour in a bowl and add as much honey as required to form thick paste. Refrigerate the paste for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Take steam for not more than 4 to 5 minutes. Immediately start massaging the paste on cheeks for 15 minutes. Wash it off with tap water. Apply rose water immediately. Use once everyday, preferably before going to bed.

Gram flour gently removes dead freckles without peeling the skin. It contains skin revitalizing minerals that seep within the pores and opens them for better exfoliation. Honey further cleanses clogged dirty pores and absorbs oil and accumulated dirt and sebum. It also kills blackhead triggering bacteria that also cause acne.

Honey And Gram Flour

5. Oatmeal And Almond:

Crush fresh almonds to form powder with miniscule beads. Grind boiled oatmeal in a mixer to form a liquid paste. Mix 1 teaspoon almond powder with 2 teaspoons oatmeal paste. Blend well. Clean the face with rose water and apply the paste on cheeks. Scrub the surface very gently for 10 to 20 minutes. Wash with tap water. Moisturize immediately. Use once every night.

Almond beads start removing dead accumulated cells from the epidermis. Once removed, the closed pore open up, exposing blackheads and sebum. Vitamin A in Oatmeal flushes trapped blackhead and acne inducing bacteria. Iron in oatmeal helps in replacing perforated old cheek skin with smooth new cells.

Oatmeal And Almond


6. Sandalwood And Sugar:

Mix 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder with half teaspoon sugar. Add warm water to the powder to form liquid paste. Massage clean cheeks with the paste until sugar beads completely dissolve. Wash with tap water and moisturize immediately. Use twice each day, preferably once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Sugar beads soften thick dead cells. It keeps removing them until the pores open up. Sandalwood attacks bacteria and absorbs oil as well as miniscule dirt particles.Though the remedy works slowly, but it removes all blackheads and prevents them from recurring ever again.

Sandalwood And Sugar

Cheek Blackheads On Combination Skin:

A word of caution, combination skin is oily at some places with blotches of dry patches around some areas. Which is why, you have to be extra careful with this skin type. Having said that, let’s head over to the home remedies.

7. Neem And Turmeric:

Crush Neem leaves with rose water and a pinch of turmeric in a mixer till you get a liquid paste. Apply on clean and dry cheeks after taking steam for 5 minutes. Start massaging the paste in circular upward strokes and continue to do so for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with cold water and moisturize immediately with a gel based moisturizer. Use twice a day.

Neem runs over dead cells and removes them without disturbing the skin’s pH. It seeps within the pores and makes them exfoliation ready. It kills all bacteria. Combined the power of curcumin, it also absorbs oil and sebum. It removes all dirt particles and free radicals too. This remedy starts showing results within 15 days of regular use.

Neem And Turmeric

8. Chamomile Tea Bags And Ice:

This is one of the simplest home remedy to speedily banish ugly cheek blackheads. Simply scrub your cheeks with crushed ice for about 5 to 10 minutes. Dip chamomile tea bags in hot water and start massaging them on the cheeks, while they are still cold. Continue for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water. Moisturize them and use the remedy once before going to bed each night.

Combination of cold icing and warm massage forces the clogged pores to expand. Chamomile tea bags, blessed with abundant antioxidants and vitamins, instantly sucks oil, sebum, dirt, bacteria and free radicals. Rubbing against the pores, when it starts cooling down, it minimizes the open pores as well.

Chamomile Tea Bags And Ice

9. Wheat Flour And Almond Oil:

Mix half teaspoon hot almond oil and one fourth teaspoon wheat flour in a bowl. Apply on clean and wet cheeks. Scrub it on the surface for 15 minutes every night and morning. Wash it thoroughly with tap water. Use aloe vera gel immediately after washing.

Wheat flour scrubs the surface and removes accumulated oil and trapped dirt that show up on the cheeks as blackheads. Almond oil, loaded with a shot of Vitamin E, a high grade antioxidant, seeps within the pores and kills trapped bacteria. Perpetual use of the remedy for a month makes cheeks super smooth and blemish free.

Wheat Flour And Almond Oil

Cheek Blackheads On Sensitive Skin:

While there are abundant home remedies that go down well with other skin types, sensitive skin reacts to almost everything. Thus, choose a remedy very wisely to minimize the chances of any inflammation after successfully combating cheek blackheads.

10. Spinach And Epsom Salt:

Boil spinach and add 2 teaspoon of it in a mixer and grind well. Refrigerate the paste. Crush Epsom salt to form powder with fine granules. Wet the cheeks with rose water and start massaging them with Epsom salt powder gently. Keep scrubbing for 7 to 10 minutes. Apply cool spinach paste on the surface and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash with cold water. Apply a vitamin E based moisturizer immediately. Use every alternate day.

Epsom Salt removes upper debris and reaches out to the pores to suck trapped dirt, oil and sebum. Spinach, loaded with Vitamin A, a power packed antioxidant, removes bacteria and shrinks those freshly cleansed pores. It also cools down freshly exfoliated epidermis and calms down itching and pain, if any.

Spinach And Epsom Salt

11. Carrot, Yogurt And Sugar:

Grind one carrot without peeling it in a mixer to form thin runny paste. Add 1 teaspoon yogurt and half teaspoon sugar with 2 teaspoons carrot mash and mix well. Take mild steam for 5 minutes. Apply the paste on the cheek surface and scrub it for 10 minutes. Wash with tap water. Moisturize soon after exfoliation, to avoid dryness. Use it every alternate day.

Carrot is one exceptional access to carotenoids that are amongst the best class of antioxidants. They eat away dead cell layer alongside removing bacteria and free radicals from the pores. Sugar exfoliates dirt and controls oil secretion. And yogurt absorbs extra oil and sebum, since it contains lactic acid. It also reduces the size of freshly exfoliated pores.

Carrot, Yogurt And Sugar

12. Raw Milk Cream And Pineapple:

Mix about half teaspoon fresh pineapple juice with raw milk cream to form thin paste. Keep the paste in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Apply it cold on moist cheeks and leave it undisturbed for 30 minutes. Wash it while massaging for 5 to 6 minutes.

Raw milk cream is a softening agent that smoothes the surface without making it oily. This loosens up the hard cheek pores for better exfoliation. Pineapple juice, a bundle of antioxidants like Vitamin C, seeps within the pores to remove dirt, oil and sebum, and to bleach any left over blackhead induced marks.

Raw Milk Cream And Pineapple

Cheek Blackheads On Chapped Skin:

Unlike dry skin, chapped skin is extremely cracked and coarse. It is harshly inflamed to be exfoliated. In order to get rid of cheek blackheads, it is first essential to get rid of cracked debris without causing inflammation.

13. Fuller’s Earth, Colourless Henna And Egg White:

Add 2 tablespoons egg white in a mixer with 1 teaspoon fuller’s earth and half teaspoon colourless henna. Grind to form gel like thin paste. Refrigerate the mixture for 1 hour. Rub the cheeks with warm coconut oil for 5 minutes, and apply a thick layer of the paste on top of it. Start massaging it and continue to do so for 10 minutes. Wash with cold water. Use once everyday.

Egg white starts promoting the formation of healthy skin cells that fills in painful deep cracks. Fuller’s earth rubs away the dead cells debris. It extricates all dirt and oil by absorbing them. Colourless henna, with the cooling effect it offers, reduces inflammation and calms down the irritated skin. Blackheads get removed within 3 months alongside transforming the chapped skin completely.

Fuller’s Earth, Colourless Henna And Egg White

14. Honey, Papaya And Cucumber:

Grind equal proportions of papaya and cucumber to form thin runny paste. Add as much honey to the runny paste as needed in order to get a thicker consistency. Take steam for 5 minutes. Apply the paste on steamed moist surface and scrub it for 5 minutes, after keeping it on for 15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Moisturize with a shea based moisturizer to avoid dryness, especially in winter season.

Cucumber hydrates the perforated and disturbed shrunken cheek cells. It makes the pores loose and moist. Honey gently removes dirt and oil from the loose pores. Papaya, blessed with papain, absorbs bacteria and oil. It also bleaches the brown spots left behind by removed bacteria and dirt.

Honey, Papaya And Cucumber

15. Rose Water, Green Tea And Saffron:

Mix 1 teaspoon rose water with 3 teaspoons hot green tea. Add about 3 teaspoons crushed saffron in the mixture. Stir until it melts. Refrigerate for 1 hour before applying it on inflamed chapped surface. Apply the cold liquid on your cheeks and let it rest for 30 minutes before washing it with cold water. You can also use it as your daily cleanser. Always moisturize the face with an aloe based moisturizer after using it.

Green tea helps in loosening the pores by gradually removing all built up dead cells. It not just reduces inflammation, it also absorbs free radicals and bacteria from the pores. Saffron removes dirt and oil from the soft pores and bleaches dark spots from within. Rose water keeps the surface soft by maintaining the pH.

Rose Water, Green Tea And Saffron

The above listed 15 home remedies for all 5 skin types easily remove cheek blackheads alongside making the skin fairer and spotless. They can also be used to get rid of forehead, chin and nose blackheads. Other than banishing blackheads, they also make the skin flawless and younger.

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