15 Foods For Burning Fat / Weight Loss

Foods For Burning Fat & Weight Loss

What if someone were to tell you that you could eat AND lose weight? That in fact eating would HELP you lose weight? Seems like a joke right? But there are some superfoods that do just that- they help you burn fat and aid in weight loss. Here are 15 such foods that you should think of including in your diet plan.

1. Watermelon

The fruit that contains almost 90% water, watermelon is rich source of fiber and important nutrients. Since it not only forms a healthy snack that keeps you filled for a longer duration but is also good for detoxifying the body, watermelon is a favorite superfood for losing weight.


2. Honey

There are many who swear by their daily glass of warm water with honey and lemon that helps them detoxify their body as well as aids in weight loss. Honey is also a natural sweetener that can be used in place of regular sugar.


3. Nuts

A great option for mid-meal snacks, almonds and other nuts prevent excess eating by keeping you full for a longer duration. They are great sources of minerals, but overdosing can lead to calories increase so keep a track not to have more than say, 24 almonds a day. Also, salted nuts are high on sodium and can affect blood pressure. Therefore it must be avoided.


4. Berries

While almost all varieties of berries are good sources of antioxidants, blueberries have the highest level. They provide up to 3.6g fiber per cup and are a great way to satisfy cravings and prevent frequent eating sessions.


5. Eggs

Good sources of protein, eggs are a fantastic breakfast option. They help to burn fat by concentrating on building muscles instead. They are a good source of Vitamin B12 which is required by the body to metabolize fat but those with high cholesterol must seek medical advice before eating eggs.


6. Peanut Butter

The all natural, unsweetened peanut butter is not only a great snack for kids, but can be great for losing weight as well. The niacin in it helps in keeping the digestive system functioning properly and prevents chances of belly bloating. However, they contain a lot of fat and so intake should be limited to not more than two tablespoons a day.

Peanut butter

7. Green Tea

Tea contains a chemical called EGCG that stimulates the nervous system and brain to work faster to burn more calories. Green Tea in particular is a good source of antioxidants and helps in weight loss.

Green Tea

8. Olive Oil

One of the healthiest oils available, olive oil has high levels of “healthy fat” that keeps you feeling full for a longer duration. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the chances of metabolic syndrome.

Olive Oil

9. Oats

A healthy option for breakfast, oats can also be used to make some delicious snacks to curb those mid-day cravings. Rolled oats have upto 5g of fiber per serving and can leave you feeling full for a longer time. Also, it is highly recommended for diabetics because of its low glycemic index.


10. Apple

A great low-calories snack, apples have antioxidants that prevent excess belly fat.


11. Kale

With international ingredients and styles of cooking have started making an appearance in the Indian diet, Kale is a wonderful source of iron and calcium. It also contains upto 1.3g of fiber which aids in digestion as well. Also, like most green vegetables, it helps fight free radicals in the body and improve muscle building.


12. Lentils

Did you know that lentils are an authentic way of ensuring a flat belly? It controls the insulin spikes which trigger the body to create excess fat, particularly around the belly. They help in building muscles by burning the fat and also, aid digestion.


13. Pomegranates

Rich in fiber, low in calories and bursting with antioxidants and folates that prevent diseases – pomegranate are the perfect substitutes for desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth.


14. Yogurt

A bowl of fresh yogurt is a great source of carbs, fats and proteins. It is considered as the perfect snack because not only does it provide the body with required nutrients, but also keeps hunger at bay by maintaining sugar levels in blood.


15. Avocado

The Mexican ingredient for Guacomole has been making its appearance in the Indian cuisine (and the markets) quite frequently now. It contains monosaturated fats (up to 29 g) which are not only good for the heart but also leave you feeling satiated for a longer duration. You can have it in small portions and replace the usual mayo with a creamy avocado instead.


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