15 Essentials To Have In Your Handbag This Summer

Essentials To Have In Your Handbag This Summer

Summers are ruling over the entire town and it is now the time to change our fashion, our skincare and hair-care routines, our trends, our styling. Women have a habit of dumping the entire world into their mini handbags and tend to get irritated in the scorching heat when they are not able to find something that they should have found out in their handbags. So to solve that tiny problem, I am going to put up an essentials list and you can tick and put the ones in your handbag which you think is important for your daily summer routine! So get geared u for the checklist and here we go.

Here Are 15 Essentials To Have In Your Handbag This Summer :

1. Big Beach Bag: A Perfect Summer Investment!

Have you ever come across a moment when you have tried to dump a giant load of stuff into your small sling bag and the zips just breaks and the bag can no more bare your pressure? If yes, then it is a time for you to buy a big tote/beach bag which is spacious and stylish to hold in all your summer essentials. Beach bags with bold prints look gorgeously stylish during a bright sunny weather like summer and spring!

Big beach bag

2. Make The Sunscreen Your Best Friend This Summer!

Summer is all about the scorching heat from the sun and we seriously need a really good body-guard to protect us from the heat of that giant yellow burning sun. And what could be a better option that sunscreens? Most of us complain about our skin getting tanned up during summers. Hence a sunscreen is always supposed to be there in our bags to protect our skin and to maintain our skin –tone. Often look out for a sunscreen with a super high SPF to protect your skin to the fullest.


3. Revive Your Hair Into Fresh Locks With A Dry Shampoo!

Dry shampoos must not be a necessity for all but I always have on can in my bag. They revive my hair and transform them into fresh locks in no time. Just spritz some on your scalp and there in a jiffy, all the greasy oil is vanished from your scalp. Seriously guys if you have ot tried dry shampoos, give them a try it works nothing less than magic. Don’t have time to shampoo on a busy day? Dry shampoo is here to solve your problem. My hair are really limp and hence look really flat and thin when they turn greasy; the dry shampoo not only takes away the greasiness but also provides a lift to my flat roots.

dry shampoo

4. Sunglasses: The King Of Summers!

Sunglasses are one of the most important things that every girl will want to have in her handbag. With the day becoming brighter and brighter, we face a need to protect our eyes deliberately because the sunlight can cause a lot of issues for eyes and make them look tired and dull over time. Hence invest in a cutest pair of sunglasses and pamper your eyes this summer! A lot of innovations have come in sunglasses related to shapes, sizes, styles and colours; so pick up the one which suits you and rock a bright sunny day.


5. Get A Boost Of Freshness For Your Face With These Facial Wipes And Mists!

Facial wipes/mists are usually the most sold items in the beauty industry during summers. Your face tends to become an oil factory once we leave the house. In a matter of no time, our face becomes lifeless and dull due to perspiration. Hence to make it fresh and cheerful looking again we can stock up on such wipes in our bags. They are disposable hence very easy to use and easy on the pockets too. For a deeper cleansing when travelling, facial mists can be carried along. Just spray it on your fae and viola, you look glowing as always again.

facial wipes

6. Turn A Stylish Scarf Into A Head Wrap!

We might have seen a lot of women covering their face and air with a nice stylish scarf. This is a very good option to protect our skin and hair against the pollution and damage. Our skin tends to loose its original skin tone during summers due to excessive heat but glad we have an easy solution to it. Using a head wrap is very easy and you may look as fresh as always for an event or occasion that you want to attend. So do not forget to put this little piece of accessory in your handbag because you never know when you might have to face the scorching heat.

Head Wrap

7. Quench Your Thirst With Summer Coolers!

Have you observed that you get very thirsty especially during summer time? Keep a bottle of chilled water bottle in your handbag to provide a soothing feeling to your throat during such times. Or a bottle of some fruity juices or ice teas will totally help you survive during a long tiring day during summer. Often a lot of people face dehydration issues during summer, hence protect your health will a big bottle of thirst quencher.

Summer Coolers

8. Keep Your Hands Away Free From With A Cute Little Friend: Sanitizer

This is one of the essentials that every girl should make a habit of keeping in her handbag. Not only during summers, but a small little bottle of sanitizer should always be carried along the moment you step out of the house. During summers we sweat a lot and our hands become a lot more sticky and dirty than usual. And the same hands are touched on our face unknowingly; and beware! You are definitely spreading a lot of bacteria here and there. Hence invest in a cost-friendly sanitizer and stay away from those tacky germs!


9. Drench Yourself In Heavenly Smelling Body Mists!

I make a very huge investment in perfumes and body mists and the investment increases even more when I know that summers are going to approach. You do not want to smell bad at a party right? So always keep a bottle of your favourite body mist or perfume in your bag to smell fresh and cheerful all day long. We also have an option to pick a small spray nozzle bottle and fill it with your perfume incase you find it hard to carry a big glass bottle in your bag. There are so many options of summer fragrances available, go visit the stores, sniff and pick your favourite scents!

Body Mists

10. Add A Pop To Your Lips On A Bright Sunny Day:

Poppy colours of lip glosses and lip colours make you look fresh and cheerful instantly. Most the women always keep a lip balm because our lips become pale and dehydrated over a period of time during summers. Also along with a lip balm, it would be great to carry a lip colour in pink, orange or red which brightens up the pale face in seconds. Also do not forget to carry your other make-up essentials because make-up tends to fade quickly during summer and you never know when you might need a re-application.

Add A Pop To Your Lips

11. Mattify Your Oily Skin With A Translucent Powder!

Our skin becomes an oil factory during summers as I said. And the biggest problem arrives when we leave the house with our best done perfect make-up and the skin turns oily in a few hours. Hence i would always suggest carrying a mattifying powder along with you in the bag, which takes away all the excess shine and oil from the face and makes the make-up look as perfect as before.

translucent powder

12. Switch To Fun Ponytails An Buns With Those Cute Little Hair-ties!

Love keeping your tresses open long and flowy like rapunzel? But welcome to reality; when your hair looks the worst when left open during summers. Now-a-days the heat is unbearable and there is no way we can leave our hair open. And if at all we do then we need to keep those safety bands in our bag as you never know when our hair may just become greasy and sticky and we might have to tie them up. So stock up on those cute little rubber bands this summer and try some cute ponytail and bun hairstyles.

Cute Little Hair-ties

13. Defence Weapons For Our Frizzy Hair During Summer: Hair-combs!

Our hair gets a lot more frizzy and uneven in shape during summer. Due to perspiration, hair becomes sticky and greasy and loose on the shape that we love. They become unmanageable after a while; hence a comb has to be kept in our little bag to keep those hair locks in place because you do not want to attend an event or meet your friends with a nest on your head.


14. Keep Yourself Clean All Day Long With A Napkin!

It is a human tendency to sweat much ore during the humid months of the year. The skin becomes very sticky and dirty due to sweating and hence a napkin at that point of time would be very useful. Wipe your skin especially your face and hands to avoid skin rashes and acne on the face. Also before you tend to re-apply the sunscreen do not forget to wipe your skin with a napkin and make it fresh for re-application.


15. The World Isn’t For Free!

Apart from all the summer essentials, also carry your daily essentials like cash, credit and debit cards etc because nothing comes for free in this materialistic world. Always keep a note on your wallets while you transfer you bags. Also do not forget to carry other important stuff like you charger, earphones, power banks, house keys etc.

The World Isn’t For Free
So here is an entire checklist for all the summer essentials you need to have in your bag this summer before stepping out of the house Did i miss on something, if ye, then please do ut it up in the comment section!

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