15 Best Face Powders We Picked For Different Skin Types


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Flawless skin is every woman’s ultimate dream. No one likes those ugly blotchy dark spots that ruin the entire look of an otherwise beautiful face. If you are having a difficult time to get full coverage with different foundations that you blend and use, you need a suitable face powder. By a suitable face powder we mean, a face power that will complement your skin type. The most common mistake that most women do and end up disliking face powders is, they choose a face powder that is not meant for their skin type.

So, Let Us Explore 15 Best Face Powders That We Picked For Different Skin Types To Get That Flawless Look You Always Craved For:

5 Best Face Powders For Dry Skin:

It can be quite tricky to find an ideal face powder for dry skin. The reason being, dry skin needs hydration and moisturization. People have a common myth that all face powders dry the skin. To break that myth, we bring forth our list of top 5 face powders for dry skin.

1. Careblend Face Powder By Mac Studio:

Careblend face powder is enriched with the goodness of various mineral oils and vitamins. It makes the skin soft and moisturizers it, instead of drying it. It increases the skin’s hydration level, making the cells super active. It feels creamy, and as light as a feather on dry skin. It doesn’t crack when used as a base for makeup. However, the best feature of this face powder is, it can be worn directly on the skin without makeup as well. It blends evenly with dry skin giving it a matte look. It gives an optimal coverage to brown spots and blotches, and even age lines to an extent. If you are worried that you might not find your ideal shade, you are wrong. MAC has launched 8 shades of Careblend face powder. You can always find the one that will suit your complexion.

Price: 39.26 dollar INR for 10 gram

Careblend Face Powder By Mac Studio

2. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact:

Perfect Radiance Compact is a perfect face powder for dry skin by a highly trusted makeup brand, Lakme. This face powder is especially loathed with the goodness of abundant mineral oils. It doesn’t dry the skin, unlike face powders meant for oily and combination skin types. It offers high coverage and can be worn with or without foundation and makeup. It makes your skin one shade lighter and adds extra radiance and glow to your face. In other words, it uplifts dull skin as well, eventually healing it. You can always find a correct shade from the 9 shades that Lakme has introduced in this range.

Price: 10.99 dollar for 8 gram

 Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

3. Touch And Glow Moisturizing Compact Powder By Revlon:

The Touch and Glow Moisturizing Compact Powder works as a natural moisturizer for dry skin. It has a very creamy touch texture. The aromatic fragrance is an added boon. It is usually used on bare face just covered with a sunscreen. But it can also be worn on the face with foundation, as well as a base for makeup. It is long lasting. It’s a no hidden fact that dry skin has huge pores. The best feature about the Touch and Glow Moisturizing Compact Powder is that, it doesn’t enlarge the skin pores. Neither it traps dirt and oil in them. This is because, it is a non comedogenic product.
It comes in 4 different shades that perfectly suit Indian skin undertone and complexion.

Price: 47.50 dollar for 12 gram

Touch And Glow Moisturizing Compact Powder By Revlon

4. Luminous Compact Powder By Chambor:

The Luminous Compact Powder by Chambor is enriched with the goodness of fatty acids. These fatty acids work as natural skin smoothes, and hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The added goodness is, this compact also works as a sunscreen. It has SPF 15 that naturally protects your skin from sun damage. Thus, it can also work as an anti-aging compact that saves the skin from fine lines and age spots caused due to UVA and UVB sunrays. It feels feather soft on skin, and blends so well that it also conceals fine lines and blotches.
It comes in 5 shades. You can also blend one shade with the other to make a perfect true match for your complexion.

Price: 56.90 dollar for 16 gram

Luminous Compact Powder By Chambor

5. Clinique Almost Powder:

This oil free compact powder is loathed with the goodness of antioxidants. It not just hydrates the skin, it also moisturizes the skin very well. Antioxidants increase collagen formation that produces healthy skin cells. It also maintains the pH level of skin, controlling dryness. It works as a sunscreen as well. Its SPF 15 protects your face against the harmful UVA and UVB sunrays. It also restores youth due to the presence of antioxidants.
It comes in 6 shades. You will find a true match closest to your complexion. If you don’t, it is always a good idea to blend two different shades.

Price: 49.84 dollar for 9 gram

Clinique Almost Powder

Five Best Face Powders For Oily Skin:

Oily result is a nightmare when not taken care of properly. It results in heavy acne breakout that leaves behind adamant dark acne spots that are not easy to get rid of. But you can drop all your worries if you have one of the below listed face powders. We bring forth our list of oil control face powders that will remove extra oil and excessive glare from your skin.

6. Smooth Finish Foundation Powder By Laura Mercier:

This wet and dry face powder is a dream come true compact for women with an oily skin. Its oil free formula is long lasting and keeps the skin oil free for upto 12 hours. It not just removes excessive oil from the skin, it also makes your skin even toned. If you have light acne spots, you should apply the dry formula. It gives your skin an oil free radiant look that is flawless. But if you are suffering from medium acne spots, you should use the wet formula. It gives you full coverage. Additionally, this compact is a non comedogenic item. Hence, it doesn’t clog the skin pores.
It comes in 20 different shades. Choose the best one according to your undertone and complexion.

Price: 48 dollar for 0.3 oz.

Smooth Finish Foundation Powder By Laura Mercier

7. Lakme 9 To 5 Flawless Matte:

The Lakme 9 to 5 Flawless Matte compact powder is an excellent choice for women with oily skin. It absorbs oil and sweat easily. Sweat absorption further helps in keeping the pores clean. It removes that ugly glare that makes oily skin unnaturally shiny, instead of radiant. It also offers a good coverage for light to medium acne spots. It is non greasy and thus, it lasts for over 5 hours. It makes the oily blotchy skin even that looks flawless. It comes in 3 shades that easily complement Indian skin tone well.

Price: 21.90 dollar for 8 gram

Lakme 9 To 5 Flawless Matte

8. True Match Compact Powder by L’Oreal:

It is an oil free face powder by L’Oreal. The best feature about this face powder is, it gives a complete coverage even to dark acne spots and sun spots. It doesn’t gets cakey, and keeps the skin oil free. Its natural hydrating effect doesn’t remove all the necessary oil from skin, thereby making it dry. It controls oil optimally. It is a magical face powder that vanishes from the skin as soon as you apply it. By vanishing we don’t mean it doesn’t have any effects on the skin, we mean it blends so well with your complexion that it looks like your natural complexion. It comes in 5 shades.

Price: 6.98 dollar for 0.33 oz

True Match Compact Powder by L'Oreal

9. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder:

This dermatologically approved oil free face powder controls extra glare that is one of the biggest problems of oily skin. It is rich in minerals. Thus, it not just controls oil, but it makes the skin healthy. It reduces pore size and prevents acne breakout. It lasts on the skin for upto 7 long hours. It is available in 8 different shades.

Price: 4.99 dollar for 0.49 fluid ounce

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

10. MAC Blot Pressed Powder:

Do we need to add further about the quality of this product, since it comes directly from the brand, MAC? This oil free face powder removes extra glare, making the skin radiant and even toned. It is enriched with Mica and Silica. These two are natural oil absorbers. You can wear it as your makeup base, or you can use it on your face directly. It will give you a radiant look even without makeup. This amazing face powder blends so naturally with the skin that within few minutes of its use, you feel like you have worn nothing on your naturally glowing face. It comes in 5 shades.

Price: 34.64 dollar for 0.8 ounce

MAC Blot Pressed Powder

Five Best Face Powders For Combination Skin:

Combination skin is the toughest to take care of. It is oily in the t zone, and dry on the rest of face. Worry not! We have a solution for all you women struggling to find the right face powder for your problematic combination skin. Check out this amazing list of 5 face powders that will solve your problem instantly.

11. Fit Me Pressed Powder By Maybelline:

This is not a cover up face powder. As its name suggests, it is a face powder that suits/fits your skin type. It covers excessive oil from the t zone and hydrates and moisturizes the dry skin. It also has a variety of undertones that help you in finding the shade closest to your complexion. It also reduces the pore size in t zone. It is a long lasting face powder that can give you a coverage of more than 16 hours. Unlike many face powders that make combination skin either too yellowish or too ghost white, this compact stays true to your complexion. It has 18 shades. Needless to say, you will find an exact match for your complexion. Thanks to the variety offered. Not just in shades, but in undertones as well.

Price: 7.99 dollar for 0.29 ounce

Fit Me Pressed Powder By Maybelline

12. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:

MAC always comes up with a solution for women suffering from the hassle of finding the right product for their skin. This nice coverage compact powder covers acne spots while removing excessive oil. It is enriched with 77 skin softening minerals and Vitamin E. Hence, it softens and moisturizes the skin alongside getting rid of excessive oil. It works well on reducing as well as covering your pores. You can also use it as a base to set your makeup perfectly. Its non cakey formula makes your makeup last longer. It has 16 shades.

Price: 45.84 dollar for 10 gram

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

13. Pro-Base Matte Satin Pressed Powder By Mua:

This slightly pigmented face powder is a dream come true for women with combination skin. It is best suited, since it absorbs excessive oil from the tricky t zone while mattifying the entire face without drying it. You can also dab the shade that is nearest to your complexion just on the t zone. It will not just blot extra oil, it will also work well against sweating. You can also wear it under your makeup. It will serve as a perfect non drying and non oily makeup base. Not to forget, this is a long lasting product that will save you from the hassle of constant touchups. It has 6 shades that blend very well with Indian skin tones.

Price: 7.69 dollar for 6.5 gram

Pro-Base Matte Satin Pressed Powder By Mua

14.Translucent Loose Setting Powder By Laura Mercier:

This face powder can be freely applied to fix the oily and dry areas of your skin separately. It works best as a makeup setting powder. However, you can also use it bare on your face, if you have a flawless skin. Use a brush to cover the oily t zone, and smudge some face powder on the rest of your face with a sponge.  And then, use the brush to even out the powder on entire face. It will make the entire face radiant and remove just optimum oil.It comes in 3 shades. You can always blend two or all three shades to get your perfect match.

Price: 38 dollar  for 29 gram

Translucent Loose Setting Powder By Laura Mercier

15. Lancôme Dual Finish Multitasking Powder & Foundation:

What is better than getting a compact powder that works as a foundation as well? It reduces the pain of selecting a suitable foundation after finding a suitable face powder for skin. This mattifying face powder offers medium coverage while removing excessive oil, and it hydrates the skin to keep it soft throughout the day. It doesn’t dry the skin and can be worn as a makeup base as well. It comes with the benefit of being used dry as well as wet. When used dry, it works like a perfect face powder for combination skin. And when used wet, it works as a foundation that makes the skin radiant, oil free and flawless. It is the most trusted skin brand, since it has been manufacturing high quality products for over 30 years now.

This compact cum foundation comes in a range of unbelievable 34 shades. You will always find a true match that will perfectly blend with your skin.

Price: 62.96 dollar for 3.2 ounce

Lancôme Dual Finish Multitasking Powder & Foundation

Try these perfect face powders according to your skin type, skin tone and complexion. They will not just enhance your daily look, but will also make your skin healthy.

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