15 Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

It can be said that kids and women going to love this post as here we are promoting the benefits of dark chocolates and after reading this you would put no restriction on chocolates for your child or yourself. You might have seen number of advertisements showing different aspects of life as to stop a crying child or to convince the girlfriend, to make happy your parents happy or to celebrate a festival with dear once these chocolates play a yummy role to cooling the situation and multiplies the happiness. But apart from satisfying our taste-buds dark chocolates have enormous health and beauty attributes to offer which known to very few people. Dark chocolates are made of cocoa beans which make it taste little bitter but it is a huge source of anti-oxidants. Apart from this dark chocolates even posses other beneficial properties like potassium, manganese, iron, fiber, copper, zinc, selenium etc. which altogether helps to keep various critical health issues and symptoms at bay and on the other hand promotes diverse health and beauty benefits. If you are interested to know more about them just go down and find out.

Here Are The Benefits Of Dark Chocolates

Promotes Happy Feeling

You might have seen on various TV advertisements that boys take help from dark chocolates to convince their angry or sad girlfriends but the actual reason behind is that as dark chocolates preserve phenylethylamine , which generally secretes when you feel loved and it also stimulates the emission of endorphin that increases the happy feeling in you driving away all stress, worries and disappointment. This is how dark chocolates also work as anti- depressant and makes you happy.

Keep your mind happy

Control Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate can also be a tastier way to check your blood pressure level. Rich with flavonoid dark chocolates helps to generate nitric oxide which lowers down the blood flow and relaxes your arteries and thus control high blood pressure. When your blood pressure is in control you can ditch a number critical health issues like stroke, dementia etc. You can eat a dark chocolate everyday that possesses atleast 70% of cocoa to check blood pressure level.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Reduces The Chance Of Stroke

It has been proved scientifically that people who eats a dark chocolate regularly tends to have lesser chance of stroke. Flavonoids in dark chocolates not only helps to lower down high blood pressure but also eliminates glueyness in blood, increases blood-circulation in the brain and even putt off the chances of clotting in blood which is the crucial reason for stroke. So this is how dark chocolates reduce the chances of stroke and save lives.

risk of stroke

Check Blood-Sugar Level

Though it may sound strange but it is true that having dark chocolates, which are packed with sugar, on regular basis can check your blood sugar level. The scientific explanation behind this is that flavanoids in dark chocolates promotes proper insulin secretion and thus it lowers down the chances of diabetes and keeps blood sugar level in check as well. As it is low in glycemic index so it won’t accelerate the sugar level in your blood. However diabetic patients can opt for sugar free dark chocolates.


Treats Constant Coughing

What could be a better idea than to treat your coughing with the tastier dark chocolates? Dark chocolates preserve theobromine that combats against coughing and calms the nerves down that cause coughing. Scientific research have proven that having dark chocolates twice a dark work pretty well on coughing patients and the good thing is that unlike other cough syrup it doesn’t contain any side effects

Cough & Respiratory Problems

Put off Extra weight

Another incredible health benefit dark chocolates offer is that consuming dark chocolates at least thrice a week can prevent obesity. As these chocolates are packed with a decent amount of fiber so it wont let you feel empty at stomach easily while the anti-oxidants properties sluggish down the digestion process and lowers the urge for having sweet or fatty foods. Apart from reducing your appetite these chocolates even revitalize the metabolism to burn extra calories.

Faulty weight loss programs

Amp up Brain Power

You will be glad to know that Dark chocolate even improves your brain power. Researches surveys have proved that dark chocolates possess flavanol which assists in accelerating the blood flow in the major parts of brain for hours. Which helps short time memory or alertness to get better along with it also chases the problems like lack of sleep, poor concentration problems away. Dark chocolates even aid in delaying aging process.

Sharpens Your Brain

Get Healthy Skin

Ladies going to love this benefit as dark chocolates can get into your beauty regime. Eating decent amount of dark chocolates helps providing you a healthy and radiant skin. As anti-oxidant is one of the most important properties of these chocolates, it diminishes the harmful free radicals and toxins from your body. Apart from that these chocolates have sun blocking agents which saves your skin from the damaging UVA or UVB rays of the sun. Thus keep sun burn even skin cancer problem away.

Do not forget to tone the skin

Flaunt Lustrous Hair

If you are struggling with the issues like hair loss or lack of hair growth etc. then don’t fret over as here come dark chocolates for rescue. As previously told that chocolates accelerate blood circulation so when it does to your scalp in turn you get healthy, shiny and strong hair, it also treats hair loss problem right way.

Shiny Hairs

Improves Immunity

You can also improve your immunity power by consumption of dark chocolates. The presence of high amount of Catechins , a type of flavonoid, in dark chocolates helps improving immunity power and thus save us from numerous diseases and symptoms.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Cures Diarrhea

Scientific researches proved that high level of flavonoids found in dark chocolates helps to treat diarrhea problems. As this flavonoids locks the protein and also slows down it which triggers the fluid discharge in small intestine and thus cures diarrhea ailments.

Diarrhea And Other Issues

Check Cholesterol Level

The huge amount of anti-oxidants in dark chocolates help to keep the cholesterol level in check so that it doesn’t clog the veins and the arteries and thus aids in proper functioning of the body and saves you from deadly health issues as stroke or heart attack etc.

Lowers Cholesterol

Improves Eye-sight

Scientific researches proved that as dark chocolates preserve good amount of flavanoids which work great to increase the blood circulation in the brain and thus helps to get a stronger eye-sight.


Treats Anemia

The flavanoids enriched dark chocolate even treats anemia proper way and helps the patients who suffers from lack of appetite.

Fights Anemia

Combat Cancer

Dark chocolates which preserve atleast 70% of cocoa powder have proven to be one of the most beneficial food to cancer patients. It not only slower down the division rate of cancer cells but also decrease swelling.

Prevents Cancer

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