15 Amazing Benefits Of Niger Seed Oil

Amazing Benefits Of Niger Seed Oil

You might have heard a lot about Niger seeds or niger nuts but how much do you know about the benefits offered by niger essential oil to its user? Definitely, you must not be having knowledge about benefits of oil extracted from Niger seeds. Niger essential oil is highly useful for cooking purposes but apart from it is also good to treat complex skin problem and other medical conditions. However, it is also very necessary for you to know that this oil has very short shelf life and it becomes rancid if it is stored for longer period.

Following Are The Benefits Of Niger Essential Oil That Will Definitely Make You Shocked In Next Few Minutes:

Offers Good Heart Health:

Niger seeds oil is a great substation for olive oil and therefore it is recommended for heart patients. You can freely use it as an alternative to olive oil for preparing meal, cooking food or even in salad dressings. You can also use it on combination with linseed oil so as to add extra flavor in meal prepared by you.

Heart health

Supports Weight Gain:

Niger seeds oil is also a good supporter of weight gain due to superb healthy composition.. In fact, it not only comprises of good oil content but also it is highly rich in protein and fatty acids which are responsible for good weight gain. Niger essential oil is also a good source of linoleic acid which safeguards you against skin infections and diseases. Niger seeds oil is equally healthy and harmless like sunflower oil.

Healthy Weight

Heals Wounds:

Niger essential oil is highly nutritious as it consists of essential nutrients like niacin, oleic acid, carbohydrates, protein, fibers, stearic acid, riboflavin and ascorbic acids which possesses good healing ability. Niger seed oil gives instant relief from irritation caused due to wounds.


Good For Rheumatism:

Niger seeds oil is too good for treating rheumatism and can give fast relief from it without causing any other side effects to its consumer’s health. Niger seeds have outstanding medicinal properties that have an ability to heal complexion signs of rheumatism naturally.


Cure Skin Problems:

Niger seeds oil emerges as a wonderful natural remedy to treat various complex skin problems. In fact, oil extracted from niger nuts can give immediate relief from unfavorable skin conditions including skin burns, scabies, itchiness etc. Niger seeds oil is also preferred for the treatment of syphilis in a natural way.

Treats Skin Problems

Gives Relief From Stomach Problems:

Niger seed oil is an amazing adulterant which on combination with other oils like sesame or rapeseed oil can make you stomach  internally very strong to fight against stomach problems like constipation, stomach pain etc.

Good for Stomach

Removes Insomnia:

Niger seed oil is also very rich in important minerals like sodium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper and potassium which on regular massage on scalp offers good sleep during night time. It also reduces depression which is a major cause for insomnia.

Treats Insomnia

Good Anti-oxidant:

Niger seed oil is an amazing anti-oxidant and is blessed with superb anti-parasitic properties that makes it is a perfect option for massaging so as to get fast relief from unfavorable skin conditions and common skin infections.

Give Relief From Cold And Flu:

Niger seeds oil is highly beneficial in giving protection to the body against cold and flu. In fact, regular massage of this oil extract on chest, back and other parts of the body gives relief against common symptoms of flu and cold.

Colds And Flu

Good Pain Reliever:

Niger seeds oil is a good pain reliever that with its superior therapeutic properties, gives effective relief from aches and pains. In fact, its gentle massage on skin gives instant relief from various skin problems.

Alleviates Menopause Pain

Improves Blood Circulation:

Niger seed oil is also very useful in improving the blood circulation of an individual who consumes it regularly in form of cooked food. Niger seed oil controls the flow of blood into blood vessels comfortably.

Boost Blood Circulation

Controls Blood Sugar Level:

Niger seed oil is highly beneficial in controlling blood sugar level of a person. It prevents level of sugareine to increase by forestalling spikes of blood sugarine.

Boost Blood Circulation

Curbs Morning Sickness:

Niger seeds oil do have non acidic stability that makes it healthy oil to curb morning sickness. This oil also contain lower amount of unsaturated fats therefore there lowers uncommon symptoms like mood swings, stress and hypertension.

You May Fall Sick Often

Neutralize pH Level:

Niger seed oil is a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients which are responsible to boost and regulating metabolism function of its consumer. Niger seeds oil can neutralize the body pH level thereby keeping your body hydrated all the time.

Safeguard Skin Against Allergies:

Niger seeds oil gives protection to the skin against skin allergies and feeling of itchiness and burning sensation arouse due to it.

Treats Skin Problems

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