15 Amazing Benefits Of Celery For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Celery For Skin, Hair And Health

Celery is a nutritious plant variety that belongs to the family of Apiaceae similar to carrots, parsley, caraway and fennel. It is usually consumed as a main salad ingredient or sometimes cooked as a vegetable. Celery is a main supplement for a weight loss diet which is very rich in dietary fibers and low in calories. Celery is of tow types viz golden celery and pale green pascal celery which is widely preferred as a dietary supplement. Celery is a healthy food which is highly rich in vitamin A, C and E and well known for offering amazing benefits to skin, hair and health of its consumer.

Following Are Some Of Its Major Benefits That Celery Can Offer You:

Skin Benefits Of Celery

Good Anti-ageing Agent:

Celery is a good anti-ageing agent and contains essential vitamins for better skin care which are responsible for protecting the skin against free radical damage.

Good Anti-ageing Agent

Gives Natural Glow To The Skin:

Celery is also a rich source of skin friendly minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium and phosphorus which can maintain elasticity and glow of your skin to great extent.

Glowing skin Recipe

Treats Acne And Pimples:

Celery is too much effective in the treatment of acne, scars and pimples that occurs on facial skin by supplying the vital nutrients directly into the dermal layers of face. You only need to apply a face mask of celery juice in some drops of peppermint essential oil or in tea tree followed by rinsing it off with warm water after 15-20 minutes so as to remove impurities and surface dust from your face comfortably.

acne prone skin

Reduces Oily Skin:

Celery is too good for oily skin and reduces oiliness on regular application of celery juice to oily facial skin. You only need to slice down celery sticks and then pouring water to it followed by allowing the solution to cool and refrigerate. Applying such solution to oily skin can remove the oiliness from skin within a week or so.

Apple face mask for Oily Skin

Removes Dead Cells From Skin:

Celery can also remove dead cells from skin and other harmful toxins present in skin easily. In fact, celery juice maintains removes the dead cells and restores the pH balance of the skin without causing any damage to the skin cells.  You can also prepare a celery face pack by mixing powdered oatmeal, orange peel powder and celery juice to the skin followed by applying that face pack directly to your face and neck. Now rinse off the face pack by massaging it gently in circular direction and then wash the face pack with warm water so as to receive maximum benefits in removal of dead cells from your skin.

dull skin

Hair Benefits Of Celery

Good Hair Fertilizer:

Celery leaves are amazing hair fertilizer which has an ability to thicken and nourish your hair on its direct application. You only need to apply mashed celery stalks on your scalp and hair. After this step, massage celery leaves gently on your hair followed by wrapping your head with a towel and finally rinsing it off after an hour so as to fertilize your hair.

hair care

Gives Relief From Hair Fall:

Applying paste of celery leaves on your scalp is also a good natural remedy to get rid of hair loss and dry hair problems.

Reduces hair fall and hair damage

Removes Dandruff:

Drinking celery juice or consuming it regularly in form of salads with a nutritious balanced diet, gives best result in removing dandruff problems from hair.  Intake of celery is also good for removing many other hair problems too.

Eliminating Dandruff

Prevents Hair Whitening:

Celery juice is also very effective in preventing whiteness of hair and helps in maintaining blackness of hair for long time.

Premature Hair Graying

Health Benefits Of Celery

Prevents Cancer:

Celery is too much effective in preventing the risk of cancer as it is blessed with anti- cancer compounds like phenolic acids, coumarins, acetylenics that controls the growth of cancerous cells. Phytochemical coumarin is also helpful in preventing free radicals against the formation of stomach cancers and colon thereby stopping free radicals from damaging the cells.

Prevents Cancer

Supports Weight Loss:

Celery is a good supporter of weight loss program as its contains low amount of calories and excess of non-soluble fiber. In fact, drinking 1 glass of celery juice daily after having a low calories based meal, can improve metabolism and digestion of its follower. You can drink celery along with small amount of honey so as to easily suppress your appetite.

Weight Loss

Reduces Stress:

Celery is also a good remedy to treat mental depression and tension. It is highly effective in soothe and calming your nervous system and combats anxiety as well as stress thereby reducing the risk of sleep apnea or insomnia like complications.

Stress Management

Removes Glass Bladder Stones:

Celery leaves and juice are natural remedy for removing gall bladder stones and kidney related problem. Celery seeds can also help in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Kidney disease

Lowers Blood Pressure:

Presence of coumarin compound in celery is very helpful in developing vascular system and lowering blood pressure of its consumer. Patients suffering from high blood pressure are usually advised to drink celery juice daily as it can control the rising blood pressure and can give relaxation to the muscle around arteries too.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure levels

Improves Immunity:

Celery juice is good for improving immunity of an individual to great extent and makes him or her internally strong to fight against various health related complications related to viral attacks.

Improve Stamina And Immunity

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