15 Amazing Benefits Of Camphor For Your Skin, Hair And Health

15 Amazing Benefits Of Camphor For Your Skin, Hair And Health

Beautiful skin and super-cool stylish hair is an overall demand of every woman living in this fashionable world. To achieve beautiful look, woman usually make heavy investment on expensive cosmetics but unfortunately their skin becomes prone to skin infections and other health related complications due to excessive use of chemical based cosmetic products. To overcome such problems and to attain ultimate beauty, you must try camphor. You will be surprised to know that camphor is highly rich in medicinal properties which can prevent skin from irritation and itchiness. Apart from skin benefits, camphor also offers outstanding hair care benefits and health benefits to a woman who uses it regularly.

Following Are The Skin, Hair And Health Benefits Of Camphor:-

Camphor Benefits For Skin

1. Reduces Acne And Pimples:

Camphor is extremely useful to overcome  acne and pimples signs on skin. In fact, camphor is blessed with superb anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the impact of pimples and acne on skin easily. Oil extracted from camphor is a solution for many skin related problems. That is why, it is the main ingredient in the manufacture of skin products like ointments and lotions today.

Reduces Acne And Pimples

3. Gives Relief From Insect Bites:

For a person who’s bitten by an insect, massage with camphor oil is highly beneficial. In fact, you can directly apply camphor on to the skin or can rub on affected area so as to get fast relief from pain aroused with insect bites and sore skin.

Gives Relief From Insect Bites

3. Treats Skin Burn:

camphor is also good for treating minor skin burns. In fact, it can also remove the burn scars by just employing it directly to affected portion of the skin. You only need to dissolve small amount of camphor in water followed by applying it gently to burnt skin.

Treats Skin Burn

4. Cures Eczema:

Camphor is also very helpful in the treatment of skin diseases like eczema to great extent by controlling itching of skin. Regular use of camphor controls the itching and inflammation of skin without causing any negative impact on skin.

Cures Eczema

5. Controls Nail Fungus:

For the patients suffering from toe nail fungus, application of camphor oil treats nail fungus and lowers the chances of fungus returning. Thus, you can get rid of nail fungus tendency of recurring by just massaging affected area with camphor oil.

Controls Nail Fungus

6. Soften Cracked Heels:

Camphor plays a significant role in softening uneven and cracked heels. You only required to soak your feet in a solution prepared by mixing water and camphor followed by applying a good moisturizing cream on it after scrubbing the feet with scrubber. Use of cream and another moisturizing products safeguards feet from cracking thereby keeping it moist for longer period.

Soften Cracked Heels

7. Prevents Skin Rashes:

Camphor is also very effective in preventing skin from rashes. In fact, applying camphor solution prepared by mixing camphor with water on rash skin, destroys them completely with its regular use twice a day.  Camphor and water mixture is also good for curing rashes occurred due to excess of perspiration and heat.

Prevents Skin Rashes

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8. Removes Infection:

Camphor solution is used as a ointment in treating fungal and bacterial infections occurred of skin. However, it is always recommended to not to apply it on broken skin because broken skin is a gateway to enter in the body which can cause poisoning to the skin in absence of proper treatment.

Removes Infection

Hair Benefits Of Camphor

9.Gives Strength To Hair Roots:

Camphor oil is a good remedy for common hair problems like dandruff and hair loss. In fact, massage of scalp with camphor oil delivers strength to the hair roots thereby reinvigorating it. You can also apply mixture of camphor oil and yogurt on your hair so as to give proper nutrition to it.

Gives Strength To Hair Roots

10. Improves Hair Growth: 

Camphor oil is also good for boosting the hair growth especially when it is combined with essential oils. In fact use of essential oils like spruce or lavender essential oil makes hair fresh and full of attractive fragrance.

Improves Hair Growth

11. Improves Hair Texture:

Camphor oil also improves hair Texture thereby making it soft and attractive. Taking regular bath with mixture of camphor oil and water also kills lice and bugs from hair from its roots.

Improves Hair Texture

Amazing Health Benefits Of Camphor

12. Improves Metabolism And Digestion:

Camphor oil is very good for improving digestion and metabolic functions. It also enhances the activity of circulatory system and treats all sorts of complications associated with digestion, circulation and metabolism.

Improves Metabolism And Digestion

13. Good Antiseptic:

Camphor is an amazing antiseptic that cures internal infections and major wounds of the body to some extent.

14. Prevents Swelling Of Body:

Camphor is a good medicine for the treatment of body swelling. It improves the blood circulation of the body and prevents body from occurrence of gout, arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

Prevents Swelling Of Body

15. Prevents Cardiac Failure:

Camphor is a good alternative to get rid of cardiac failure problem. It also gives fast relief from conditions like measles, hysteria, food poisoning and flu attack.

Prevents Cardiac Failure

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