14 Classic Stripes Nail Art Designs To Rock This Summer

Classic Stripes Nail Art Designs

Most of the women have their closet filled with tiny coloured paint bottles and guess what I am talking about? Yes, you guessed it right. Nail paints! This is a must-have in every girl’s kitty as it definitely adds on to the appeal. We can easily create different types like matte nails, French nails, glittery nails but often take a back step when nail art comes into picture. Yes nail art is a difficult art if you love creating complex designs but there are so many basic design that every women can create. And the easiest design to play with is stripes. Just a few lines here and there and you are done with a super cute nail art. Stripes have been a classic look be it nail art, clothing or accessories and this versatile design will support all your outfits!

So come on and learn some easy-to-do nail art designs with stripes. In order to create thin straight stripes, use brushes with thin tips or purchase nail paints which are specially designed for nail art as they have thin nail art brush in-built. Normal nail polish brush will not help you create these looks.

Here Are The 14 Classic Stripes Nail Art Designs To Rock This Summer:

1. Colour Blend With Monochrome Stripes!

A design where you can flaunt your favourite colour in equal balance with monochrome stripes. Paint the nail half in white and half in your favourite colour. Let it dry and then create black or any other coloured stripes on white. And there you go! Really excited right? We have more for you.

Colour blend with monochrome stripes

2. Easy Criss-cross Nail Art!

This pattern is a little different from the previous one and the stripes are arranged randomly. They form a criss-cross intersecting each other. Paint a nail colour, let it dry and create criss-cross lines over each other. You can paint the lines with two colours too to create a more colourful look or to match your outfit.

Easy criss-cross nail art

3. Create A Refreshing Look With Aqua Stripes!

This aqua design uses diagonal stripes in order to break that monotonous vertical or horizontal look. Straight horizontal lines starting from the bottom and then start painting diagonal lines. You can pick a dark and light shade of the same colour or pick any two colour of your choice. You can even create a tri-coloured nail art design.

Create a refreshing look with aqua stripes

4. Broader Stripes Are Always In Trend!

This is one of the simplest and decent looking nail art designs. While horizontal and vertical stripes very close to each other can cause an illusionary effect, this in itself looks very sober. Paint your nail in one colour, and then paint a middle broad stripe with other shade and then finally the third broad part from the top. You can pick some colours in gradation or create a combination with your desired colours.

Broader stripes are always in trend

5. Stun The Summery Look With Colourful Stripes!

This is one more design created with broad stripes. This suits them who do not have nail art paints or nail art thin brushes. The nail paint brush attachment itself will give you this broad stripes look. Paint the nail in a single colour and draw another stripe from the place where the last one ends.

Stun the summery look with colourful stripes

6. Add A Dose Of Glitter!

You can play with glitter nail paints for your nails to look glamorous. Adding glitter to your nails makes it look very catchy and attractive. Paint your nails with a shading pattern using 3 shades of the same colour; apply glitter nail paint over it and the paint white stripes over it. To give a contrasting look, paint stripes in some other colour.

Add a dose of glitter

7. Burst Of Orange With Monochrome!

Some women might not like similar stripes on all the nails. Here is a mixed pattern for you. Create a mixed pattern of vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes and rock a fun look. Paint the nail in a single colour, and then a portion in the other colour in the shape in which you want to paint stripes and then draw the stripes!

Burst of orange with monochrome

8. When In Doubt, Wear Black!

As you might have seen in the earlier designs most of the stripes were created on a lighter nail colour. If black is your favourite colour, then this is for you. Paint the nail entirely in black, and then paint stripes with coloured nail paints.

When in doubt, wear black

9. Go Different On All Nails!

This nail design also has mixed stripes but only in a monochrome look. Black and white creates a very classic look and look glam no matter what you wear! Paint your nails in white and remember to pick opaque solid white nail paint because if you pick watery white then you will have to paint enormous times to get a solid milky white colour. And then draw black stripes!

Go different on all nails

10. Add A Pop Of Bright Colours!

Break the monochrome look of black and white with a pop of colour. Adding a bit of colour creates a fun and bubbly look. You can add nice bright colours and a different colour on each nail; or same colour on all the nails to match your outfit. First paint the nails in white, create black vertical stripes and then draw a triangular pattern with the bright colour you love.

Add a pop of bright colours

11. Rock The Summer Day With Rainbow Nails!

Who doesn’t love rainbows? This one is a rainbow inspired nail art design. This has vertical lines of all the rainbow colours. This is super easy to create as all you have to do is paint vertical lines of different colour but when you complete it, look at what a super chic design you made!

Rock the summer day with rainbow nails

12. Shine Bright With Sunburst Nails!

Here we come across a little complication. This design is very different from the other and has a different procedure to follow. This includes special nail art products which is a thin foil tape. It is very thin in size. First paint the nail in a glittery polish and let it dry completely. After letting it dry for a long while apply those thin foil strips in a sunburst direction which look like sunrays. And then paint black all over your nail. Now slowly and steadily remove the nail foils and this will expose your glittery base.

Shine bright with sunburst nails

13. Nail Art For All The Brand Lovers!

Love brands? Here is a brand inspired design for all the brand lovers. This design is inspired from the famous brand Burberry. Paint beige or a light cream base all over the nails and top it up with lines in black, white and red and you are done with a brand inspired nail art.

Nail art for all the brand lovers

14. Be In Trend With Mosaic Design!

Turn the stripes into triangular pieces! Creating the stripes in a bit of shape can give you small triangles on your nails. This looks different from the rest but yet will look nothing close to the typical stripes design but will be made up of it.

Be in trend with mosaic designSo by now I hope you have learned some super easy stripes nail art, so go ahead and create these super fun look with those colourful combinations!

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