13 Tips And Tricks For Clean And Clear Skin

13 tips and tricks for clean and clear skinWe all love clean and clear skin, but in nowadays hectic schedule we forget to take proper care of our skin. Maintaining a healthy skin is very important to overcome various issues like premature fine lines, pimples etc. So let us have a look into some very easy tips and tricks for a clean and clear skin.

So Let Us Have A Look Into Some Very Easy Tips And Tricks For A Clean And Clear Skin.

1. Wash Face Before Going To Bed:

It is very important to wash your face at night before going to sleep. It is important to remove all the dust and dirt from face to avoid skin issues like pimples and acne. If washing face daily at night feels tiresome, keep wet wipes or makeup removing wipes. Just swipe them on face before sleeping.

Wash Face Before Going To Bed

2) Apply Anti-ageing Lotion:

Mostly dry skin is prone to wrinkles. Always apply any anti-ageing cream before going to sleep and it is also important to apply any anti ageing cream after washing face to avoid any signs of premature wrinkles.

 Apply Anti-ageing Lotion

3) Use Strawberry Face Pack:

Mash few strawberries with yogurt and make a pack. Apply this pack on face and rinse off when it dries. This pack is excellent for skin rejuvenation as strawberries are rich in vitamin C and they also help in removing excess oil from skin. This also helps in skin lightening.

 Use Strawberry Face Pack

4) Use Sulphur Based Lotion:

To get rid of acne marks or pimple scars, use a lotion which is sulphur or salicylic acid based. This will help in diminishing the scars and will prevent further formation of pimples or acne.

Use Sulphur Based Lotion:

5) Use Oatmeal Pack For Tighter Skin:

Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and one egg. Oatmeal has anti inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing skin irritation and soothes skin. Lemon juice has anti bacterial properties and egg had vitamin E which helps in tightening the skin thus making it smooth and clean.

Use Oatmeal Pack For Tighter Skin

6) Clay Mask For Dry Skin:

This mask penetrates deep into the skin and helps in removing bacteria and sebum. This pack can also work as an exfoliator as it opens the pores and keeps skin healthy. Women with dry skin can also try this mask.

Clay Mask For Dry Skin:

7) Do Not Pick Or Pop Pimples:

Never pick or try to pop pimples. Most women have the tendency to touch pimples . Popping of pimples can cause permanent scarring and it will also increase the occurrence of pimples.

 Do Not Pick Or Pop Pimples:

8) Use Aloevera Gel:

To remove acne pimple marks use aloevera gel. Apply small quantity of gel on the mark and wash it off with luke warm water after 20 minutes. Aloevera gel can also be applied on any painful pimple. It will instantly ease out the pain.

Use Aloevera Gel:

9) Honey As A Moisturizer:

Honey is an excellent moisturizer and it has antibacterial properties as well. Apply a thin layer of honey on face and rinse it off after half an hour. This method is excellent for women with sensitive skin. It soothes skin and also help in retaining the moisture.

 Honey As A Moisturizer

10) Toothpaste To Remove Scars:

Amy non gel based toothpaste can be used to apply over pimple marks. It can also be used on a pimple as it fastens the process. Apply just on the pimple mark or pimple and wash it off in 20 minutes or when it dries.

 Toothpaste To Remove Scars

11) Facial Steaming:

Steaming is also a good way to open pores and make skin clean. Boil some water in a pot and carefully place your face over it. Never keep it for more then 5 minutes as steam is hot and it can cause burning. This method can be done daily.

 Facial steaming:

12) Rubbing Ice On Face:

Rub an ice on face before applying any cream or even before applying makeup.Ice tightens the pores and it also helps in reducing fine lines over the period of time. It also improves blood circulation.

 Rubbing Ice On Face

13) Exfoliate Using Baking Soda/ Aspirin:

Crush an aspirin or use baking soda to form paste. Apply this paste on scars just for 5 minutes. This pack should only be applied for 5 minutes as they are acidic in nature. Both baking soda and aspirin has exfoliating properties that help in keeping skin fresh and mark free.

Exfoliate Using Baking Soda/ Aspirin:

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