13 Essential Tips For An Anti Ageing Skin

Anti Ageing Skin

Whatever the age, one always desires for a healthy and beautiful looking skin that will make them receive compliments forever in their life. One needs to take a lot of care to get a glowing healthy skin and the care should not start when it is already too late. Daily habits of keeping the skin healthy, lifestyle and genes act as a major factor for determining the health of one’s skin. Taking good care of your skin from the beginning helps to reap the benefits as you age. But if you have not started and are facing some major anti ageing problems for neglecting the skin, then here is a complete guide where you can get started as soon as you read these steps as it is always better to be late than never.

 Essential Tips For An Anti Ageing Skin

1. Clean Your Skin Daily

See that you clean your skin at least twice a day daily. Use a creamy face wash for dry skin and a foaming oil free face wash for an oily skin. Talk to your dermatologist if you are still confused about the type of face wash you should be using. Wash the face with luke warm water as very hot water will close the pores and take away the natural moisture from the skin.

Clean Your Skin Daily

2. Use A Good Moisturiser

It is false to stay with the fact that an oily skin does not moisturisation. For an oily skin, you can use honey in your skin and let it stay for some time until you wash it off. Honey does not leave the skin excessive oily and at the same time provides the right amount of moisturisation required for an oily skin. A normal and dry skin requires a good moisturizer o keep the skin looking young always. With age, as the skin slowly loses its glow, a good moisturizer will help to retain the glow, protect the skin from environmental damage and also keep the surface cells of the skin translucent.

Use A Good Moisturiser

3. Slather On A Sunscreen Everyday 

When you are at your 40s, it is the time to use retinol and sunscreen everyday. The SPF of your sunscreen at this age should at least be 30 and must be used even when you are indoors as the skin gets exposed to heat of your oven and the sun outside when you are doing household chores too. The right amount of sunlight needs to penetrate the skin but an excess will also lead to skin damage and darkening.

Slather On A Sunscreen Everyday

4. Use As Less Make Up As You Can 

For making the wrinkles look less on the skin, many women use a lot of makeup and concealer which actually causes more harm to the skin than doing any good. Mineral makeup is considered the best for all skin types at any age but it is true again that the lesser the better. For best results, as your skin ages, visit a dermatologist once every month who will decide the best skin acre regime needed for making the skin look healthier as much as you age.

Use As Less Make Up As You Can

5. Increase The Collagen For The Skin 

Collagen helps to retain the youthful look for the skin which keeps losing as one ages. But not to worry as tropical vitamin A products help to increase the level of collagen in the skin. For best results, always visit a good dermatologist you will guide you through these thoroughly.

Increase The Collagen For The Skin

6. Flood Yourself With Water Everyday

Start your day with a glass of water and increase the quantity as the day ends. Skip any kind of unhealthy and excess sugary drinks that only do damage to the skin. Keep water at your reach always as drinking it every now and then will keep the skin supple and healthy. Also drinking water all day flushes away toxins from the body.

Flood Yourself With Water Everyday

7. Exfoliation Is A Must 

If the skin is not completely washed off dirt then slow accumulation of these harmful particles lead to the development of wrinkles and other fine lines in the skin. Exfoliation once a week helps to keep away rough patches from developing in the skin.


8. Apply Eye Cream Daily

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate in the whole body and so it calls for utmost care that should be done everyday. Before going off to sleep, apply a good under eye cream that will not let the skin under the eyes develop fine lines or become dehydrated. Also an under eye cream keeps away the development of puffiness of the skin beneath the eyes.

Apply Eye Cream Daily

9. Use An Antioxidant Serum Too

One may get confused about the right serum to get from the market as every product promises its best. So for easy search, get a antioxidant serum that has the vitamins C and E in it. Also you can make a serum that include ingredients from the kitchen of your own house. Using natural products are always the best but if you find them too tiring to be made, then refer your dermatologist who will always help you to use the right one at this latter phase of your life.

Use An Antioxidant Serum Too

10. Sleep Well All Night

Along with good skin care products to fight the signs of ageing, one needs good sleep every night to look fresh and rejuvenated the next day. Lack of sleep or staying up long hours at night act as a toll for the skin. A good amount of sleep every day reduces the stress level of the body thus preventing the appearance of any damage on the skin.

Sleep Well All Night

11. Bring Up The Fresh Layer Of The Skin

It is true that use of the right anti ageing products is needed for the skin as one ages. But seeing a dermatologist regularly for some skin care treatment is also needed that may not happen at home or at a salon. Skin therapy like microdermabrasion or a chemical peel can only be possible under the guidance of a good dermatologist at his or her clinic. So refer a dermatologist for such kind of skin care when you are in your 40s.

Bring Up The Fresh Layer Of The Skin

12. Improve Your Diet

When your skin is ageing, you should not make any more fuss about eating veggies and fruits just like a child. Try giving up unhealthy food habits as much as you can as this damage your figure and the skin too. Have all kinds of fruits and veggies, fish, meat and eggs.

Improve Your Diet

13. Develop A Good Lifestyle

Give up completely on smoking and drinking alcohol as these increases the damage on the skin as you age. Stop smoking and exercise daily without making any excuses. De-stress the body by going for regular massages.
Skin care at every age is needed and above using the best products for the skin, the best secret for a healthy skin is too stay happy always which I know is quite difficult in today’s times. But trying giving up the worries as much as you can and lead a contented life throughout.

Develop A Good Lifestyle

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