13 Easy Tricks To Do Beautiful Exotic Makeup

Easy Tricks To Do Beautiful Exotic Makeup

Exotic makeup just changes your look and makes you simply stunning. It gives you an iconic appearance and you become the centre of attraction for every viewer. It is basically done by a perfect blend of dark colors like maroon, blue and green. You can even use the glossy products to make your look more impressive.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Tricks To Do Exotic Makeup:

Glossy Primer:

First of all you have to start with application of a very good quality primer on your face. It is very useful to retain the makeup for longer hours. You have to choose the glossy primer and apply it on your face evenly by spreading it with cotton or sponge.

Base make-up with Primer

Matte Foundation:

It is the next step of your makeup to apply a good branded foundation. You can take a matte foundation for this purpose. It will just make you look more exotic and more beautiful. You have to apply it evenly on your face. You can use your finger tips to blend it properly otherwise it makes you look messy.

Go Easy On Foundation And Concealers

Highlighter Powder:

This is a very brilliant tip to enhance your look and make it perfect for the exotic makeup trend. You have to take a good quality branded compact powder. You should take a tone darker to your skin tone. Now with a brush apply it on the edges of your nose. This makes your nose look sleek and simply enhances your makeover. You would love to see yourself in the mirror after doing this effect.

Highlighter Powder

Colored Contacts:

You can also use this simple trick to get the exotic look very easily. You can wear a nice colored pair of contact lenses. The dark colors like green, blue and brown would go the best with your look.

Colored Contacts

Eye Brows:

As per the exotic makeup technique, you would require to take a plum color eyebrow pencil for defining your brows. It is the most exotic color for this kind of makeup. Take good quality sharpen eye brow pencil and apply it properly to your eyebrows. Remember to apply it in thick line. Your brows will look simply amazing and dashing.


Blue Eye Liner:

Now the next step of your exotic makeup is to apply the perfect colored eyeliner. The most suitable eye liner for exotic makeup is the blue one. You have to apply a big stroke of blue eye liner on the eyelids. You can also a thin stroke on the lower eyeliner.

Blue Eye Liner

Colored Mascara:

It is the next step for your eye makeup to apply a colored mascara on your eyelashes. You can take a blue or green colored mascara. Apply it nicely to your lashes and providing them a perfect curl. This will make your eyes just superb looking.

Colored Mascara

False Eyelashes:

You also need to apply the false eye lashes on your eyes because the thicker the lashes will be the more you would look exotic. Thick eyelashes make your eyes more delightful and appealing.

False Eyelashes

Glittered Eye Shadow:

Glittered eye shadow would be just simply fantastic for your exotic makeup. It makes your look sparkling and twinkling. You can take blue colored sparkled eye shadow. Apply it nicely on your eyelids. You can apply some of it under your eyes just along the lower eye line. It will make your eyes amazingly beautiful.

Glittered Eye Shadow

Lip Liner:

Now it is the time to adorn your lovely lips. You have to take a dark colored lip liner. Apply it properly by defining your actual lip shape. Apply a thick line of it because your lips should look pouted. The pouted lips are very attractive in the exotic makeup technique.

Lip Liner

Lip Color:

Next step is to beautifully color your lips. You have to take a glossy lip color for this purpose. You should take the same shade as of the lip liner. Apply it more on the edges and light in the centre. This effect is very good for the girls who have thin lips. They can enjoy a pouted lipped look by the easy and simple technique.

Lip Color

Nail Paint:

You can go with the colors like blue and green for your nails. But remember to take the glossy shades of good quality. Apply a base coat properly on your nails and let it dry. Now once again apply it to seal the look. Now to make the nails more shiny, you need to apply a transparent shiner on your nails. It will amazingly beautify your lovely nails.

Nail Paint

Swarovski Stickers:

Swarovski stickers would be the best part of your exotic makeup. You can provide your makeup a perfect finishing touch by this product. Purchase some quality skin friendly Swarovski stickers. They are easily available in the markets. You can apply them around your eyes in beautiful patterns and designs. You can also apply them on your nails to make your look the best.

Swarovski Stickers

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