13 Best Biotin Rich Foods That You Must Keep In Your Diet

Biotin Rich Foods That You Must Keep In Your Diet

Every one wants to own healthy hair, nails and skin. Although you do so many beauty treatments but if your skin, hair and nails are not actually healthy then the treatments may be sure wastage of money. For healthy body we need to maintain a healthy life style and healthy eating habit. If you have appropriate amount of nutrients in your food items then it will be very easy to be beautiful.

Actually you need biotin for yourself if you need a healthy and beautiful body. Biotin is basically vitamin B7 which was previously known as vitamin H. Vitamin B7 or Biotin is a water soluble vitamin and is very important for human body. Regular consumption of biotin enriched food item can provide you healthy hair, nails and skin. If you lack of Biotin in your body you may face different types of physical problem. Like hair loss or brittle damage prone nails or scaly skins with red rashes on it.

1. Eggs:

Eggs are a very good source of protein. But do you know that it is also an excellent source of Biotin also? If you regularly intake one egg a day, then it will complete the biotin intake level in your body which will result it healthy hair also. So, try to have an egg daily to get most benefit of biotin in your body. [1]



2. Soybeans:

Soybeans are also a very good source of biotin which helps you in having healthy nails, skin and hair. It actually helps in repairing the damage cells making them damage free. Soy proteins are too good for hair thus it is used in many hair care products also. [2]


3. Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds are very good option for your evening snacks if you like to munch some nutty taste snacks in the evening time. Sunflower Seeds are rich source of healthy proteins and also contains good amount of biotin in it. [3]

Sunflower Seeds

4. Pecans:

Do you love to eat Pecans? Now here is thus a very good reason to include Pecans in your daily diet list. Actually Pecans are rich in biotin which provides healthy skin, nails and lovely hair. Regular consumption of this particular food item is thus so much beneficial for you. [4]


5. Fresh Fruits:

As you know biotin is a water soluble vitamin thus it is abundantly found in fresh fruits. Basically fruits are a very good source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and water. So, try to include some seasonal fresh fruits in your daily diet. [5]


6. Sea Food:

To have more amount of biotin in your body you must have to incorporate sea foods in your every day diet. Sea foods are high source of different types of minerals which are also needed in human body. So include sea foods in preparation of delicious recipes to get more benefit out of it. [6]

Sea Food

7. Dairy Products:

Dairy products also contain high amount of biotin it. So for having healthy nails, skin and hair you must consume dairy products in regular basis. Try to have cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. in your every day diet to have more biotin in your body. [7]

Dairy Products

8. Veggies:

Different types of veggies contain a high amount of biotin in them. So prepare different types of recipes to intake biotin in your body which ultimately results in healthy hair, skin and nails. [8]


9. Berries:

Berries also contains good amount of biotin in it. So if you want healthy skin and nails try to have some berries in your daily diet. It may be strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc. [9]


10. Nuts:

Do you love to eat nuts? Then it will be surely good news for you those nuts is a very good source of Biotin. Peanuts, Walnuts etc are a rich source of biotin. The other types of nuts are also very good source of biotin. So try to keep nuts in your daily diet to consume more biotin. [10]


11. Whole Wheat Breads:

Try to keep whole wheat breads in your daily diet as it contains a very good amount of Biotin in it. Regular consumption of whole wheat bread will fulfill the daily need of biotin in your body by making your hair, skin and nails. It provides strength to your hair and nails in the case of brittle nails. [11]


12. Butter:

Butter is another common food item which we have to include in your daily diet to get biotin in our body. Try to cook food in butter or consume bead butter in your breakfast. There are also so many option to include butter in your daily diet. [12]


13. Green Peas:

Do you know that Green Peas also contain a high amount of biotin in it? Yes, it is. Along with plant protein Green Peas contain a good amount of Biotin in it. [13]

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