12 Ways To Add Some Glitter To Your Everyday Style

Fashion trends change every season. The most challenging thing about keeping in style is to make sure you have gotten every trend right and are using it the right way. The key to being a fashionista is to get every trend right and see how it works out for you. It is also extremely important that you never overdo any trend you come across.

One of the hugest trends to take the fashion world by storm was the Glitter trend. Even the runways were filled with outfits that glittered and dazzled us. Glitter was also getting incorporated into our daily makeup regimes. We all know how famous glitter lipsticks had gotten when all the models in various prominent fashion shows started wearing them.

While loving glitter is fine, it can get a tab bit difficult to use them in our lives unless you are going to an extravagant party, which to be honest, is very rare. If you absolutely love the glitter trend and are looking for ways to add glitter to your every day outfits without going overboard, this article is going to help you. We are, in this article, going to show you a few subtle ways you could add glitter to your outfit. We will mention a few and this can get your imagination running and you could come up with many more ways.

1. Glitter Nail Paints:

Glitter is increasingly being used in makeup. While Glitter lipsticks or even putting plain glitter on your face as a highlighter is fine when you are headed out for a nice party, you can’t do this when you are headed out for a brunch or even to work. One subtle way of adding glitter is to use glittery paints. They liven up the look of your hands instantly with minimal efforts. There are plenty of glitter nail paints you can experiment with or you could even try some plain but cute nail arts using glittery nail paints.

Glitter Nail Paints


2. Statement Necklaces:

Statement necklaces can instantly change a boring dress or top into something much more interesting and lively. Using Glittery necklaces to make a statement is one of the most classy ways to add some shine to your look. You could add your glittery necklace to a simple tank top and look elegant. There are so many of these necklaces you could choose from and they are also very budget friendly. You could even opt to wear a simple glittery pendant to wear with your sweaters.

Statement Necklaces


3. Glittery Heels:

Footwear is extremely important for your look. They can make or break an outfit. With so many kinds of heels and other kinds of footwear, it is pretty evident how important they are for an outfit to be complete. Owning a pair of glittery heels is one smart way to dazzle up plenty of your outfits. Choose what kinds of heels you like best that go with most of your clothes and buy one that has glitter on it. They look very sophisticated and will also look perfect for evenings when you have to go to some nice dinners. When you are wearing these heels, make sure the other parts of your ensemble have little to no glitter on them. Go for glitter jewelry at the maximum.

Glittery Heels


4. Glittery Hair Clips:

It is pretty popular to add some bling to your look by choosing glittery hair accessories. They add extra shine to your hair and are also one nice way of adding this famous trend to your look. When you need something to add glitter in your ensemble on your normal days, opt for a simple and small glittery hair clip. There are plenty of styles they come in and you could easily choose a few to wear everyday. This will, very subtly add some shine to your hair and you can even use them even when the glitters go out of trend.

Glittery Hair Clips


5. Glittery Clutch:

A good bag is not only practical, but it is also important to make your outfit more fashionable. Clutch are one perfect choice to go for when you need a bag to carry on a party or a plush evening dinner. It is very important to choose the right clutch for your outfit. You could opt for a clutch that has a very plain design but has some glitter on it. While you choose a clutch like this, make sure you go for light colors like white or beige. Strictly avoid glittery clutches of bright colors like red or green. This way, you could wear them with maximum number of outfits. Again, if you are choosing to use a glittery clutch, make sure you don’t add a lot of glitter elsewhere.

Glittery Clutch


6. Eye Makeup:

We have already mentioned how trendy it is to add glitter to your makeup. Using glitter in your eye makeup is one way you could use to instantly brighten your eyes. They are also subtle and you could never go wrong with this. You could use glitter in your eye shadow when you are going out for an evening with friends, but when you need something for work, avoid using this. You could instead use a glittery eye liner. This is one fun way to add some shine and bling in your eyes without being too loud.

Eye Makeup


7. Glittery Rings:

If you want a jewelry that is more subtle than a statement necklace is to add some bling to your look, using glittery rings is the perfect option. They are little but can go a long way in creating an impact. They are an easy accessory to work with and there are enough kinds of rings so that you can have one for each ensemble and occasion. You could wear them to work or to your classes without drawing too much attention. For events like dinners or parties, go for rings that are a bit larger. And for events like concerts, wear a couple of rings in one finger to get the right kind of look.

Glittery Rings


8. Glittery Belts:

Often overlooked, belts have more use than to just hold your pants or skirts. When you wear a plain shirt, you can make it look more fun by just tucking it in and looping around a nice belt. One of the best belts to use when you need them to make your ensemble cooler are glittery belts. Buy a thin glittery belt that has a simple buckle. Avoid going for over the top belts that are too thick or have a heavy buckle. You could use these belts to wear on your simple dresses too. You can also choose belts apart from black ones. Go for plain golden or white shimmery belts to make them look appropriate to wear on your summer dresses.

Glittery Belts:


9. Glitter Watch:

Watches are a cool way to add some bling and life into your outfits. They are also very subtle owing to their size but are noticeable enough to bring out some shine in the look. You can buy watches who have some stones studded in their dials. Watches like these usually come with metal straps and this too, can subtly breathe some shine into your look. There are also a few watches that have designs inside the dials detailed with glitter. These could be a bit expensive but are totally worth every penny you put in purchasing them. Avoid over the top watches like ones with glittery bands. While they might look perfect for a night party, they are not subtle enough to be worn everyday.

Glitter Watch

10. Glittery Ear Rings:

Another smart yet subtle way of adding glitter to your look is to use a fine pair of glittery ear rings. They can add shine to your face and can make you look elegant with the least amount of efforts. You can wear nice pair of shimmery and long ear rings when you need them to wear on a evening. You could also go for plain studs with glitter detailing when you want some rings to wear every day. If you want some ear rings to wear to events like parties or concerts, you could wear funky pieces like hoops or geometric shaped rings with glitters. They are not very loud and wearing shimmery ear rings is not a new concept.

Glittery Ear Rings

11. Glitter Stockings Or Socks:

One innovative but effective way of adding some shine to your outfit is by wearing a nice pair of glittery socks or stockings. They are one way to add some bling into your otherwise bland winter outfits. You could opt for glimmery stockings when you are wearing a dress or shorts. You could wear a pair of glittery socks when you are wearing outdoorsy outfits and sneakers. Don’t wear these socks or stockings with dresses that already have some glitter on them. Go minimal when you opt for these.

Glitter Stockings Or Socks


12. Glitter Scarves:

Not many know the power of using a right scarf to improvise your outfit. Using scarves that glitter can very subtly and beautifully add a lot of shine and charm to your entire ensemble. Invest on a nice scarf that doesn’t have too much detailing. Don’t get scarves that won’t match with a lot of your outfits. This is again a very nice idea to add some bling into your winter outfits. Scarves can be worn with a number of styles and hence this is one of the easiest ways to add some shine to your look.

Glitter Scarves

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