12 Steps Of Sun Salutation And Its Benefits

Surya namaskar or sun salutation is considered a complete workout that encompasses 12 yoga postures which works for every part of the body. It is a preferable workout especially for those who are in a tight schedule always yet they want to stay fit and fine throughout their life. It is a good exercise that helps to tone the body and maintains good heart health as well.

Here Are 12 Steps Of Sun Salutation And Its Benefits

Steps Of Sun Salutation

Step 1: Prayer Pose (Pranamasana)

Stand on the edge of the yoga mat with feet together, expanded chest and relaxed shoulders. Breathe in and lift the arms from the side of the body to bring them in a prayer position in front of the chest.

Prayer Pose

Step 2: Raised Arms Pose (Hastauttanasana)

Breathe in and lift the arms up and slowly bend slightly back to bring a stretch from the heels to the tip of the fingers.

Raised Arms Pose

Step 3: Hand To Foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)

Now, slowly exhale and bend forward from the waist by keeping the spine erect. Bring the hands down to the floor near the tip of the feet but do not bend the knees.

Hand To Foot Pose

Step 4: Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Breathe in and push the right leg back as far as you can and keep the left knee to the floor and look straight. The left knee should be bent at a 90 degree angle and between the palms.

Equestrian Pose

Step 5: Stick Pose (Dandanasana)

Now, breathe in and take the left leg back to make the body come in a straight line. The arms should be perpendicular to the floor.

Stick Pose

Step 6: Salute With Eight Parts (Ashtanga Namaskara)

Bring the knees to the floor, exhale, make the hips go slightly backward and slide forward to rest the chin and chest on the floor. When in this position raise the posterior slightly.

Salute With Eight Parts

Step 7: Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Slide forward and raise the chin, chest and then the entire upper body upwards to feel a stretch on the spine. Remember only to stretch as much as you can. When in this pose, keep the toes tucked under.

Cobra Pose

Step 8: Mountain Pose (Parvatasana)

Now, breathe out and lift the hips and keep the chest facing downwards to come in an inverted ‘V’ shaped position.

Mountain Pose

Step 9: Equestrian pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Breathe in and bring the right foot forward in between the hands and make the left foot and hips go down to the floor. Look up straight. See that the left calf is perpendicular to the floor.

Step 10: Hand To Foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)

Bring the left foot forward as you exhale and without bending the knees make the palms touch the floor keeping them in front or beside the feet.

Step 11: Raised Arms Pose (Hastauttanasana)

Breathe in and make the spine bend slightly backward by pushing the hips forward a bit. Raise the hands up while doing this asana.

Step 12: Tadasana

Exhale and bring the arms down, keep the body straight and relax to feel the stretch in every part of the body.


Benefits Of Sun Salutation

Start doing sun salutation in the wee hours of the morning to get the following benefits:

Sun salutation helps to build a strong digestive system, in good development of the lungs and maintains good heart health that prevents blood pressure from raising or falling excessively. It revitalizes the nervous system, helps in proper functioning of the glands, maintains proper spleen, improves the quantity and quality of milk of mothers during the phase of lactation. It helps to keep away depression and anxiety.

digestive system

Do this asana every morning to burn an average 13.90 calories that help you to become fit and toned each time you do this asana. So get started today.