12 Simple Steps To Apply Liquid Foundation Correctly

 Liquid Foundation

Foundation is a woman’s best friend when it comes to flaunting a blemish free matte look. We all are well aware of the fact that choosing a right type of foundation for different skin types is essential. Some foundations are gel based, while the others are oil free. The one way to avoid the hassle of choosing a right foundation is using a liquid foundation. Since it is water based, it is suitable for all skin types. The best is, it doesn’t clog skin pores, it keeps the skin hydrated, and it never results in a breakout. Wondering, if liquid foundation is one solution for all skin types, then why is it not used by all women? Well, this is because liquid foundation is not easy to apply. When applied carelessly, it can melt your makeup quite easily. Not all women are pro in applying foundations.

Thus, We Bring Forth Our List Of 12 Simple Steps To Apply Liquid Foundation To Achieve A Matte Look:

1. Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly:

It is easy to apply foundation on the skin that is even, clean, oil free and dirt free. Mix your daily face wash with a mild scrub. Now apply this mild exfoliating solution on your face and gently massage your skin. It will hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads. This will give you an even tone. Smooth skin is a perfect base to apply foundation.

Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly

2. Massage Your Face With Ice:

The first mistake that women do while using a liquid foundation is rushing through steps. Just like foundation is your makeup’s base, similarly even skin is your foundation’s base. Rubbing ice on the face for 10 minutes calms down skin inflammation. It settles the freshly scrubbed skin cells and hydrates them. Sometimes, this underrated step becomes the major reason why your makeup melts and some other makeups last longer.

Massage Your Face With Ice

3. Use An Astringent:

Yes, you read it correct. We need to prepare the skin before applying liquid foundation. Thoroughly apply an astringent on your face, so that the enlarged skin pores can shrink. Freshly scrubbed face is devoid of dirt, but it leaves behind empty pores that are larger. It is not really easy to cover large pores with makeup. The smaller the pores are, the even the skin is.


4. Moisturise Your Skin:

Using a toner or an astringent shrinks the pores, but dry the skin. The dryness is more if you use an alcohol based astringent. Astringents shrink the pores and remove oil and dirt, if any is left behind. Thus, it is essential to moisturize the skin so that liquid foundation doesn’t cracks, ruining the makeup.

Moisturise Your Skin

5. Apply Sunscreen:

More than a step just for using liquid foundation, it is a step to applying any foundation correctly. Sunscreen protects the skin against UV damage, that prevents unwanted tanning.

It is better to use a gel based mineral rich sunscreen when you are using liquid foundation. Gel gets absorbed in the skin without leaving any residue. At the same time, skin minerals add glow to the face and improves its texture and quality.

Apply Sunscreen

6. Use A Primer:

Primer is used to boost your skin’s texture, making it very smooth. The skin becomes satin soft, and the foundation easily glides on your face. It makes the texture very even by covering acne bumps, cracks and freckles. Apply small dots of primer all over your face and massage it gently, until it dissolves in your skin. Use a blotting paper and gently wipe your face to remove the residue, if any.


7. Apply Loose Powder:

Now, this step contradicts with the normal makeup steps. Compact is used for touch ups to keep the makeup intact. But this is the difference between using a liquid foundation against other foundations. You do not need a greasy base at all. Loose powder will help the primer settle down, while absorbing the traces of sweat and oil. Remember, use loose powder that perfectly matches your complexion. Otherwise, the makeup will turn out to be disastrous. It will look unnatural and overdone.

Apply Loose Powder

8. Apply A Concealer:

This next step for applying liquid foundation correctly is very basic. Use a stick concealer instead of using a tube concealer. Stick concealer will work just like your crayon does. Using a tube concealer that is runny in texture will completely ruin the liquid foundation’s base. You need nothing under the liquid foundation that can later melt your makeup. Using a stick concealer will help you in filling the spots and colouring the blemishes. It wouldn’t be required of you to apply the concealer all over your face, or dab it around the blemished areas with your fingers. The stick will fill your blemishes like crayons fill your lips.

Apply A Concealer

9. Sponge Your Face With A Mineral Based Compact:

You need to go an extract mile to ensure that liquid foundation is absorbed just like it is your epidermis. The best foundation is the one that mixes with your skin so well that it becomes impossible to differentiate between your natural skin and your second skin (skin after applying foundation). But we can make any foundation a better match by simply applying it in a correct manner. Thus, gently dabbing the skin with a mineral based compact powder helps the liquid foundation last longer. Gently press the sponge against your skin, setting the already applied base more firmly.

Sponge Your Face

10. Apply The Foundation:

Liquid foundation is unlike other foundations. It is easier to apply other foundations on the skin. Simply make small dots of foundation on the skin, and spread them with your finger tips gently. But, this isn’t really the best idea when using liquid foundation. Always use a makeup brush especially manufactured to apply liquid foundation. You can also use your blush brush, in case you don’t have the other one. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face by spreading it evenly, making upward swatches. Gently keep stroking the foundation upward, until it is completely absorbed.

11. Loose Powder Touch Up:

For extra precaution, you can apply a fine layer of loose powder over the foundation. Do not use a sponge or your palms for the same. You a brush. Blow the extra powder from the brush, before you start applying the powder. Let it settle ideally for 5 minutes.

Loose Powder Touch Up

12. Use A Makeup Setting Spray:

Setting spray is majorly used at the end of makeup, and not foundation. But in the case of liquid foundations, we need to have exceptions. We need the base to last longer without cracking or melting. Hence, the final step to applying liquid foundation correctly is using a setting spray. It allows the foundation to stick on the skin perfectly. Do not use alcohol based sprays. They dry the skin. We need a solid base, not a dry one. Dry base will crack, if not melt. Thus, use a hydrating makeup spray to increase your foundation’s durability. This merges all the products to one, forming a single layer. Do not forget to reapply the spray after you are finished with the entire makeup.

The only word of caution with this tutorial is, quality comes before everything else. Do not use cheap, chemical rich and comedogenic products on your skin just to save a few bucks. They will not last longer, but will damage your skin in a short span.

 Use A Makeup Setting Spray

Having said that, follow these 12 simple steps to apply liquid foundation, and get that flawless parlour like makeup finish.

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