12 Oceanic Beauty Products You Must Try This Season

If you spend lots of time in the summer in the salty water and beaches then you need to use some effective beauty products. You are not alone; there are many people who spend time on the beaches. We can’t call them mermaid, right? But they also need to use some popular brands which have things directly from the ocean and sea. Wow, great yeah… These beauty products are easily available in the market and very efficiently protect you from the UAV rays of the sun and salty water of the beaches and sand. If you are spending your summer vacation in the beaches, then these products are your necessity.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Best Known Beauty Products Which Can Provide You Protection

1. Ocean Salt Self- Preserving Face And Body Scrub

Scrubber with Sea Salt can be an excellent buy. It eliminates the dead cells, tone the skin and make it bright and beautiful. You will surprise with the ingredients, coconut, lime, avocado and vodka. These four will create the magical effect on your skin. It will remove the tan and help you to keep the brightness.

Ocean Salt Self- Preserving Face And Body Scrub

2. Manic Panic

It is a classic semi-permanent hair colour which cost only 19.50 US dollars. The colour is resemblance like the mermaid hair. Do you can any idea about the colour of it? Well, it will satisfy your childhood dream. The colour of your hair will be gorgeous ocean teal semi-permanent colour. You can also try to make some shades on your locks and hair.

Manic Panic

3. Pacifica

The foam based face wash is available in the price of 8.50 US dollars. This face wash will clear your skin from the deep inside with its sea algae extract. It will help you to remove the tan of your skin. That means you can be tension free of sea beach tan for this iconic product. The face wash also controls the moisture content of the skin.


4. Deborah Lippmann

This glitter nail colour is perfect for the beach trip. A true mermaid will be recognized with her nail enamel. So, here is the seafoam green colour with glittery effect. Originally this contains mimic scales. The price is only 20 US dollars.

Deborah Lippmann

5. Million Dollar Tan

This mermaid mousse has the hydrating botanic that can give you a bright bronze look. It has the power to make you look just like an original ocean mermaid. You just need to use it properly. This product can give you an extra skin glow that you will cherish in the sea beach. The price of the product is 36 US dollars.

Million Dollar Tan

6. Captain Blankenship

This mermaid sea salt hair spray has the magical power to create an Ariel effect on your hair. It is a texturizing spray that can provide your hair your dream texture. It contains aloe vera, sea kelp extract and Atlantic sea salt. You can use it without any doubt. The price is only 24 US dollars.

Captain Blankenship

7. Mermaid Candle

May be this candle will not light up in the beach, but it can lighten up above the sea level with superb smell. Creamy coconut and white floral will make our time beautiful and soothing. You can also create a romantic atmosphere with this little magical candle. Just think out of the box how you will use the candle.

Mermaid Candle

8. Peter Thomas Roth

If you are looking for a mask then Blue marine algae intense should be your choice. This hydrating mask can do wonders on your face. Its gel effect will transform your skin into radiant and clean. You can buy this mask for protecting your skin from the harsh weather condition of the beach. The salty sandy wind can hide your beauty and now this product will help you to cure in 56 US dollars.

Peter Thomas Roth

9. T3 Hair Barrel

This is another product which can help you to be mermaid. Well, remember the waves in the hair of the siblings of the Ariel? Yes, you can make that wave in your hair with the help of T3. This barrel will provide you shiny hair without any frizz and it will seal cuticles in your hair.

T3 Hair Barrel

10. Chantecaille Eye Shadow

Mermaid look without eye colour is impossible and it has to be the best product. Chatecaille’s products are good and they have a wide range of colours. You can try seashell, starfish, lagoon and many more to create the magical mermaid effect on your eyes. This water-resistant eye shadow costs 34 US dollars.

Chantecaille Eye Shadow

11. Facial Sea Sponge

This sea sponge is ideal to clean your face as well as exfoliate the skin. It is a very effective essential beauty good what needs to be used properly. You can use it gently to clear your dead cells. It is collected by local fishermen.


Facial Sea Sponge

12. Mermaid Perfume

We don’t know how mermaid smells but this product range has a huge collection of wonderful smells. You can easily try its wide range over the summer. The orange extract and coconut based smells are really can take your mind out of the globe with just 50 US dollars

Mermaid Perfume

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