12 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Dry and frizzy hair is a complex hair problem which occurs mainly due to lack of proper moisture and nourishment of hair. For a victim of frizzy hair problem, the task of managing the growth, luster and shine of their hair becomes a very challenging task. There are large numbers of women who due to their frizzy hair, visit to hair spas so that frizziness of hair remain away for a week or for 10 days. However, expanse of money on spas for removing their frizzy hair is not affordable to middle class females.  Also the chemicals used in hair spas salon to remove frizziness of hair are somehow unhealthy for hair and may cause any side effect. If you really want to get rid of your frizzy hair problem.

The Following Natural Remedies Will Definitely Ease Your Discomfort

1. Apply Egg And Almond Oil

Eggs are highly rich in protein which can repair the hair strands comfortably while almond oil performs the task of emolliating hair naturally. You only need to make a smooth paste of a raw egg and 1/4th cup of almond oil followed by applying this mixture to your scalp and finally rinsing it off with clean water. While using this smooth paste on your frizzy hair, always remember to use a rich conditioner or a nourishing shampoo so that smell of egg gets removed from your hair after hair wash.

 Apply Egg And Almond Oil

2. Apply Avocado Mask

Avocado mask is also a natural remedy to remove frizziness of your hair. You only need to make a smooth paste of curd and avocado in same quantity and then applying it to your dry and frizzy hair at least thrice a week. This naturally hair conditioner will make your scalp frizzy free and will also give you long and shiny hair on its regular application.

Avocado Mask

3. Apply Vitamin E And Coconut Oil

Applying mixture of pure Vitamin E oil and unscented coconut oil will also safeguard your hair against frizziness. You can prepare a mixture solution of Vitamin E oil and coconut oil in ratio 1:3 followed by warming it little before applying it directly to your frizzy hair. Warm mixture solution of both oil produces a diet penetrating effect on scalp and hair roots thereby adding shine to your scalp.

Vitamin E And Coconut Oil

4. Apply Coconut And Olive Oil

Applying warm mixture of olive oil and coconut oil in the ratio 1:3 to your scalp is also an effective way to reduce frizziness of your hair. After massaging your scalp with this warm solution, you must cover your head with a moist towel for next 20 minutes to attain desirable result in making your scalp frizz free.

Apply Coconut And Olive Oil

5. Apply Mayonnaise

Applying mixture of mayonnaise and 1 raw egg in small amount of coconut oil will help you in making your hair frizz free. You must coat every strand of your hair with this mixture before washing it with water for much better result than expected.


6. Apply Banana

Banana is a rich source of natural protein which makes it a perfect hair conditioner. You must apply a mixture of banana, coconut oil and honey on your dry hair as it will offer extra nourishment and hydration to your scalp


7. Use Beer On Scalp

It sounds awkward but it is a reality that applying beer on dry and frizzy hair gives long term hydration to it. It is considered to be a natural hair wash product that gives utmost strength to hair roots and hair follicles.


8. Use Lemon Juice

Applying lemon juice on your scalp is also very helpful in removing frizziness of your scalp completely. However, you need to leave such solution on scalp for half an hour before washing for better result.

Lemon juice

9. Wash Scalp With Eggs

Washing your scalp with egg is the most popular natural way to remove frizziness of your scalp. You must apply mixture of raw egg in small amount of olive oil to your scalp at least twice in a week to make your hair smooth, hydrated and shiny.



10. Apply Honey And Yogurt

Applying paste of 2 tablespoon of honey in a cup of yogurt will be very beneficial for your hair in making it nourishing and dandruff free. This paste will also protect your hair from hair fall and hair damage issue too.

Honey And Yogurt

11. Apply Vinegar

Washing your hair with a vinegar solution is also a good way to remove frizziness of your scalp. You must apply this solution to your scalp with a cotton ball followed by gently combing it a soft brushed comb when it becomes dry to remove frizziness factor completely from your scalp.


12. Use Honey

Honey is a natural hair care product which gives better hydration to scalp and removes frizziness on its regular use.


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