12 Nail Looks Inspired By The 2016 Olympics

Olympics are just like a festival which has a huge craze over people. Just like different festivals and events girls like to flaunt their love for Olympics by getting various outfits, designed tattoos etc. The fashion trend hat has recently come up with the new olympic season is the love for nail art depicting the craziness for Oylmpics. This season try these amazing nail looks for getting in the complete mood of the Olympics fun!

Here Are 12 Nail Looks Inspired By The 2016 Olympics

1. Colorful Designs

Olympics showcase beautiful and vibrant colors. With a beautiful white background, you can try this amazing looking nail style for this Olympics. Apply white nail color and then try several of nail arts for drawing different patterns like Olympics logo, name of the county you follow etc.

Colorful Designs

2. Olympic Medal Theme

This beautiful piece of design shows what the Olympics is. The pretty medal with the logo of Olympics that is the five rings looks really cool. With a white background, this nail look represents all the colors and functions of Olympic Games.

Olympic Medal Theme

3. Flag On The Nails

This amazing idea to showcase the flags of various countries is too interesting. Identifying the number of countries taking part in the game and painting the nails with the flags of those countries is a cool idea for this Olympics season.

Flag On The Nails

4. Half Rings

This beautiful creation of using the Olympics rings or logo in this way is completely unique and trendy. We have often seen these kinds of patterns into nail paints, paintings, drawings, designs etc but for the nails, this pattern looks super exciting. With a white base, the look of all the vibrant and beautiful colors, get enhanced.

Half Rings

5. Colorful Borders Nail Look

If you do not want to use white as a bas color but still want to support the colorful theme of Olympics, this is an idea you will perfectly love. You can paint those amazing multicolored rings on your nails. Apply a transparent coat and then border your nails with colorful colors.

Colorful Borders Nail Look

6. Olympic Icons Nail Look

This theme has a beautiful look where the single nail can be painted with Olympic icons or flags and the rest of the nails can be colored with a single shade. This beautiful design gives you so many variations. You can showcase the rings, flags, icons, or any game of Olympics in this single nail.

Olympic Icons Nail Look

7. Tiny Logos Nail Look

This nail style or nail look with drawing tiny and little Olympics logo is really adorable. With white nail paint, you can select any kind of logo of Olympics and can draw it beautifully on the nails. You can showcase the rings, the icons of different games, etc in this nail look.

Tiny Logos Nail Look

8. USA Olympics Nail Look

If you completely love the USA theme just like billions of other people and follow the USA flag design in clothes and accessories, you will definitely love this nail look. This amazing nail look with USA flags, prints and the logo of Olympics would perfectly showcase your Olympics craze.

USA Olympics Nail Look

9. 2016 Special Look

This amazing look for nail color for Olympics 2016 gives you a complete view of the craze and enthusiasm for Olympics 2016. Each nail can be painted with the year 2016, the rings logo, the relay flame etc. With beautiful colors your nails will completely enhance the feel of Olympics.

2016 Special Look

10. Contemporary Golden-Multicolor Nail Look

This design for nails is completely different ha the other looks. You can divide up the rings logo into three nails while for the fourth and last nail you can paint the country’s flag which you are to follow. The cotemporary shade of golden at the background goes perfectly well with the different colors and makes the nails look amazing. Try this amazing idea for this Olympics.

Contemporary Golden-Multicolor Nail Look

11. Rio Nail Look

RIO nail looks are perfectly in trend and numerous girls love to paint this in different ways on the nails. You can use various shades for painting the beautiful background. This beautiful combination of yellow green and blue gives such a faded and glossy combination together. If you have beautiful long nails try this amazing tricolor shade. You can use other colors like pink orange and red for shading the nails too.

Rio Nail Look

12. Bubble Rings

This amazing idea of showcasing all the five rings of Olympics in different nails is amazing. This creative nail look would make people copy your perfect Olympics look for this year. With the white background, all the amazing colors of the rings look perfectly amazing. The beautiful designs of the rings on the nails looks ultra classy.

Bubble Rings

The above mentioned nail decor ideas are totally commendable and stylish. Olympics is the most auspecious occasion going on these days. Following the latest trend will surely going to add an important twist for your nails.

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