12 Easy Make Up Ideas For Your Face To Look Fresh And Energetic

Get a simple and easy face-lift by making a little change in your make-up style. With correct beauty products and application, you can have a flawless looking skin which is obviously going to enhance your appearance and make you feel fresh and brightened all the day. Spending lots of money on selecting the make-up products eventually gives you a look that you widely prefer. Make-up is not difficult, if applied in a proper and defined way. Experience a smoky and charming look with a variety of make-up products. Style-up your facial look by minimizing dark-circles, uneven skin tone and other areas on your face by easy make-up ideas.

Following Are 12 Easy Make Up Ideas For Your Face To Look Fresh And Energetic

1. Under-Eye Concealer – Lighter Than Your Normal Color

Dark circles is the most common beauty problem for every women. Being tired means you will obviously have dark circles underneath eyes. Using a proper branded under- eye concealer which is one shade lighter as compared to your normal skin color can give you the best result and make your face glow fresh.

Under-Eye Concealer

2. Skin Highlighter

Tired and exhausted from whole day work? Dull skin has always been one more major problem in every women’s life. Applying proper shade of highlighter will improve the skin tone and make it more fresh & glowing.

Skin Highlighter

3. Get The Look Of Larger Eyes

Being often tired? Even if you apply concealer to hide the dark circles, your eyes will look droopy. So, in order to get rid of this problem, another addition to concealing the eyes is having larger eyes. Having big eyes make you look widely awake, healthy and youthful. For bigger looking eyes you have to highlight your brows, crease the upper part of eyes, highlight the lid of eyes, curl the eye lashes and add mascara as well as eyelashes.

Get The Look Of Larger Eyes

4. Illuminating Concealer For Whole Face

An illuminating concealer is a combination of concealer & highlighter. It is specially used for to revitalize the whole face when you are in a hurry or are tired.

Illuminating Concealer For Whole Face

5. White Pencil For Inner Corners Of Eyes

Dab a white/light color eye-shadow within the inner corners of eyes in order to get a special effect of wide eyes. You can apply white pencil on the inner corners and also on the crease of the eye lid & little bit above.

White Pencil For Inner Corners Of Eyes

6. Energize Your Look With Instant Moisture Mask

To make your face look energized and fresh for the whole day, you can definitely use some facial products such as hydrating mask, highlighter, moisturizer, concealer and most importantly a fine bright colored lipstick.

Energize Your Look With Instant Moisture Mask

7. Highlight Eyes

Highlighting & contouring the smaller areas of eye can bring-up your look more shimmery and fresh. To get the most polished day-time look, apply a light colored shinny highlighter on the center of eye-lid, inner corner and on to the arch. Lastly add mascara on the eye lashes to get that shimmery look. Make sure to select the code of highlighter color based on your skin tone.

Highlight Eyes

8. Curled Eyelashes

When the eye-lashes are turned upwards, eyes appears to be wide & open. You can use lash curler on your lash-line for better effect. Squeeze the lash curl on middle and ends of the lashes. Also add a coat of mascara for perfect look.

Curled Eyelashes

9. Blush-On

Blush-on means coloring your cheekbones. This helps in brightening the entire face and removes the dark shadows under your eyes. Search for rosy or pinky blush color shade type to look more vibrant and flawlessly fresh. This will highlight your face with absolute perfect mold and gives you excellent refined facial appearance.


10. Strobing Skin For Instant Glow

Try for Strobing instead of contouring; as it faster, easy and offers you a perfect & instant glow. Strobing, nowadays is widely used by many of the make-up artists as it exclusively focuses on the parts of faces where normally the light hits.

Strobing Skin For Instant Glow

11. Face Mists

Face Mists are a quick spritz that cool-up your face and mist it with healing extracts & antioxidants. These face mists are preservative-free and a mild substitute for other acne products available in the market. They are a perfect pick-up for having refreshed make-up all the time.

Face Mists

12. Highlight Eyebrows

A perfectly arched brows means they are lifted upwards and have refining strokes. Shape-up your eye-brows with spoolie brush (used by most of the make-up artists), it gives perfect shape and precision to your eye lashes.

Highlight Eyebrows

Warm-up your dull look with these simple make-up ideas and improve your styling as a professional to give a proper shape to your face and make it look natural and


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