12 Cushion Compacts you will love to have

The cushion compacts originated in Korea and a lot of people across the globe are obsessed with the Korean Beauty regime and their beauty products as well. The cushion compact acts as a BB cream and it helps in increasing your look and make you look wonderful and without any pores. You can also travel with the cushion compact on and it will not be spoiled. There are several companies that manufacture the cushion compacts.

Mentioned Below Are The 12 Cushion Compacts You Will Love To Have

1. BB Bounce Beauty Balm 

This is a product that has a bouncy technique and it looks really good on your skin. It is bright and makes your skin look happy without a doubt. If you’ve had a dull day, then this is a perfect thing for you. It will cover all the spots on your face, make it look even and will also moisturize it.


2. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

This perfect beauty compact cushion contains the jeju water that helps in boosting the skin and increases the level of moistures in your face. It also comes with a great UV protection and if you are blessed with the good and clear skin then using just a small amount of the compact on your face will give you the desired glow.


3. UV Mist Cushion Compact By Hera

This is one of the best cushion compact for your face. It is like a mist, which is very natural and it gives a natural glow to your skin. It will make you realize that having a dewy skin can be better than the regular matte face. This compact will also moisturize your face perfectly.


4. Cushion Concealer By Laneige

This is a great cushion compact concealer and it comes in the form of a stick, which makes it easy to use. The cushion tip of the concealer helps in covering all the pores and dark spots on your face. It is easy to use and it gives a natural glow to your face without a doubt. It will also cover your acne spots evenly.


5. Compact Cushion By Lancome

This is a great product for those who love to apply compact on their face. The cheeks look really sexy and beautiful. Lancome recently launches this product and it gives a natural touch to your cheeks without making it look artificial. It makes your face look pretty and healthy. There are different shades available according to your skin tone.


6. All In One Cushion Compact By Estee Lauder

This is a great product by the Estee Lauder Company. It is an all in one product and it acts as a compact as a concealer and also as a primer on your face. The product comes in wide range of shades, which makes it easier to select the best shade according to your skin tone. You can use it on your face directly to get a great finish.


7. Ultra Moist Compact Cushion By Faceshop

This is one of the best Korean products that you will love. It is good for all the skin types and it also protects the face from the UV rays. The product can be found in almost 30 countries across the world. Faceshop is a great cosmetic brand and their compact cushion is really famous.

 Ultra Moist Compact Cushion By Faceshop

8. Cushion Compact By Amorepacific

This is another great brand from where you can buy the cushion compact. It comes with the proper SPF and protects your skin from the UV rays. The compact comes in various shades and it gives a flawless skin to your face.


9. Crystal Cushion By Tonymoly

This is a compact cushion made especially for the eyes. A lot of times we do not really consider our eyes and apply the same compact on the eyes surface as well. This product is made only for the eyes considering the sensitivity. It is also made with great essential oil, which takes care of the eyes.

Crystal Cushion By Tonymoly

10. True Match Cushioncompact By L’oreal

L’Oreal is a great cosmetic brand and their cushion compact is a good product for the face as it makes the skin look flawless and even. It comes in 12 different shades and you can select the best one that suits your skin tone.

True Match Cushioncompact By L’oreal

11. Cushion Compact By A’pieu Air-fit

It is one of the amazing cushion compact that you will love to have. The doreamon addition of the compact is so adorable that you will fall in love with it just by seeing it. It is meant for all skin types and comes in various shades as well.


12. All That Cover By Clio Kill

This is another great cushion Compact by Clio kill. The product is wonderful and suits all the skin types. It gives your skin a natural glow and makes it look fresh and even hydrated. It is also one of the best Korean Products that you will love to have in your makeup kit.


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