12 Creative Ideas For Purple Colored Wedding Makeup

Creative Ideas For Purple Colored Wedding Makeup

Purple color is really a very sensational shade of makeup for your wedding day. It is different from other colors that were typical actually. So, why not try something new? Purple color will perfectly suit you for this auspicious occasion. It will enhance your look and catch all the eyes just on you. This makeup is very easy to do. You just need to follow the proper guidelines and you are on the right track then.

Here Are Some Of The Ideas For A Perfect Purple Color Wedding Makeup

Glossy Primer

This is the first and the most important step for your makeup. You have to use a good quality and branded primer which contains a glossy look. Apply it on your face liberally by spreading equally throughout your whole face. Smudge it nicely so that it gets applied perfectly.


Matte Foundation

Now this is the next step in your makeup. You should take a branded matte foundation. Because it is the most important day of your life therefore, you should not use the cheap products. Otherwise your look will get spoiled. Take the foundation applicator foam and dip it in the foundation. Now apply it nicely to your face. You should apply it gently on the nose and forehead portion of your face. It will act as the base of your makeup.



The next step of your makeup will be the application of the concealor. With the help of a compact mirror identify the dark patches on your face and apply the concealor. Especially you should apply it around the eyes and nose. It will help you to get the even skin tone for whole face.


Defined Eyebrows

Now the turn comes of beautifying your eyebrows. For this purpose you have to choose the right quality eye brow pencil. The dark grey shade of the eye brow pencil will work wonders for this purple themed makeup. It will add to your amazing look and will make you simply stunning.


Purple Contacts

It is a very good and fantastic idea to enhance the look of your purple colored wedding makeup. You can try wearing the contact lenses of purple color. They will best suit to your makeup on this day. It will make your eyes perfectly matching to your theme of the wedding makeup.

Purple Contacts

Eye Liner

This is the next step of your eye makeup in this theme. You have to take an eye liner of a good brand. You should try taking the liquid based eye liner of pure black color. It will provide the appealing look to your purple makeup. Black is the most versatile color that accompanies beautifully with the other shades. Now apply the eye liner on your upper eye lines. You can try making the winged design. It is very much trendy in this wedding season.


Smokey Eye Shadow

Now this is the next important for your eye makeup. You have to choose the appropriate shades of the eye shadow for this makeup. The purple shade is the must to use in this theme makeup. You can also accompany purple shade with the silver and pink shades too. You can try applying the smoky eye makeup. It is the latest trend for now.

Smokey Eye Shadow

Purple Mascara

The colorful mascara are very much used now a days. They look too trendy and fashionable. You will need to apply the purple shade of mascara to define your eye lashes beautifully for your wedding day.

Purple Mascara

Lip Liner

Now you have to adorn your beautiful lips to make them more charming on this special occasion. You can try the brown shades as they will go amazingly with purple theme makeup. So take the good quality lip liner and apply it your lip lines. Define nicely the shapes of your lips as this is the very important step for your lip makeup.

Lip Liner


This is the next essential step of your wedding makeup. You can take the matching shade of the lipstick and ensure the good branded one. Now start the application of lipstick just inside the defined lip lines. Apply it once again to seal the look for longer hours. You can try using the brush to apply it perfectly.


Lip Gloss

The glossy looking lips on the wedding day will be the best one for you to make your look more appealing and charming. You can try taking a sparkling lip gloss to give your lips a glittery look. Wow, you will look simply stunning. Try this step for sure.

use lip gloss

Glossy Nails

It is the next step for your purple wedding makeup. You will need to use the purple shade of the nail color. So apply it on your nails. Let it dry and apply one coat again to seal the color for longer duration and more shine.

glossy nails

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