12 Amazing Shower Tricks To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Smooth

Shower Tricks To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Smooth

Washing hair is a very normal routine that cleanses and purifies the scalp and keeps hair hydrated, strong and fresh. The benefits become more visible when you use a sulfate, paraben and alcohol free shampoo and conditioner. But not all women get these expected benefits, despite using high quality products. Instead, washing hair results in split ends and hair thinning for some women. The problem gets worse for women having mid length and long hair. Though, at times the product too can be faulty. But most importantly, you should know the shower tricks to better handling your hair so that it doesn’t lead to hair breakage. We have listed 12 amazing shower hacks in the list below. They will help you in maintaining your hair health and reduce hair problems instead of increasing them.

1. Comb Your Hair Properly:

Do not head straight under water with shabby and unbrushed hair. Hair already have to go through a lot of friction, twisting and turning while shampooing. Thus, always brush your hair with a wide tooth hair brush gently to detangle as many knots from the roots as you can. This also reduces the chances of hair breakage while shampooing, resolving the problem of coarse hair due to split ends. Always turn your hair upside down and comb them gently in downward strokes. In fact, it is even better if you have massaged your hair with almond oil a night before.

Comb Your Hair Properly

2. Take A Steam Before Applying Shampoo:

Simply moisten your hair with steam before you apply shampoo. Scalp’s pores are generally clogged due to trapped oil, dirt and dandruff. Steam softens those pores and makes it easier for the shampoo to remove trapped dirt and offer better cleansing.

Take A Steam Before Applying Shampoo

3. Massage Your Steamed Hair Before Shampooing Them:

It is better if you massage your hair with soft hands for 3 to 4 minutes after taking steam. This uproots dirt particles and makes them loose. This also removes already weak hair from the scalp. It reduces the chances of loose hair mixing up with other hair while shampooing and causing breakage and hair fall.

 Massage Your Steamed Hair Before Shampooing Them

4. Use Cold Water Only:

Never ever wash your hair with hot water. Hot water is potentially dangerous, because it results in dryness by extracting all essential oils from the scalp and hair strands. It causes a lot of damage to keratin, since keratin gets affected by heat very easily. The resulting hair are dull and frizzy. The resulting hair are dull, coarse and thin. Using cold water is your ultimate rescue to boost the hydration quotient that keeps the scalp healthy.

Use Cold Water Only

5. Apply Shampoo Without Turning Your Head Upside Down:

Most women turn their head upside down for easy shampooing. This is the biggest shower flaw that results in root weakening. Also, refrain from scrubbing the scalp harshly with your nails from all directions. Let your hair rest normally and apply a mild keratin rich shampoo from roots to tips. Gently massage the scalp in upward circular strokes. This increases the blood circulation in the scalp, alongside creating less friction. It makes hair bouncy and thicker.

Apply Shampoo Without Turning Your Head

6. Do Not Stretch The Shampooing Time:

Do not keep rubbing your hair with a shampoo in a hope of removing all the sweat, sebum, dandruff and dirt in a single wash. Ideally you should shampoo and condition your hair within 15 minutes of being under water. The case if different though when you are using a masque instead of a conditioner. In this case, shampoo your hair for not more than 3 minutes.

Do Not Stretch The Shampooing Time

7. Use A Hair Masque For Long Hair:

Women mostly prefer using a conditioner and washing it off after 5 minutes. This is an ideal idea for women having short hair. Since, a shea butter based conditioner can completely cover small roots within less than 3 minutes. But women having long hair must concentrate on using a hair masque instead of a hair conditioner. Just wrap your moist hair with a cotton cloth after applying the hair masque, and let it rest for 30 to 40 minutes. Then wash it properly with cold water. It offers extra nourishment that long hair needs.

Use A Hair Masque For Long Hair

8. Do Not Apply The Conditioner/masque On Your Scalp:

Conditioner and masque disturb the scalp’s pH level. This makes the scalp oily. As a result, hair start falling and become weak and brittle. It also results in scalp acne that is quite painful. Constant scratching leads to scalp inflammation that literally ruins the hair texture. Thus, apply conditioner/masque from the neck length down to your roots.

 Do Not Apply The Conditioner/masque On Your Scalp

9. Do Not Rub Wet Hair To Dry Them:

Most women either rub wet hair to remove dripping water, or they coil up their hair in a towel to dry them. Avoid both these things. If need be, use a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the roots to get rid of dripping water. After that, let the hair dry naturally. Don’t use a dryer as well.

Do Not Rub Wet Hair To Dry Them

10. Brush Semi Wet Hair:

Some women comb their hair while they are fully wet, and some others start brushing them after they get completely dry. Both these methods are wrong. You should always brush semi moist hair that are neither wet nor dry. Never ever brush your hair from the scalp. Always detangle the knots at the bottom/roots, while holding the hair from the centre to avoid any impact on the scalp. This reduces the chances of hair fall and hair breakage.

Brush Semi Wet Hair

11. Apply A Non Alcoholic Serum After The Hair Dry:

Swiftly apply hair serum on the roots and let it rest for a minute or two. Then use a dense tooth comb and gently brush your hair from roots to tips. A non alcoholic serum will be the key here. Any alcohol based serum will dry the roots that will deteriorate the hair texture, instead of improving it. This will make the hair frizzy.

Non Alcoholic Serum

12. Refrain From Shampooing Daily:

Do not wash your hair more than twice if they are short, and thrice if they are long. Shampooing the hair everyday makes them go through the same amount of friction on a daily basis. This results in hair thinning because of root weakening. However, you can use a conditioner on the roots daily. This will keep the hair glossy and frizz free. Lesser knots will result in lesser breakage too. Thus, hair texture will be smooth and soft.

Refrain From Shampooing Daily

The above listed 12 shower ticks can keep your hair healthy and damage free. This regular routine adds volume to hair and makes them bouncy and soft.

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