12 Amazing Hacks To Remove Hair Colour Stains From Skin

Remove Hair Colour Stains From Skin

Hair colour totally reinvents your looks and brings out a better, brighter and smarter you. Since colouring has become easier these days, it isn’t necessary to shell out a lot of money on getting your hair coloured at expensive salons. You can colour your hair at home at your ease. However, there are few precautions that come with colouring hair at home to match the standards of professionals. And one of those precautions, you can also call it a constraint, is not letting the colour stain your skin. Since most women end up staining their skin, we have listed 12 amazing hacks to protect your skin from staining before and after dyeing your hair with exciting colours. Protecting Skin from Staining Before Colouring This is more like a prevention stage in which you prepare your skin to not absorb the hair colour in the first hand.

1. Grease Your Skin Edges With Clarified Butter:

Clarified butter, more popularly known as ghee, works as a protective layer between the hair colour and skin. It doesn’t let the colour penetrate inside the skin. However, it works well mostly for water soluble colours. Waterproof colours might end up getting absorbed in the skin to some extent.

Clarified Butter

2. Stick Thin Rubber Paper On Top Of Clarified Butter:

Cut small sections of rubber papers and stick them all along the edges of your face over clarified butter. It is better if you use normal butter in this case. Butter will offer better grip. Wrap the edges with a thin stretchable alice band. This is the most powerful way of preventing the hair colour from staining the skin. This works well even with gel based waterproof colours.

Rubber Paper

3. Apply Vaseline On The Ears:

Ears are most stained with hair colours. They need protection too. Cover them generously with thick coating of Vaseline jelly. Vaseline jelly will shield the skin against the hair colour directly.


4. Wear Stretchable Rubber Gloves:

This is the most common method of protecting the hands from staining while colouring hair. Rubber gloves do not allow the colour to pass through its membrane. Thus, the hands remain well protected and untouched.

Rubber Gloves

5. Use A Long Handle Hair Colouring Brush:

A long handle hair colouring brush will be able to provide better grip. Better the grip, better is the precision. Also, longer handle will keep the bristles further away from the chest and hands. It will dramatically reduce the chances of getting stained.

Hair Colouring Brush

6. Always Cover Your Skin With Dry Towel:

Cover maximum part of your chest and neck with a dry thick towel. Do not use a thin towel that is moist. The hair colour will easily pass through the thin surface. Moreover water will help the colour pass through even faster.
Protecting Skin From Staining After Colouring This is basically a method to get rid of colour stains once they get absorbed by the skin.

Dry Towel

7. Use A Waterproof Makeup Remover:

Waterproof makeup removers have glycolic acid in them. Glycolic acid is clinically tested positive in its ability to remove stains and scars. Thus, rub your skin gently with an oil free face wash first. And then dab a coton ball in a waterproof makeup remover. Gently start rubbing the stained area. Hair colour will come off in 4 to 5 swatches.

Makeup Remover

8. Use A Glycerin And Nail Polish Remover Solution:

Nail Polish remover can remove superficial colour stains that aren’t absorbed deeper. However, it can end up drying the skin. Thus, a solution of glycerin and nail polish remover can work as a non drying stain remover.

Nail Polish

9. Rub Alcohol Over The Stain:

This works best on areas that were already greased. Vaseline/butter already binds to hair colour. And rubbing alcohol over it removes the stain completely. It leaves behind mild irritation. Thus, do not forget to neutralize the area.

Rub Alcohol

10. Use Baking Soda In Glycerin, Detergent And Rose Water:

This is an excellent solution for removing stubborn hair colour that isn’t easy to get rid of. Simply rub almond oil or coconut oil over the stained area. Dip a soft cotton cloth in the solution and start rubbing it gently. The stain will come off, with a little effort though.

Use Baking Soda In Glycerin

11. Use An Astringent:

Keep applying astringent over the stained area while applying the hair area. Rub the area immediately with a cloth dipped in coconut oil. This will keep the skin clear. You can also rub the astringent after colouring the hair. Apply astringent over the stained patch and scrub it gently with an exfoliator. The stain will come off easily.


12. Use Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon Juice:

This is a very strong stain remover. It bleaches the stained area and removes even the toughest leftover colours. It not just fades the stain, but it takes off the stain completely. But do not use it if you have a sensitive skin.

The above listed 12 hacks are life saving tricks to flaunt a beautiful hair colour without compromising with the skin.

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