11 Easy Hair Updos You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes

Hair style is the most important part of any woman’s style statement. Having a nice hairstyle is time consuming and also needs expert advice sometimes. Up for a party? Going to attend a reception? Want a nice hairstyle? Most of you end up in a try to go in vain and most of the time in a high ponytail. Updo styles might be the most critical ones among them. However, updo hairstyles can be the easiest ones if followed the right method. Be it a French twist worth wedding function or up to the next level, it can make a woman look beautiful.

We Are Going To Discuss A Few Of The Easiest Updo Hair Styles Here:

1. Bun Of A Ballerina

One of the favourite hair styles of most of the women. However, your hair has to be long enough to pull up over the head. First, create a high ponytail. Then brush all the hair thoroughly so that there are no tangles. Now pull up the ponytail and make a look around the band used for the ponytail. Use the end of the tail to make a knot and then fold all the loose ends. Pin it properly so that the hold lasts for long. Your ballerina bun is ready. If you like you use hairspray to make it fluffy and strong.

Bun Of A Ballerina

2. Flaunt It Inside Out

This hairdo also starts with a high ponytail. Tuck the end of the tail into the band used for the ponytail. This will already give your hair an upside down effect. But still it is not strong enough to give the compact look. Pull it up to the very top and tug it with bobby pins to give it a nice and well-kept look. You can use hairsprays to give it a strong hold.

Flaunt It Inside Out

3. Twist Around The Side

Actually, this does fall into category of updo, however it might be the easiest of all and keeps hair out of your face. Start with a side ponytail for this. Make sure that all the hairs are tied up for this. Now divide the hair into two tails. Then pull the two tails for an upside down ponytails. Keep repeating this and make multiple ponytails from the entire hair. You might need several elastic bands and pins for this.

Twist Around The Side

4. Chignon With The Length

This is the perfect and easiest style for the parties. First pull the hair to make it look like halfway up and halfway down. Use clips to hold the hairs and to keep it out of your face. There is one part which is still let down, use it to have a little volume. Make this part a little fluffy to give it a perfect look. Pin this part to add the chignon effect. Use hairspray to fluff it more.

Chignon With The Length

5. Classic Side Pony

This is the classy and simple hairdo. Fluff your hair on top to add some volume and then comb it to get rid of any tangles. Now pull your hair into a side ponytail. You can also use a portion of your hair tie up the rest of it to give your hair a classic French lass look. A simple side ponytail has always been on the top of the chart.

Classic Side Pony

6. Twister

This simple styling is about twisting your hair and give it voluminous look. However, it can also twist a few heads towards you. Set your hair for a ponytail and grab the end of it. Clip it to your head to the middle of the tail. Let the top parts of the ponytail to fall and create a volume. Use a large clip to give the hair a nice look. You can also use pins to set all the untidy hairs.


7. Roll It Like Princess

This classy look can change your looks as well. Start by wearing a rubber band around your head like a crown. Now start wrapping and tucking your hair in the band from both the sides of your head. You can create a little chignon or a small ponytail to give it a different look. Use hairsprays for long hold. You can also add some textures with sea salt spray or other products to make it look beautiful.

Roll It Like Princess

8. Faux Bob

This updo style is very trendy, sexy yet classy. This style is for those who have small hairs. First curl your hair a little bit. Now make a low ponytail and tuck the end of the tail underneath the hair with pins.

Faux Bob

9. Hair Bow

This one is a complicated hairstyle, however, with a practice this can be done within five minutes. Start with a dense ponytail. Make a bun from the open hair. Spread it to look like a bow. Secure the bow with a hair tie.

Hair Bow

10. Braid And Bun

Set your hair to upside down. Now braid half of it. Fold the rest of it to make a bun. You are ready with a stylish yet classy hairstyle.

Braid And Bun

11. Braid Your Ponytail

Start with a French braid with a portion of your hair and use the rest to make a ponytail. Use pins to hold the braids so that it does not come out.

Braid Your Ponytail

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