11 Easy And Useful Homemade Ideas To Remove Bags Under Eyes

Remove Bags Under Eyes

A slight swelling or puffiness under eyes is known as bags. This problem is a common issue with every woman as the age increases. Aging causes bags under eyes, as the tissues surrounded around the eyes starts getting weaken. This unpleasant puffiness also appears due to lack of sleep and fatigue. Sometimes bags under eyes can also be a hereditary issue. Yet the truth behind the causing of bags under eyes is unsolved. Are you dealing with bags under your eyes?

Here Are Some Very Homely, Literally Cheap And Easy Ideas To Remove So.

1. Raw Slices Of Potato:

Slices of a raw potato helps in reducing dark circles, swelling & bags under eyes, as it contains vital bleaching contents and anti-inflammatory starch. You can either apply slices of potato or soaked cotton pads in potato juice on your eyes for over 15 to 20 minutes and can feel the results.

Raw Slices Of Potato

2. Cold/Iced Milk:

Soak few cotton pads in a cup of chilled milk and cover your eyes and puffy areas with it. Let the cotton pads set for about 20 to 30 minutes on eyes. The cooling power from chilled milk will help in reducing bags and puffiness. Make sure to keep your eyes well hydrated at times.

Iced Milk

3. Vitamin E Oil & Almond Oil:

Vitamin E is enriched with lots of minerals that help in diminishing bags under eyes. Dip cotton pads in a mixture of cold water & vitamin E oil and place them on your eyes for 20 mins. This will enrich your skin cells across eyes and reduces puffiness. Moreover, almond oil is also very helpful, as it deeply nourishes the skin cells around eyes and will provide comparatively less dark circles & puffiness. Rubbing or massaging almond oil on the areas around your eyes in the morning and washing with cold water gives more fine results. Also, you can combine both vitamin E oil and almond oil to reduce bags under eyes.

Vitamin E Oil & Almond Oil

4. Neti Pot:

Sinus and cold can also be the reason of bags under eyes. Neti pot is an interesting way to reduce puffiness under eyes. Make a mixture of 1 tea spoon salt and ½ liter of water in the neti pot. Now insert one side of nostril in the spout of the pot and tilt head in the other direction so that the water comes out from the other nostril. Follow the same procedure for by changing the sides.

Neti Pot

5. Iced Cubes:

Put some small cubes in a thin cotton cloth and place on your eyes. The cooling component of ice will give you relief from puffy eyes and itchiness. Through this you will feel fresh. Repeat this for several times in a day for best results.

Iced Cubes

6. Egg Whites:

Apply beaten egg white around your eyes in the areas of bags. As the egg white gets dried up you will feel a stiff skin. After 25 to 30 minutes wash your face with warm water. Egg white will make your skin firm as well as tighter and reduces puffiness.

Egg Whites

7. Slices Of Cucumber:

Apply slices of cucumber on your eyes for about 30 minutes. This is a very relaxing spa idea which not only makes your eyes lighter but also makes you feel fresh. Its mild astringent components offer cool effect to the raccoon eyes. Repeat this twice in a day for better results.

Slices Of Cucumber

8. Chamomile Tea-Bags:

Chamomile holds up great benefits for skin, hair and health. It is a golden colored flower and has fruity flavor. Its antioxidant and cleansing properties reduces bags under eyes. Dip cotton balls in chamomile tea and apply on the affected areas below eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties help in diminishing puffiness under eyes and tight skin as well as fresh feel.

Chamomile Tea-Bags

9. Tomato & Mint Juice:

Tomato as a natural bleaching product is used for lightening and brightening the skin. Mix 1 portion of tomato juice to half tsp. of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the dark circle area set for a while and rinse off with cold water. You instantly feel the change around your eyes. You can even apply the juice of mint leaves around your eyes to get the cooling effect.

Tomato & Mint Juice

10. Frozen Strawberries:

Cut thick slices of chilled strawberries and apply them around your eyes and keep them for about 10 to 15 mins. Once the slices of strawberries get cool down, rub them slowly around your eyes. Do this process at nights to give rest to your eyes for rest of the night.

Frozen Strawberries

11. Fresh Butter:

Butter has a huge amount of greasiness and moisturization. Fresh butter promptly reduces irritation & dullness and gives soft & smooth skin. Also, butter is useful in reducing dryness and patches on the skin. Apply 1 tablespoon of fresh butter around your eyes; massage in circular motion until the greasiness gets absorbed in the skin. Wash the face with warm water.

Fresh Butter

Apart from these methods, there are few other treatments that you can do at home to reduce bags under eyes like castor oil massage, salt water treatment and chill spoon. Drink plenty of water to stop water collection around your eyes. These inexpensive and healthy ways to reduce bags under eyes and dark circles are very easy for everyone and are available at home anytime. Hope these ideas will help you in your problems!

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