11 Cool Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

Women are great fond of having a stunning and gorgeous hairstyle as it is an important part of their beautiful look. Women having long hair are highly embarrassed about perfect hairstyle for their lengthy hairs as they wants to look unique wherever they went. If you too find yourself in confusion regarding the best hairstyle that can suit well to your personality then don’t worry anymore about it.

Here Are 11 Cool Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

1. Sleek Ponytail Hairdo

For a female with long hair, sleek ponytail hairdo is a perfect haircut that highlights a highly elegant impression of ones personality. Sleek ponytail is accomplished with a smooth touch offered by shaded brown shines of its owner hair.

Sleek Ponytail Hairdo

2. Brunette Straight Haircut

Brunette straight is also a perfect hairdo for a woman having long length hair. You can attain this sophisticated hairstyle by providing a wavy flair to straight stands followed by combing your hair from backside.

Brunette Straight Haircut

3. Spiked Twirl Haircut

Spiked twirl is an amazing hairdo for females having long hair which is accomplished with a spiky effect on the top side of hairs. It is a precise hairstyle which offers glamorous look to its owner. Having this hairstyle, reflects a royal personality and offers super-cool style to a woman who prefers it.

Spiked Twirl Haircut

4. Purple Layers Hairdo

Purple layers hairdo is a fantastic hairstyle for long hairs which is accomplished by coloring your purple followed making layers on your purpled hair by using fine chops. This is the best hairstyle for long hair which looks more gorgeous when its owner prefers it with a purple color hat.

Purple Layers Hairdo

5. Ombre Layered Straight Hairdo

This haircut is a fantastic choice for those females who loves to have bangs in their hairstyle. Women who prefers this hairdo looks more beautiful and pretty with brown tinged edges along with subtle bangs on the top.

Ombre Layered Straight Hairdo

6. Platinum Edges Hairdo

This is a hairstyle have chic platinum edges that adds a glamorous touch to the look of its owner. In fact, presence of layered edges in this hairstyle offers superb edgy charm to the follower of this haircut.

Platinum Edges Hairdo

7. Brown Ponytail Hairdo

This is also an amazing haircut for women with modern ideology and fashionable approach. This haircut is well known for its sleekness and shiny fineness which looks more fashionable on combination with prom dresses. Brown ponytail hairdo gives a true definition of a pretty style to its follower.

Brown Ponytail Hairdo

8. Sleek Side Part Hairdo

This is a popular hairstyle among many celebrities as it is accomplished with a sleek side apart having one side of hair flaunted followed by very fine trimmed uneven edges. You can easily prefer this sportive hairstyle by applying Ombre hue style so as to complete your gorgeous look.

Sleek Side Part Hairdo

9. Knotty Knot Hairdo

For women with long hairstyle, knotty knot is a perfect choice which is accomplished with tying of knot. This hairdo is mostly preferred by females when they want to attend any special celebrating event.

Knotty Knot Hairdo

10. Long Black Ombre Layers Hairdo

In this haircut, the black long layers are generally displayed on either side of the hair with deep brown highlights that offers the different look to sleek layers.

Long Black Ombre Layers Hairdo

11. Blonde Straight Hairdo

This hairstyle is a fabulous hairdo in which the hair is generally backcombed from side portion so that edges shows chic appeal. It comes under the category of blond hued hairstyle.

Blonde Straight Hairdo


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