10 Worst Beauty Habits That Invite Wrinkles

Worst Beauty Habits That Invite Wrinkles

Wrinkles are not always a manifestation of age. You can age gracefully without showing a single line of wrinkle. Your wrong beauty habits may precipitate into wrinkles although you are not that old. Let us explore ten such bad beauty habits that can give you wrinkles and try overcoming those habits as quickly as possible.

Here Are The 10 Worst Beauty Habits That Invite Wrinkles:

1. Not Removing Your Make Up:

Never ever sleep with your make up which many of us often do. This is one way of summoning wrinkles to take a grip on your skin. The makeup molecules along with the dust particles collected during your waking hours sit well on your skin. Unless washed thoroughly before sleep, these foreign bodies seep through your skin pores and breaks down the collagen and elastin enhancing the pace of your aging process. As a consequence, lines of wrinkles show on your face. Get rid of this habit before going to bed. Instead, cleanse thoroughly removing the makeup.

Not removing your make up

2. Overlook The Usefulness Of Exfoliation:

Exfoliating your skin removes all the dead cells, dirt, debris and harmful greasy oils that can give your skin an aged look. But too much of exfoliation is bad again as it removes the film of protection that your skin wears. Removal of this film would make your skin vulnerable to environmental toxic wastes. So exfoliation should be moderate.

Overlook the usefulness of exfoliation

3. Irregular Moisturizing:

You need to moisturize your skin regularly to maintain the soft and suppleness of skin. Skipping the moisturizing regime is not at all good for your skin that often invites wrinkles.

Irregular moisturizing

4. Skin Picking:

If you are in the habit of picking at your skin, it is time you stop this habit and let those dirt particles come out by way of washing. Whenever you are picking at your skin you are causing skin damage including formation of wrinkles.

Skin picking

5. Avoiding Sunscreen:

We have a temptation to go without sunscreen especially for those who spend long hours indoors. But one thing should be kept in mind that even a brief exposure to sun rays can cause a breakdown of your collagen resulting in the formation of wrinkles.

Avoiding sunscreen

6. Faulty Weight Loss Programs:

Faulty weight loss programs like rigorous workouts or crash dieting may reduce your weight fast, but that often invites skin wrinkles as your body loses fat rapidly. Better adopt a weight loss plan to reduce yourself slowly and steadily without damaging your skin.

Faulty weight loss programs

7. Wrong Posture Of Sleeping Using Wrong Pillow:

Sleeping sideways can give you wrinkles. The best posture is to sleep on your back like a king so that the flesh and the skin of your face remain firm and smooth. If you sleep on your face you can get wrinkles from the pillow. It is advisable to use a satin pillow that will slip access your face without forming deep creases.

Wrong posture of sleeping

8. Squinting:

Squinting or making deep facial expressions can invite wrinkles. If you are under the blazing sun, your face automatically squints and you make deep facial furrows when the sun beats down on your bare skin. So next time when you are under the sun, wear a sunscreen and carry an umbrella so that you need not squint and invite wrinkles.


9. Stretching Your Skin When Applying Makeup:

There is a tendency among women to stretch their mouth and dilate their eyes when applying eye liner, mascara or other makeup. This is a bad enough habit that invites wrinkles. You should kick away this habit and keep a normal expression when applying make ups.

Stretching your skin when applying makeup

10. Chewing Gum:

Continuous munching on chewing gum can induce alterations in the muscle pattern of your face giving you wrinkles. It should be avoided.

Chewing Gum

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