10 Weave Hairstyles That You Can Flaunt

Weave Hairstyles

Weave hair is the artificial hair, which is mostly alike to the hair extensions. This is attached to the hair and this hair weaving technique is offered in most of the salons. The process is that natural hair is weaved or sewed with the natural hair. This is done mostly to give volume and the desired look. A lot of people get it done because they want longer and thicker hair. The treatment can be given according to the need of the customer and what kind of hair, texture or color they want can be provided depending upon the need of the customer. There are various hairstyles that one can choose and flaunt it. It does not look artificial at all and it merges with your hair type and looks natural more than anything.

Hair weaving requires a lot of time and money. Salon customers can burn through several dollars on the hair alone. Human hair, for instance, is frequently much costlier than artificial hair. The process through which the artificial hair is made into the common hair can take hours and, money. Besides, if you choose to get a weave that is alternate shading than your normal hair, you may need to have your hair hued as well. But it is one time expense and once it is done, you will see the look and the difference. Here is a list of best hairstyles that you can have and flaunt, you can choose amongst the best that will suit you.

10 Weave Hairstyles That You Can Rock Are:

Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyle is something, which is common and mostly done by a lot of people. It looks beautiful and suits all face type. If you have curly hair you can get curly bob with loose curls. And to stylize it more, you can color it as well.

Bob hairstyle

Long Hair Locks

Long hair is something we all have dreamt off. It is good for people who have short hair till shoulder, and always wanted to get that long beautiful silky hair. You cab get straight weave hair, and get it attached. Further more you can give it smooth waves at the bottom, which will give you a chic look and a side parting will add on to it. This hairstyle looks best with everything and it will leave you worry free.

Long hair locks


This looks beautiful when you always desire to chic and glamorous. This wave weave looks gorgeous and if it is in layers it gives volume to the hair and makes it look beautiful. To increase the style, you can color it and give a golden tint to your hair if you have brown hair.



Curls add volume to the hair and looks well. If you always wanted to curl your hair and your curly hair was not properly curled, then choose this curly weave hairstyle. It will give you the desired volume and the length that you have always wanted.


Blonde Look

No matter how much we make fun of blondes, but the color looks just awesome, if you are fair and love the blonde look. There are blonde weaves available in the market of different styles and size. You can opt one, which you like and can flaunt your new blonde look. It never looks bad and can definitely not go wrong.

Blonde look

Colorful Weave

Always wanted to try different color to your hair, but was always scared to try it. Don’t worry, these colorful weaves can solve your problem and you can select the desired colors you wish to put on your hair from the greys to the blondes, you can choose any color and also stylize them according to your need.

Colorful weave

Long Weave

You always dreamt of getting the Sarah Jessica Parker’s look from the sex and the city. Now you can have that look by getting these long wavy weaves. You can get your hair colored which matches those weaves and can flaunt them. It looks elegant and stylish and suits any attire.

Long Weave


Weaves comes in different forms and different colors. If your hair is long or short, and if you want to give them streaks, but you are unsure of coloring them, all you can do is get those streaks weaves which are your hair length and get it attached to your hair. They look stunning.


Uneven Bob

This is the good for those who have short hair, and the volume of their hair is also nothing. Go in for an uneven bob, as it gives volume to your hair plus style. This looks bold and beautiful.

Uneven bob

Poker Straight

This is one of the simplest yet elegant hairstyles that look stunning. If your hair is smooth and straight but is less in volume, you can get poker straight weave attached to your hair and can flaunt them. You can later style them anyway you want.

Poker straight

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