10 Ways To Wear A Midi Skirt To Look Chic This Summer

A Midi Skirt To Look Chic This Summer

Skirts are the best pieces of clothing to wear during the summers. They are not only colorful and bright, they are also extremely comfortable to wear during the scorching heat. Among all the skirts you could choose from, Midi Skirts are the best in summers. Midi skirts end right above the knees and are very popular too. It has been trending since decades and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon.

These skirts are also very easy to style. You could use some tips we are going to provide in this article to look chic in a midi skirt. With so many kinds of midi skirts out there, you should definitely try your hand at wearing one.

1. Denim Midi Skirt With Floral Blouse:

Denim midi skirts are certainly a change from wearing the same old denim jeans. You could go for a fresh look by pairing your sunny and bright floral blouse with your stylish denim midi skirt. To make the look more chic, add a tote bag and some subtle accessories.

Denim Midi Skirt With Floral Blouse

2. Tweed Midi Skirt With Tees:

If you are going for a super casual look, then you should definitely try a tweed mini skirt. Wear your tweed midi skirt with a nice casual tee to look super casual and trendy. When you are going for this look, make sure you keep your footwear simple too. Wear a cool pair of sneakers or you could also go for a cute pair of sandals.

Tweed Midi Skirt With Tees

3. Midi Skirt With Tank Top:

If this summer heat is simply too much to handle, you could cut down the clothing and go for wearing an airy and comfy midi skirt with a plain tank top. This look is extremely simple and you can not go wrong with this. If you want to add some style quotient to your outfit, simply add some nice pieces of accessories. You could wear high heeled sandals with these to make it look more trendy.

 Midi Skirt With Tank Top

4. Midi Skirt With A Chambray Shirt:

Chambray shirts are the best shirts to wear during summers. They are not as heavy as denim but are just as stylish. You could wear a bright midi skirt with your chambray shirt tucked in. Go for a simple clutch and make sure you keep the footwear simple too. This is a summer look so you could try wearing a pair of cute and simple sandals.

Midi Skirt With A Chambray Shirt

5. Frilly Midi Skirts With Frilly Off Shoulder Top:

Off shoulder tops are one of the most trending pieces of clothing right now and it is high time you take advantage of it. You could pair your frilly off shoulder top with an equally frilly midi skirt. This look is perfect for summers and is the best choice to go with if you feel like going over the top. Go for equally interesting and loud accessories like pompom ear rings.

Frilly Midi Skirts With Frilly Off Shoulder Top

6. Silver Midi Skirt And Shirt:

Summer is all about staying bright and what can be a better option to do this than wearing a silver skirt. Get a cool silver midi skirt right away and wear it with a bright died shirt. You could also wear shirts with floral prints and complete this look with a pair of gladiators.

Silver Midi Skirt And Shirt

7. Simple Midi Skirt With A Plain Button Down:

If you are all about keeping it simple, then this look is just perfect for you. You can wear your simple plain button down shirt with an equally simple midi skirt. Go for nude colors for the skirt and this look will work best for summers if your button down is short sleeved. You can then finish this look with a cool clutch and a pair of high heel sandals.

Simple Midi Skirt With A Plain Button Down

8. Midi Skirt With Matching Crop Top:

One good way to put your plain crop top to use and still look ultra chic is by teaming this crop top up with a matching midi skirt. Crop tops ruled the pages of all major fashion magazines and is still trending. You could go a step further with your crop top by going with this look. This look is easier to pull when the colors of your skirt and top are black, beige, pale pink, white etc. Wear a pair of killer stilettos to complete this look.

Midi Skirt With Matching Crop Top

9. Button Down Midi Skirt With One Shoulder Top:

If you are heading out to a Sunday brunch and want to wear something bright and breezy, then this look is just right for you. Wear a bright button down midi skirt with a white one shoulder top. You could then wear a pair of cute gladiator sandals and take a simple handbag along to finish the look.

Button Down Midi Skirt With One Shoulder Top

10. Simple Midi Skirt With Lacy Top:

You can use a very plain midi skirt to look like a fashion diva. All you need to do is pair this simple skirt with a sexy lacy top and wear some nice jewelry to make this outfit pop up. Wear a stylish pair of pumps to add some more fun into the outfit.

Simple Midi Skirt With Lacy Top:

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