10 Ways To Take Care Of Combination Skin

One of the most tricky and hard things is to identify on your skin is the problem of combination skin. When 2 or more different types of ski n types occurring on the face for quite some time, you may be a victim of commination skin. This usually occurs when the center parts of our face such as the chin or the nose and forehead (in a T formation) is oily while the other parts of the face are left dry and flaky. This could lead to pimples or wrinkles; something you would not want. Although combination skin may turn out to be a little complicated deal.

Here Are Some Of The Ways By Which You Can See The Positive Difference On Your Face, The Methods Are As Follows:

1. Gentle Cleanser

To begin with, taking care is the utmost priority for your face. Thus, always remember to use a mild cleanser or facewash when this problem occurs. For extreme damage, apply a lotion cleanser as it helps in smoothening of your skin and helps revive the damaged areas. A combination of tea spoon of lemon juice and honey in 2:1 ration can act as your homemade cleanser.


2. Avoid Soaps

Regardless of what the big companies claim, soap bars are the last thing you should apply on your face. Soap can lead to your face being left dry after the wash and that’s something we are looking to encounter. Soaps can also clog pores which could lead to pimples.


3. Toner Usage

Using a toner can be very beneficial in these circumstances. Toners with alcohol or fragrance should be considered as alternatives as it may cause you irritation. Toners with antioxidants or cell communicating ingredients should help your cause by providing the much needed nutrients.


4. Sunscreen During Sunny Days

Try to avoid the sun because this is one major reason why your skin isn’t left moisturized leaving your skin dry and may lead to cracking or even wrinkles. Sunscreen can prevent the moisture leaving the face to considerable amounts and in case of oily skin, foundations can be great to protect you against the same.


5. Exfoliating Process

Exfoliating is a way by which you can remove the dead cells and allow the normal skin hiding underneath to come and grow. Furthermore, exfoliating also acts against clogging of pores and fights anti-bacterial hazards so caused by acne. Blackheads are another issue which exfoliating may resolve. Avocado and honey mixed together to form a paste is an example of an exfoliating product useful in such cases.


6. Cucumber Crush

If your eyes are the dryer part in comparison to others, cucumber can come very handy. Cucumbers are known for having properties which enables your skin to retain and accumulate the lost moisture for your skin. This helps in cooling the skin which affects the dryness sharply. For good results, apply cut slices of cucumber on your face for 15 minutes to see the positive results.


7. Lotion

Applying a lotion will not only help you against combination skin but it will also act as an antiseptic for damaged parts. Lotion further improves your moisture retention by the dry parts but on the same hand, avoid using too much on the oily parts s it may mix with it and make your skin look greasier.


8. Lemon Juice Therapy

Talking about lighten skin discoloration, lemon juice can be another way to see of combination skin and it also leads to restoring the pH balance. Applying lemon juice with a cotton ball and then washing it off will give the oily parts a clear skin and to see that no damage takes place on the dry parts, apply some lotion or foundation to see that they are well moisturized.


9. Yogurt

This is perhaps one of the oldest ways by which you can treat the problem. Yoghurt has exfoliating capabilities to respond to the damaged parts of the skin. Containing lactic acid, yoghurt can extract oil from deep within the skin and at the same time, increases the moisture content on the dry areas. By simply applying yoghurt on your face for about 15 minutes will give you the abovementioned results very soon. Yoghurt will also try to sort the different color occurring on your face due to difference in the moisture content on various parts.


10. Egg Whites

Egg is full of proteins. Thus, leaving out the yellow part and applying the white part on your face and letting it dry to be washed with water can do wonders for you. Rich with Vitamin A, the egg white can reduce your dry blemishes and also tone your skin and tighten the pores, lessening the chances of oily skin recurring quickly.

Egg Whites

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