10 Ways To Have No Heat Curls

Ways To Have No Heat Curls

Hey! Girls, believe me or not, but yes you can have natural curly hair at home without applying any heat or harsh chemicals and creams to your beautiful hair. The curls obtained via heat stays until next hair wash. The curls done with the methods below are good for one night party looks but at least they don’t cause any harm to your hair and you can do them everyday once you develop any of these techniques.

Quite often we use curl heating rods for a hair make over for a party or spray chemicals or apply serums that let our hair stay for longer duration but either we suffer hair fall or hair damage happens. As a result of which our hair develops roughness and split ends or they start giving a shabby look. We then have to get hair spa done just to bring back its lost sheen.

Here Are 10 Ways To Have No Heat Curls :

Big Curls

Wet your hair and rinse off all the water from them. To have big natural curly hair, divide your hair into different equal sections. Make sure you take bigger sections. Roll your hair and make buns and roll them on top of your head. For thick hair and to achieve big curls, you need bobby pins to hold back your buns overnight. Other pins will not serve the purpose. Open your hair next morning, comb them and style them as you like. One rule of thumb, for bigger curls, tie them loosely and for smaller curls, tie your hair tightly and see the results next day.

Big curls

Retro Waves

If you want retro waves, use sponge curls to have wavy and natural curly hair. They come with soft plastic clips to hold back the sponge curls into your hair. The sponge curls are soft and you won’t feel any pain if kept overnight. The procedure is same, divide your hair into sections, put on these sponge curls and have them overnight. Take them off next morning and style your hair turning them on left side and they appear as if it’s a freckled fox hair bunch.

Retro Waves

Vintage Curls

Before starting make sure your hair are 70% dry and 30% wet. This will allow the curls to set easily overnight. Make hair divisions and put on soft sponge rollers. These rollers come in various sizes, so make sure you choose small but broad rollers. Keep them overnight. Take them off next day and use a very high quality bristle brush and softly brush each section as you remove the rollers. Now hold your hair at the end and start brushing from top to downwards softly without separating each strand. Pin them up or style them the way you want and feel the “Vintage” magic.

Vintage curls

Bantu Knots

The curly effect with this type looks pretty on small or teenage girls. It’s very easy. You can have them on dry or wet hair. Start dividing your hair into sections right from top. Take one section, put on rubber band and you have a sleek ponytail kind off. Now start rolling the hair form top till bottom and then round them off to make a bun. Twist it around. And hold the bun with another rubber band. Repeat the steps with other sections too and make small Bantu knots all over your head. Let them be here all night and take the rubber bands off the next day. Brush gently and see the cute effect of your natural curly hair.

Bantu Knots

Flexi Rods Curls

Like you get rollers in the market, you also get flexible and soft cylindrical structures like tubes that can be tied onto different sections of the hair. Just go on tying your hair sections onto these tubes and tuck them off on top. Let them stand one full night and see the result next day. Beautiful, isn’t it!!!

Flexi rods curls

Curls With Socks

Wet your hair. This may sound weird but it actually works. Separate your hair into different sections and wrap the different sections around each individual socks. Tie the socks at the ends so that they don’t get loosened at night when you sleep. Let your hair dry until next morning and then remove all the socks. You have beautiful wavy hair all over and they don’t even look frizzy.

Curls with socks

Hard Curls

Try out wooden rollers or even pencils on wet hair. The procedure is nearly the same as for all the above curly hair. Usually small and sleek wooden rollers are available or you find big plastic rollers. Plastic rollers also come in different sizes. If you can manage the hardness of these wooden or plastic rollers, they can be a very good idea to obtain curly hair for next day’s occasion. Sponge rollers don’t hurt you but these rollers are a little dicfficult to manage overnight but the results are great. The hardness of the rollers allows the curls to stay a little longer than with other methods.

Hard curls

Soft Curls

If you have thin hair, this is a perfect fit for you. Put on a head band. Now the hair that are falling below, take each section upwards and pin them into the lower part of the head band at the back of your head underneath. Do this with every section. Let your hair dry, unpin all the hair, and brush them smoothly to find the natural curls without heat in your hair.

Soft curls

Curls Via Braids

Make tight braids and leave them overnight. The tight and thinner the braids are, the smaller the smaller the curls will be. If you let yourself have a loose braid with larger sections of the hair, you get medium sized curls. So, do this with other sections of your hair and open your braids next morning with sweet natural curly hair.

Curls via braids

Larger Curls Via Braids

If you want real big curls, make one tight braid out of all your wet hair. With this style, you need not to divide your hair into sections. Make a braid with entire hair. Leave them overnight, and pen them next morning. For better result, just keep them for few more hours and open them directly in the evening while getting ready for the occasion. Feel the magic!

Larger curls via braids

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