10 Warning Signs Of Diabetes That You Should Know

Warning Signs Of Diabetes That You Should Know

The modern and inactive life style of people has exposed a number of harmful health problems one of them is diabetes. A lot of people suffer from the problem of diabetes. The problem basically occurs due to the inefficiency of the body to produce enough insulin that is required to break down the glucose. As a result glucose starts accumulating in the body. The main reason of the problem is following a sedative life style but the problem can also occur genetically. Therefore it is very important to know about the signs of diabetes in order to identify the problem and cure it. Here are the warning signs of diabetes that one should notice in order to know about the problem:

Frequent Urination

One of the major warning signs of diabetes includes frequent urination. Due to the build up of glucose in the body, our body tries to remove the excess of glucose through urine. Therefore if a person has diabetes then there will be an increase in the rate of urination.

Frequent urination

Excessive Thirst

The next sign which helps in identifying diabetes is increased thirst. A diabetic tend to urinate more frequently as a result of which there is a decrease in the level of water in the body. Instead of taking it as a sign of dehydration you should be cautious because it can indicate the development of diabetes.

Excessive thirst

Frequent Infections

One of the major impacts of diabetes includes improper functioning of the body’s immune system and as a result our body gets infection quite often. If a person is diabetic then there will increased chances of getting a skin diseases as the micro organism causing the infection are not eliminated by the body.

Frequent infections

Tingling Sensation In Arms And Legs

The problem of diabetes has a direct impact on the nerves due to which the person feels tingling sensation in arms and legs. In severe cases the patient end up feeling no arms and legs and this situation is quite serious. Therefore it is advised not to neglect and take this warning sign lightly.

Tingling sensation in arms and legs

Unexpected Change In Weight

One of the major warning signs of the problem of diabetes is sudden change in weight. Due to more urination the body tend to lose more calories as a result of which the body tend to lose more weight.

Unexpected change in weight

Increase In Appetite

As since the body is unable to properly utilize the glucose the affected person feels an increase in appetite. The body cells need more glucose in order to work properly and as a result the person has to consume more food to remain active.

Increase in appetite

Blurry Vision

All the warning signs of diabetes are a direct result of increased concentration of glucose in the body. More concentration of glucose damages the blood vessels of the eyes you are exposed to certain eye problems like glaucoma, distorted vision, Blurry vision and in severe cases the affected person could also lose vision completely.

Blurry vision

Delayed Healing

Due to the problem of diabetes the immunity of the body is affected very badly and due to a decrease in the immunity even simple problems like cuts and wounds take a lot of time to heal themselves. This is one of the important warning sign to watch for the possibility of the problem of diabetes.

Delayed healing


Again due to the improper utilization of glucose in the body the affected person feels tired and fatigued quite often.



Although there can be a lot of other reasons for depression but the problem of diabetes can also make the affected person feel depressed and irritated. The diabetic person gets irritated even on small and silly things.


These are some of the useful warning signs of the problem of diabetes and if you also notice any of them in yourself then it is better to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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