10 Types Of Wrist-Watches For Every Watch Lover

10 Types Of Wrist-Watches For Every Watch Lover

A watch, however trivial it might seem, is an accessory of great impact. You can change your entire look by jazzing it up with the right kind of watch. A watch can glam up your attire.There is a watch for every occasion. With so many different tones and styles of watches, it becomes necessary to choose the right watch to set the necessary effects. We will now see the different watches that can instantly make you a style icon.

1. Plain Watch With A Thin Leather Strap:

Nothing talks of elegance as loud as a plain, classy watch does. For every rushed formal event, this watch works best. Coming mainly with straps colored brown and black, they go with every attire. They are definitely a must-have for a busy woman.
 Plain Watch with a Thin Leather Strap:

2. Metal Watches:

A watch with a metal strap speaks of both elegance and power. Choose the right watch for you by selecting the right dial for your wrist. The popularity of these watches is growing with each passing year and it’s high time you get one if you don’t already have it. Wear it to your office or workplace everyday and make your everyday outfit look dashing.
 Metal watches:

3. Causal Watches:

This is a watch everyone must simply have. There are different kinds of casual watches again and one should make the right choice by keeping the dial shape and size and also the color of the strap in mind. Always go for colors that can go with every outfit when you buy casual watches. Avoid colors like bright pink, or purple. This is the perfect watch for all the students to wear to their classes and also for those casual meet-up with friends.
 Causal Watches:

4. Rubber Watches With A Huge Dial:

Every girl nurtures a boyish side of herself. For all those days when you want to work all hard and have some hardcore fun, go right out with this watch. For plans like trekking, climbing or traveling, this watch works best. Get watches with white or army green straps as they compliment your outdoorsy look better.
 Rubber watches with a huge dial:

5. Graphic Watches:

For days when you want to feel bold and get imaginations running, graphics watches are the best. This is the ideal watch for people with creative minds and also for those who garner attention through their accessories. This watch is what you must wear for your next over-the-top funky party or that laser tag contest you were always talking about with your friends.
Graphic Watches

6. Skeleton Watches:

If you are someone who just loves finding out the working behind everything possible, you might fall in love with these kind of watches. A skeleton watch is simply a watch which comes with a dial that lets you observe the functioning of it. This watch might be the next big thing after metal watches. Although tricky, this is the perfect watch to club with your street look.
Skeleton Watches:

7. Gold Toned Watches:

This is probably the most popular watch to wear on elegant and classy evenings right now. They come a bit more expensive than the rest but they are worth every penny you are going to spend. You have to choose between rose-gold or simple gold watches while keeping your skin tones in mind. For every high-profile party or event, this watch is your ultimate savior.
 Gold toned watches

8. Diamond Watches:

If you believe in being more extravagant, these watches are simply tailor-made for you. They also work best for high-profile parties but avoid wearing them in the daylight. You have also got to be careful with the outfit you pair it with. Make sure you don’t have too much glitter on your outfits or make up as this may make you look a bit too shiny.
 Diamond watches:

9. Vintage Watches:

Vintage is never going out of fashion. This is one watch you will be wearing for a long time. Get the right tones, straps and dials for your skin type and wrist size and you are good to go. Whenever you wear a dress with a vintage feel to it, simply go for this watch. Choose carefully and match it with your other accessories properly. This is critical when you deal with a vintage watch because they have maximum chances of clashing with your other accessories.
Vintage watches

10. Sports Watches:

This watch, as the name implies, is best when you need to workout in a gym or go to your tennis practice. Sturdy and strong, these watches are the best available watches for your sporty side. Take extra care to go for a waterproof watch, specially if you are into swimming. Although expensive, a waterproof watch can last very long.
Sports Watches:

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