10 Tricks To Look Gorgeous Without Cosmetics

Look Gorgeous Without Cosmetics

Lipstick, mascara, highlighter, compact…..! You won’t find any woman or girl without these essentials in their handbags. Wherever they go, there is this urgency of carrying these cosmetics as most girls have this notion that they can’t look beautiful without these well marketed beauty props. But let us tell you that to look beautiful and radiant girls don’t need these cosmetics at all. And believe us that banishing these cosmetics will make you feel liberated and your skin will thank you for keeping it away from all those harmful chemicals found in these cosmetics. So get ready to look gorgeous within minutes without loading yourselves with cosmetics by incorporating the following tricks in your daily routine.

Here Are The 10 Tricks To Look Gorgeous Without Cosmetics:


No matter how hard pressed you are for time, take that effort to take a shower as if you feel clean, you feel confident and beautiful. And other than that, showering keeps the blood circulating giving you an unbeatable radiant post-shower glow.

Cold Compress or Shower

Stay Hydrated

If you are dehydrated you are sure to look dull and dreary so make sure to drink atleast 2 glasses of water probably spiked with lemon juice before stepping out to keep your skin looking supple and hydrated.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Exfoliate And Moisturize

Nothing looks as bad as dry, scaly and unmoisturized skin especially on your hands and feet. So use an exfoliating face and body wash to remove the dead skin from your face and body and right after your bath moisturize yourself well paying more attention to your feet, hands, legs, arms and face. And besides keeping your skin feeling soft, it will also protect your skin from losing moisture.

Oil-free moisturizer

Trim Those Nails

If you can’t take time out to file your nails then trim them as they’ll look better than those unmanageable shabbily grown nails. It will also save you the time spent on cleaning the nails.

Maintaining Nails

Style Your Hair

A well known trick to look beautiful instantly is to switch to a different hairstyle, one that accentuates your features. So if you keep your hair tied most of the time then experiment by keeping your hair open and vice-versa. People will definitely notice the change and will compliment you.

Comfortable Hair Styles

Right Clothing And Accessories

Wear clothes a little different from your routine and experiment with colours that suit your skin tone. And if you still have that beautiful piece of chunky jewelery in your closet that you think is too loud, wear it as this kind of jewelery looks best on a make-up free face.

Choose comfortable clothes

Shape Your Brows

Well shaped and neat eyebrows play a major role in defining your other facial features. Brush your brows with a baby toothbrush and if you feel you have scanty eyebrows then apply a little kohl on the baby tooth brush and give light streaks to the brows moving the brush in upwards direction.

Define your Eye-brows


This humble product can transform your looks in an instant. Dabbing a little Vaseline on your eyelashes will spark up your face. Mix it with crushed rose petals and apply on your lips to give them a natural pink tint.

Vaseline (2)

Smell Good

Use a deodorant or a perfume to keep yourself feeling fresh and fragrant throughout the day. Smelling good is undoubtedly the only crucial thing that makes a person look and feel beautiful.

Drench yourself in heavenly smelling body mists

Smile And Be Confident

To look beautiful one needs to feel it first. If you are at ease with yourself everyone else will be. A smiling face always looks beautiful and emits positive vibes. So, keep smiling always girls!

‘Smile’ the best make up

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