10 Trendy Ways To Style The Crop Top This Season

10 Trendy Ways To Style The Crop Top This Season

Crop tops are the new hot favorite clothing item of all fashion girls across the world. These tops that have a little bit of midsection exposure have become a common sight in fashion collections. Countless trendsetters have lauded the crop top as the new wardrobe essential that can be styled in various chic ways. Easily available in fashion stores, crop tops come in different fabrics, length, style and print. In other words, there is a sea of crop tops from which you can pick the one that suits your sense of style. Also, anyone who has tried this trendy piece of clothing is well aware of the fact that this particular type of top is highly versatile and can be styled with a number of other clothing items. Whether you like to dress up chic or sexy, a crop top can cater to all your fashion needs. Styling it in proper ways can make it office-appropriate and also ideal for family events. Especially, in this season, when a crop top is popping up at all the important fashion events. Today’s post is going to inform you about different trendy ways in which you can style the chic crop top this season. Needless to say, all the outfits can be effortlessly put together and also ensure that your fashion game is on point. Go through the following list and get to know about some of the trendiest ways to rock the crop top this season.

Mentioned Here Are The 10 Trendy Ways To Style The Crop Top This Season:

1. Crop Top With A Midi Skirt:

Pairing a crop top with a midi skirt is the latest trend in the fashion world that almost everyone is going mad over. This outfit is suitable for a variety of events, be it formal or casual. Chic and comfy at the same time, this ensemble is rocking the runways, red carpet events. To pep up the look of this outfit, sport a pair of block heels and a few statement accessories with this outfit to ensure your style game is always on point.
Crop Top With A Midi Skirt:

2. Crop Top With Culottes:

Culottes have always been around and there are various ways in which you can style these pair of unique pants. One such way of styling a pair of culottes is teaming it with an ultra chic crop top. This fantastic outfit can easily fair as an office appropriate combination and can also look great at casual events.
 Crop Top With Culottes

3. Crop Top With Bandage Skirt:

Bandage skirts are made of stretch fabrics that can compliment your natural figure. Team a pretty bandage skirt with a crop top to highlight your curves and pull of some serious high-fashion vibes. Easily sport this crop top outfit at different places and look breath-taking and memorable. This outfit will read both, casual and elegant. Give this outfit an edge by sporting a pair of pointed heels and carrying a super-trendy handbag.
Crop Top With Bandage Skirt

4. Crop Top With Sweatpants:

Styling a crop top with a pair of uber-cool sweatpants is another super hot way of looking trendy in this versatile piece of clothing. If you are someone who takes styling notes from models and celebs, then you must have noticed that this equal parts sporty and laid-back has become every fashion enthusiasts favorite outfit. To amp up the look, rock a pair of sneakers and oversized sunglasses to look like an off-duty model.
Crop Top With Sweatpants

5. Crop Top With Shorts:

Dress your absolute best in this season by teaming a crop top with a pair of super hot denim shorts. These shorts come in different lengths, so you are free to select the type that suits you best. This perfect-for-vacation kind of outfit ensemble has become the go-to outfit for all things casual. With this combination, you are free to go for a pair of sneakers or pool slide slippers. This crop top outfit is super easy to put together and looks incredible too.

Crop Top With Shorts

6. Crop Top With Flared Jeans:

Take a trip to the fashion scene of the 80s by teaming a crop top with a pair of flared jeans. Combining the new-favorite crop top with retro-inspired flared jeans is a perfect way of blending modern and retro fashion. This crop top ensemble that can be opted for year-round will help you flaunt your impeccable sense of style and also highlight your natural curves. Along with the clothing pieces, you can don a couple of bold, contemporary accessories to pep up the entire look.
Crop Top With Flared Jeans

7. Crop Top With Denim Skirt:

Don a cool crop top with a chic denim skirt to look lively and fashionable at the same time. Ideal for any casual get together or a weekend road trip, this ensemble has become the ultimate go-to crop top outfit that fashion enthusiasts are head over heels in love with. This season amaze yourself and those around you by sporting this uber-cool and chic crop top ensemble. To accentuate the appearance of the outfit, opt for a couple of trendy accessories, keep your hair messy and your makeup minimal.
 Crop Top With Denim Skirt

8. Crop Top With Palazzo Pants:

Pair up a stunning crop top with a pair of breezy palazzo pants. This combination of two uber-trendy and stylish clothing pieces will ensure that you make a strong fashion statement no matter where you go. This particular crop top outfit is popping everywhere, be it the magazine covers or runways. Also, for this ensemble, it is better to opt for a figure-hugging crop top to ensure that there is a balance between the top and bottom pieces. To finish the look, sport a pair of plump heels and glamorous embellished sunglasses.
Crop Top With Palazzo Pants

9. Crop Top With Peplum Pants:

Team a crop top with a pair of peplum pants for your next business meeting and make all heads turn in your direction. This pairing has more of a formal and high-fashion vibe to it. In case, you have the classic black peplum pants then opt for a bright colored, this way you will be able to create an exceptional outfit. Finish the look by opting for a pair of pointy heels and a couple of hoop earrings to look absolutely breath-taking.
Crop Top With Peplum Pants

10. Crop Top With Leather Pants:

The very last way of looking glamorous in a crop top requires you to get hold of a pair of sexy leather pants. This ultimate combo is a sure shot way of looking striking. Often spotted on runway shows and on top trendsetters in the fashion world, the pairing of a crop top with leather pants is perfect for a fun night-out. With this ensemble, you can opt for different kinds of shoes, flat, heels or the timeless boots, it all depends on the kind of look you wish to showcase.
Crop Top With Leather Pants:

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