10 Tips To Style Bangs For Long Hair

Tips To Style Bangs For Long Hair

Long hair can be sported in many different kinds of ways. But most people think that if you had bangs done then you are restricted for styling. But that is really not true. Bangs are a style that is versatile and so chic. There are different ways to don the bang with class and panache. You can use the bangs for a trendy and yet subtle formal occasion or do something really funky with it. You can keep it formal for a formal work meeting or pin it up when you head to the gym. But just remember to trim your long hair and the bang regularly to maintain that bounce. So even with long hair, there is no limit to trying or experimenting with bangs.

Here Are The 10 Tips To Style Bangs for Long Hair:

1. Colour It Up

If you have long hair and go bangs recently then one of the best ways to experiment with a style would be to colour it. You can either go for streaks or a global colour, which immediately adds style the bangs. Highlighted bangs really look amazing and make you look younger too!

Colour It Up

2. Straighten It

Rather than permanent straightening, a great way to style the bangs would be to straighten them at home. This style really looks gorgeous with both tied and open hair. Straight bangs look cute and add a glamorous look to your face, especially with oval faces. You can straighten your long hair too for some added change. If you have straight hair already then just work on the bangs to give a crisp and sharper look.

Straighten It

3. Tong and Curl

To soften up the bang a little bit, you can try and use curlers or tongs. Just remember that since you are working so close to your forehead, don’t burn yourself. Once the curls are done, you can let the bang fall softly on your forehead. For the rest of the hair, you can add light curls or even keep it wavy.

Tong and Curl

4. Sleek It Up

There are days when you feel that the bangs are really getting in your way. Especially on hot and humid days, when your long hair is already adding to your woes. On those days it is best to make use of a rubber band and hair pin. What you can do is pin up the bang lightly in a puff or even pulled back straight. Use some styling gel or serum to help the same stay in place. Then pull your hair back in a pony tail and keep it chic and simple.

Sleek It Up

5. Bouncy Bangs

If you are planning to go for a bouncy and classy hair look then the best way is to add some body to the bangs. For this, you need to comb the bangs inside out and use a blow dryer. This way the bangs tend to come forth and bouncy rather than falling flat on the forehead. You can pin or let your hair loose.

Bouncy Bangs

6. French Braid

The French braid really looks great on women who have bangs. The idea is to go for a classic french braid, without including the bangs. So start with taking 3 hair sections to make a braid, then keep adding one more layer from each side as you go down till your neck. It is a perfect hair style for a summer evening.

French Braid

7. Side Sweep

The side pony tail really works with long hair and you can do a side sweep on the bangs too. Style up and tie your hair in a side pony tail. Then take the bangs and add some serum or styling gel. Blow dry it lightly. No sweep it to the side as you twist the bangs around. Blow dry in the direction your bangs to go in. You can add a small pin to keep them in place but the dryer and gel should work.

Side Sweep

8. Tucked In

Leave the rest of the hair lose, while the bangs are tucked in. Make soft hair waves using tongs or even braiding the hair. Then tuck in the bangs on both sides with either centre or side parting. Now blow dry the rest of the hair for added bounce.

Tucked In

9. Angled Bangs

Angled bangs really look gorgeous with long hair, especially straight long hair. For this, you can ask your stylist to cut the bangs in an angle. If you want this for just a temporary look, then sweep the bangs completely towards the left or right side. Put in place with a hair spray or even serum. This look really works well with longer and oval faces.

Angled Bangs

10. Messy Bangs

This messy bangs look is perfect for a casual evening or even with a chic bun.You just need to ruffle up the bangs after a wash using your hair and some styling serum. If you are going for a messy bun, then pin some strands of the bangs in while leaving the others out. This look works on braids and pony tails for long hair too.

Messy Bangs

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