10 Tips To Maintain Curly Hair During Summers

Curly Hair During Summers

The summers have set in and everyone is complaining incessantly about many things- the scorching sun sweaty body and dehydration problems. During this time, we take a bath many times a day to feel fresh. Many of us even go for face packs that will keep away pimples and acnes away from the face that usually appear during this time because of the sweltering heat. But have you ever thought that your hair also needs extra care that too if you have curls. Heat and humidity pose a problem for curly hair. So in order to keep your curl looking fresh even in summer,

You Can Follow These Simple Tips To Make Them Flaunt Your Stylish Side:

1. Use A Salt Spray Whenever Needed:

Did you know that spraying salty water in your curls make them look more tight and coiled. Buy a sea spray leave in or prepare one of your own at home by following these tips: take a tablespoon of sea salt and dissolve it in 8 ounces of warm water. Also add 10 drops of lavender oil in it. Shake well and spray on your wet or dry curls.PROTECT YOUR CURLS FROM CHLORINE WATER.

Use A Salt Spray Whenever Needed


2. Protect Your Curls From Chlorine Water:

Chlorine water is usually found in swimming pools and it is for sure that everyone will take dips in a pool during the summer season. But if you have curls you need to be extra careful about your hair. Wet your hair thoroughly in tap water and put on a conditioner and oil in your hair. Also do not forget to wear a swimming cap.

Protect Your Curls From Chlorine Water

3. Drink Lots Of Water:

Cold coffee and tea, cold drinks and liquor may be something that you cannot stay without ad any one or few of these are a part of your daily diet. But remember, these drinks only dehydrate the body and do no good for your hair too. So drink lots of water with lemon and slices of cucumber to make the curls look proper from within.

Drink Lots Of Water

4. Moisturise Your Curls:

Never think that summers mean a complete no to moisturizers. Along with the skin your curls also need to be moisturized well to maintain its bouncy look. There are some glazy syrupy gels found in the market that help in maintaining the curls well. A moisturizing flax seed based gel will also help to enhance the curls during the summer season. Trying getting a leave in conditioner that contains proteins to maintain your curls and keep away from making it look frizzy.

Moisturise Your Curls

5. Protect The Curls Form The Sun:

Just like your skin, the sun does damage to the hair too. And if you have curls you need to go the extra way to take care of them. Shea butter and sesame oil are great for protecting the curls from the UV rays of the sun. Protect your curls form the sun by wearing a cap or a scarf that will completely cover your hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

6. Refrigerate Your Conditioners And Stylers:

Lock your cuticles to have nice curls by using refrigerated conditioners and stylers. Use hair products that have a pH level that is more acidic in nature to maintain healthy cuticles for enhancing your curls throughout the summers.

Refrigerate Your Conditioners And Stylers

7. Sweaty Does Not Mean Dirty Always:

You will see sweat trickling down from your scalp every now and then. But that does not mean you have to shampoo your hair everyday. Refresh the scalp by using a good conditioner or simply wash your hair thoroughly so that your hair stays clean and your curls beautiful and bouncy.

Sweaty Does Not Mean Dirty Always

8. Keep Your Hair Fresh:

You may always may not be able to wash your thoroughly so in that case use a fragrant emollient product that will keep your hair fresh and away from sweaty smell and dirt. For more bouncy curls, use hair nectar products that will keep the tresses hydrated and beautiful all summer.

Keep Your Hair Fresh

9. Do Not Tie Wet Curly Hair:

Some believe that tying wet hair gives the hair even beautiful curls. But remember that tying your hair when wet weakens the roots and leads to hair fall too and this is a complete no when you have curls. Instead keep the hair open and make the curls fall back to make you look even more beautiful.

Do Not Tie Wet Curly Hair

10. Twirl Up The Hair:

Tie your dry hair if you feel it making you perspire more when open during summers. Make the curly hair go in a twist, bun or a coil to keep the curls well maintained and away from frizz. To add volume to your curls, rub a hair style paste and tight it loosely to make some of your tresses fall stylishly around your face and shoulders.

Twirl Up The Hair
See the summer season as another pampering season for your curls and not as a trouble. Hydrate yourself well and enjoy a good summer season in high spirits.

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