10 Tips For Hair Straightening

Women with curly hair look very nice. Some of us like to get the hair curled with a curler. Some women like to get wavy hair. However, the straight hair is liked by everyone in the long term. Even after getting the hair curled, women want to get back the straight hair. For this, they use straightening irons. The beauty parlors offer many types of treatments and procedures for getting straight hair. There are also options for getting straight hair permanently. One should be very careful while using chemical products for hair straightening as it can damage the hair. For this, you should use natural products that are safe. We will give you tips for making the hair straight.

Following Are The Top 10 Tips For Hair Straightening

1. Choose Straightener As Per Hair Type

Hair straighteners are available in many sizes. Choose the best one according to the type of hair you have. Mini flat irons that are half-inch in size are good for very short hair with bangs. If your hair is fine and short, use the one-inch flat iron. For hair with medium length and thickness, choose the flat iron with one and one-fourth inch size. If you have thick curly hair below shoulder level, use the flat iron with one and a half inch size. For long and thick hair, choose two-inch flat iron.

Choose Straightener As Per Hair Type

2. Prepare The Hair

It is important to prepare the hair for straightening. If you have fine hair, you should shampoo the hair with a lightweight shampoo. Apart from this, use the conditioner also. After washing the hair, apply volumizing mousse on the hair. Lastly, blow-dry the hair. If you have thick hair, use shampoo and conditioner on the hair. After that, use a smoothing serum and blow-dry the hair.

Prepare The Hair

3. Comb And Detangle The Hair

The hair should be detangled and combed well before using a hair straightener. Just before using the tool, comb the hair and remove any tangles from it. Also, you should stop in between when running the tool and comb the hair. The hair will shape to a nice straight texture when combing is done before and during the use of a straightener.

Comb And Detangle The Hair

4. Use Milk

Milk can help in getting straight hair and removing curls from it. Mix milk with an equal amount of water and fill it inside a bottle that has a nozzle for spray in it. Detangle the hair with the help of a comb. Spray the milk solution all over the hair. Do combing. Wash the hair after thirty minutes. Use a wide toothed comb for combing hair. Do this twice a week.

Use Milk

5. Use Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another natural remedy for getting straight hair. Mix the milk with very little amount of citrus agent like lemon juice. Mix the two ingredients well. Apply on hair all over. Wash the hair after some time. For this remedy, you should wash the hair using slightly warm water. Do this two times in seven days.

Use Coconut Milk

6. Set The Heat At Right Temperature

Use the hair straightener at the right temperature. If you set the heat very high, it can burn the hair and damage it. Don’t set the temperature more than three hundred and sixty five degrees Fahrenheit. If you have fine hair, set the heat of the hair straightener from 300-350 degrees.

Set The Heat At Right Temperature

7. Straighten The Hair Very Slowly

Always be slow while using a hair straightener. Divide the hair into multiple sections. Use the straightener on one-inch part of hair section initially and then move forward with the rest of the hair. Straighten the hair very slowly taking enough time. Being fast will damage the hair.

Straighten The Hair Very Slowly

8. Use Fullers Earth

Fuller’s earth hair pack helps in getting straight hair. Break an egg and separate its white part. Add powdered rice and the white portion of egg you have taken out. Mix very little amount of water to this so that you get a smooth mixture. Apply on hair. After thirty minutes, apply the mixture again. Do this twice or thrice. Wash the hair after two hours time.

Use Fullers Earth

9. Use Fruit Mask

You can also use some fruits like banana for getting straight hair. Use mashed banana for this remedy. Add equal amount of mashed papaya to it. Mix both fruits together well and add little amount of honey. Apply the mixture all over the hair. Wait till the mask becomes dry naturally. After that, you can wash the hair with normal water.

Use Fruit Mask

10. Take Precautions

It is important to take some precautions while using a hair straightener. Avoid using the tool on wet hair. Always dry the hair properly before straightening it. If the hair straightener has become damaged and broken, it is best not to use it. Don’t use the hair straightener everyday. The hair becomes very dry and brittle when the tool is used daily.

Take Precautions


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