10 Tiny Summer-Inspired Tattoos

Spending an awesome time with your loved ones on a sunny day gives you an ultimate pleasure on a hot summer day and spending it with a Popsicle on your hand or other parts of your body is nothing like that, and if you don’t have it still now then go for it right now as summers are the ideal time of getting a nice little tattoo in your body. You can go for many designs you like, designs which are most in demand during the summer is various kinds of fruit design, a nice ode to your favourite season and many more.

Here Are Some Ideas Of Tattoo Designs Especially For Summers

1. Fruit Designs Tattoo

If you are in love with seasonal fruits and if your favourite fruits are here in this season then go in crafting a nice mixed fruit salad design tattoo, this will be a nice vibrant in colour and it will look charming on your body. You need a nice experienced professional tattoo artist to design this tattoo in a perfect manner, as this tattoo will take more place of your body part so your thighs are the best part to show it off all you have to do is style yourself with a nice pair of shorts to flaunt your tattoo.

Fruit Designs Tattoo

2. Popsicles Tattoos

Popsicle tattoos are all time favourite and it is in fashion throughout all the seasons of the year, this looks very cute and fashionable if it is crafted in a right place these tattoos comes with nice and charming colour you can go for having these tattoos more than one if you like having these popsicles are fun and they looks nice and casual wherever you craft them.

Popsicles Tattoos

3. Ice Cream Pop

Along with the Popsicle designs, these ice cream designs are very popular and in fashion during this summer season, as ice cream is a hot favourite during the summer season so this unique ice cream design tattoo looks very cute and beautiful. A cute little ice cream cone or stick looks yummy and cool during this scorching summer.

Ice Cream Pop

4. Wave Design Tattoo

As water bodies and beaches are the most popular places to hang around matching with this feel you can go for a nice wave design tattoo it looks very cool and refreshing. Keep the design of the tattoo small and simple with beautiful vibes and light and cool sky blue color or you can also make your tattoo bright with some other colours if you love colours.

Wave Design Tattoo

5. Fresh Flower Design Tattoo

Flower designs always look,well at every time of the year go for any flower you like, but if you want to craft it ,especially for summer, then you can opt for beautiful jasmine, sunflower, lily, carnation, daffodils etc. A flower looks very simple yet elegant and is nicely suitable for people of every age and every skin texture.

Fresh Flower Design Tattoo

6. Cactus Design Tattoo

As we know cactus and summer are closely related as cactus grows best in the scorching heat of the desert region and so going for a cactus design in your tattoo is highly innovative and fashionable during the summer ,but keep it in mind that go for a smaller one while you are going for a cactus design, just a little cacti on your arm or back portion of your neck will make you feel nice and cool.

Cactus Design Tattoo

7. Seashell Tattoo Design

As you like to go to the beach during the summer and the main attraction of the sea beaches is collecting those beautiful sea shells. If you are in love with those sea shells then you can surely opt for getting the sea shell design tattoo as this delicate sea shell design looks beautiful and unusual and will grab everyone’s attraction for sure. This design is an ultimate summer design which looks very cool and nice and by getting this tattoo you will be able to go everywhere by carrying a little glance of a beach laden with sea shells with you.

Seashell Tattoo Design

8. Palm Tree Design Tattoo

Again, this tattoo will remind you of your favourite place that is the beach where you would like to spend most of your spare time during summers. We all know that most of the sea beaches are laden with various kinds of palm and coconut tree and these trees makes the beach look like a paradise on earth, so these tree designs are ideal for the summer season as these tattoos will remind you of the sea beaches. Ink yourself with a cute and sweet coconut or palm tree on any part of your body to make yourself trendy and sexy during summer.

Palm Tree Design Tattoo

9. Sailboat Design Tattoo

The sailboat is closely related to the sea and its beach we often sea a fisherman’s boat or a sailboat lying on a beach and we like to pose in front of them. Ink down a nice and charming sailboat design tattoo especially on your arms or belly makes them most attractive and sexy to look at.

Sailboat Design Tattoo

10. Pineapple Design Tattoo

Fresh, sweet and juicy ,delicious pineapple is one of the favourite fruits to gallop during summer so this design is a wise choice to craft during summers a nice cute pineapple on your finger, or on your wrist looks charming and adorable. You can be more innovative if you and your bf try your hand of crafting a pair of pineapple matching with each other to make it a symbol of love and friendship.

Pineapple Design Tattoo

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