10 Stylish Ideas To Rock Off Shoulder Dresses

There is no doubt that everyone loves flaunting dresses that complement their body types. Off shoulder dresses are one such style that really can be worn by everyone as long as you know what you are doing is right. Remember that every one has a different body type and also, you may need to make a few changes to slide into these glamorous outfits.

Here Are 10 Stylish Ideas To Rock Off Shoulder Dresses

1. Tone Up Your Shoulders

The rule of thumb here is to first tone up your shoulders and back muscles before opting for these dresses. Remember that if you want to don these, then you don’t want plump shoulders and chubby skin coming off. So think of some lighter weigh lifting and toning exercises that helps in building up muscles around these areas and shows off a fab collar bone. Slender shoulders compliment the off-shoulder dresses the best.

Tone Up Your Shoulders

2. Wax Your Shoulders

The next step would be to ensure that you either wax your shoulder and back area or even use a hair removal cream for the same. Not everyone is lucky to have very little hair around this, so if you are someone with some hair growth here, just wax it off. Plus it also helps in getting rid of dead cells.

Wax Your Shoulders

3. Exfoliate And Moisturize

Like you do with your face, just extend the courtesy to your shoulders also. Remember you are highlighting a crucial part of your body and so it should stand out. Just scrub well using an exfoliating scrub or even natural ingredients to get smooth and satin skin.

Exfoliate And Moisturise

4. Use Foundation Or BB Cream

Your shoulder, neck and the face should be of an even tone. The idea is to glam up this part without really trying hard. You can use a foundation or even a BB cream for this. Finish off with a light compact to give yourself that wow look.

Use Foundation Or BB Cream

5. Cut-Shoulder Or Complete Off-Shoulders

These days you will see many celebrities wearing cut shoulders, which basically means that your shoulders and upper arms are exposed but the region near the collar bone and the lower arms are covered. It is a cool style that gives you a little peek-a-boo benefit.

Cut-Shoulder or complete off-shoulders

 6. Invest In Strapless Bras

You must ensure that you have a strapless bra when wearing these dresses. The concept of clear or plastic straps is rather outdated and you won’t see too many people wearing the same. With a well-fitted strapless bra, you are sorted on this end.

Invest in strapless bras

7. Strapless Body Con, Flared Or A-Line

Even in strapless dresses and tops, there are different shapes available like the body-con, which is more suited for women with hourglass body shapes. Then there is the A-line style that is more suited for pear shaped women. It highlights your upper body and yet makes you slimmer below. The flared style works well for apple-shaped ones.

Strapless body con, flared or A-line

8. Accessories

The next step here is to accessories your shoulders. This depends on if you want to tone it down or take it a notch up. So use neck pieces that compliments your style. You can also accessories just the ears and leave your shoulders bare.


9. Hairstyle For Off-Shoulder Dresses

For formal off-shoulder dresses, make a bun or do a side sweep that gives you the classy finish. If you are keeping it simple, opt for a ponytail or even a side plait that makes you look gorgeous.

Hairstyle for off-shoulder dresses

10. Use A Stole Or Shrug

A shrug or stole or even jacket is the ideal way to finish off this look. It is perfect when you want to cover up during the day and take it off for a romantic date.

Use a stole or shrug

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