10 Stylish And Quick Banana Clip Hairstyles

Quick Banana Clip Hairstyles

If you have long hair then you can style them in a number of ways. Banana Clip hair style is one of them. Your same old hairstyle will look amazingly great with a simple banana clip. Now no more spending money in your favourite salon, try some of these easy hair styles that are sure to bring out the hidden diva in you.

In This Article, We Will Tell You About Ten Easy And Quick Banana Clip Hairstyles

1. Banana Clip French Twist

Create a loose ponytail. Now gently twist it clockwise. Now raise the ponytail and fold it into half. Again turn it round in one direction to make a twist. Secure it with bobby pins and slide the clip in from the ends of the twist.

Banana Clip French Twist

2. Classic Hair Updo With Banana Clip

This is a classic hairstyle that suits girls with curly or wavy hairs of medium to long length. Pull your hair behind your neck and slide in the banana clip from the bottom. Now lock the clip tightly at the top.

Classic Hair Updo With Banana Clip

3. Simple Ponytail With Banana Clip

This is the commonest hairstyle which anyone can easily make. Using banana clip your hair get more volume and flair as compared to a normal ponytail. Pull back your hair and secure it nicely using the clip.


4. Braid Using Banana Clip

In this hairstyle you need to make a loose French braid beginning from the crown of the head to the back of the neck. Don’t tie the ends of the braid. Let it loose. Now open the clip and keep it against your head such that the jaws of the clip are on the either side of the braid. The ends of your braid should rest above the hinge and is sticking out above the clip. Now raise the braid a little and close the clip.

Braid using Banana Clip

5. Modern Banana Clip Hairstyle

This hairstyle will give you trendy and fashionable image. You need to open your clip wide to gather your hair at the crown of your head. Holding your hair in that place using your hand, pile the curls on crown using the other hand. Now place the banana clip. Set the curls around the banana clip to cover the clip completely.

Modern Banana Clip Hairstyle

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6. Bun With Banana Clip

Take all your hair together and form a ponytail. Blow your hair over the banana clip in a 360 degree fashion. Roll the partitions of hair away from the middle of the ponytail and tie it close to the base of the banana clip. This would look like a doughnut.

Bun with Banana Clip

7. Banana Clip Side Ponytail

Ponytail is considered to be easiest and simplest hairstyle which can look even prettier with the help of a banana clip. Take all your hair on one side of the shoulder and secure it using a fancy banana clip. You can use beaded and colourful accessories to add a glamorous touch to the hairstyle.

Banana Clip Side Ponytail


8. Braided Bun With Banana Clip

This hairstyle combines braid with a bun. This combination looks best for any celebration. To make this fabulous hairstyle you need to pull all your hair back and with the help of a banana clip neatly secure them at the crown of your head. Now take different partitions of hairs one at a time and create braid out of it. Slightly twist these braids around the banana clip to give it a shape of a bun. Secure this bun or the ends of the braid using bobby pins.

Braided Bun with banana clip

9. Shoshanna Bun With Banana Clip

This is a type of bun which gives an elegant touch to your personality. To get this hairstyle you need to upturn your hair and tie them from your hairline using a banana clip. Now twist the remaining hair, spin it around the clip and tie it with the help of bobby pin. This will give a look of a gorgeous bun.

Shoshanna Bun

10. Banana Clip Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail hairstyle will suit girls and women who have thick hair. This is one of the hairstyles which look best on festivities or daily wear. All you need to do is to separate your hair into several sections and make a braid out of them. This step will give you many braids. To make this hairstyle more colourful you can knot your braids with the help of colourful rubber bands. With the help of banana clip, tie all your braided sections.

Banana Clip Braided Ponytail

Banana clip has become a classy accessory to neatly tie hair and make them look gorgeous. You are not going to lose a single hair when you use it. This is the reason why it is getting very popular especially in summer season to hold the hair up and keep them away from your neck and face.

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