10 Staple Shoe Types All Women Should Own

Staple Shoe Types For Women

When it comes to shoe styles, there are some staples that all girls should own. The reason is that shoes are versatile, comfortable but not always occasion appropriate. There are some shoe types, which are seasonal while there are others that can be worn all year round. Some shoes are only apt for the day while others can take you from day through night. But like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, there are some shoes that you never tire of! Be it Jimmy Choos, Steve Madden or anything from your corner store. Here are some shoe types that all women should own in their wardrobe-

1. Sleek Boots

There’s nothing more versatile than a pair of sleek boots. These boots are very handy for the winter months and work well during the autumn season too. Basically a good pair of sleek boots, with or without heels are sturdy and durable. They help you last the frost and wet pavements during the winter months.

Ankle length boots are highly suggested here because they provide the apt cover but don’t restrict you during the warmer months. The idea of avoiding very high or kneel length boots is that they are winter restrictive. You can pick them in solid colors like black, brown, gray or blue because they get the least dirty and are easy maintenance.

Sleek Boots

2. Ballet Flats

This is a staple that all working women should definitely own. Not only are these shoes high on the fashion quotient, but they are so comfortable that you will never really want to part with them. Ballets are again shoes that can be worn for both casual and formal wear. You can pair it with almost anything ranging from dresses to jeans or even pencil skirts. Peep toe styles can be chosen for these ballet flats because it works well and is breathable too.

Ballet Flats

3. Platform heels

If you are petite and love to add some height or even if you love walking in heels, without causing pain, then platform wedges are the perfect choice for you. Basically, platforms work very well with all kinds of outfits but the thing with wooden platforms or the espadrilles is that they are chic and stylish.

Not only are they very comfortable to wear, but the height they provide you is good for posture. You can wear these all day long with cute skirts, floral dresses or even capris. Yes these are more apt for the summer months but can be worn through the autumn. Nevertheless, these are a patent pair for all fashionistas.

Platform heels

4. Metallic Stilettos

Metallic stilettos are a great pair for evening wear. Why these stilettos work is because they are glamorous and again versatile. These are the perfect pair of ballroom shoes for you and very much evening appropriate. However, you should make sure that you pick the heels as per your comfort quotient. The very high heeled ones may seem glamorous but they are not really very comfortable. You also have the risk of tumbling or spraining your neck. So make sure that you don’t go overboard with the height.

Metallic Stilettos

5. Comfy Sneakers

These are shoes that you can run around in, go to the mall for that sale or even head to soccer game with your kids. And if you thought that sneakers are not glamorous, think again. Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton have launched their range of sneakers in metallic and glamorous hues, which again are very stylish and yet so comfortable. Pick a more regular Converse if these are very expensive for you.

Comfy Sneakers

6. Open Printed Flats

When it comes to flat styles, there are plenty of options ranging from animal prints to cute florals. The best part of having open style printed flats is that you don’t have to worry about casual outings. You can simply sport this style for a beach or pool party. You can opt for flat gladiator styles that add some glamor to the plain sandals or stick to something strappy and yet chic.

Open Printed Flats

7. Pump Wedges

These are shoe types that you can never get bored of and they will remain in your wardrobe for years, without you getting bored of them. The best part of owning such wedges is that you are always sorted for formal attire. Be it a work related party or simply a formal wedding, such pump wedges come in a variety of styles and shapes.

With pump wedges, you can flaunt high heels without worrying about the comfort factor because it provides you with just the right support. Opt for chic lace styles or even suede or velvet finish to make it perfect for occasions. These feminine shoes can be a classic peep toe style from Christian Louboutin with dainty laces or a classic navy blue suede, which Kate Middleton often sports.

Pump Wedges

8. Kitten or Stacked Heels

If you like to be the sort of person who wants to mix comfort with style then kitten or stacked heels are your best bet. Why these shoes work is that they offer a bit of height, without compromising on the style factor. Again, you can pick various open or closed shoe designs, based on your requirement.

Kitten or Stacked Heels

9. Flip Flops

Everyone needs a basic water friendly kind of flip flops that can be worn around the house, when you are gardening or even simply hanging out with neighbors. Water friendly flip flops in rubber work the best so think Crocs. But remember to not walk too much in these because they might cause pain in the heels!

Flip Flops

10. Working Out Shoes

And last but not the least, if you are the kind of person who loves her walking or running or even any other physical exercise, you must own a pair of well supported sneakers. You can wear these sneakers while training or working out or even during weekend picnics and camping. With one pair, you are sorted for multiple activities. So the next time you are worried about what shoes you must own to complete your wardrobe, you can add at least a few of these.

Working Out Shoes

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