10 Simple Home Remedies To Cure And Soften Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels

Beauty and grooming isn’t just limited to face and hair. In the hype to keep our face groomed, most of us ignore our legs. The result are ugly cracked heels that are equally painful. Some women might get the leisure to visit expensive salons every single week to soften their cracked heels, not all women can afford that much time. To solve the problem of cracked heels without much money and time, we bring forth our list of 10 amazing home remedies that will not just cure cracked heels, but will also keep them baby soft.

1. Sandalwood Paste:

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that sandalwood helps in improving skin’s complexion, but not many know that it is an exceptionally powerful home remedy that can cure cracked heels without much fuss and efforts. One of the major reasons that result in cracked heels is dryness. Heels are the most ignored part of our body. And surprisingly, they are the most strained part as well. When not moisturized properly, they eventually start peeling layer by layer, developing ugly and painful cracks. The first key to cure cracked heels is cleansing and deeply moisturizing them.
Sandalwood is one such exceptional softening and cooling agent that is loathed with the goodness of an antiseptic astringent. It relaxes the over strained heel muscles and cells. Mix sandalwood powder with rose water to form a paste. Apply the paste on cracked heels and leave it overnight. Wash the paste in the morning with lukewarm water and cover the heels with a layer of vaseline jelly. It will cool down the stressed heel cells by reducing pain and inflammation, and will soften them curing cracked heels gradually.

2. Milk Cream And Turmeric:

Milk cream is a natural moisturizing agent and turmeric is rich in curcumin. Curcumin is a natural therapeutic agent that is used in different massage creams and massage oils to heal blotchy, dry and cracked skin. Turmeric is not just a complexion enhancer, it is also a cleansing and repairing agent.

Mix milk cream and turmeric to form thick paste. Apply the paste on cracked heels and let it rest for half an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water. Grease your heels with Vaseline jelly and let your feet rest overnight. Regular usage of milk cream and turmeric will soften and cure cracked heels within two months of regular usage.

3. Honey And Gram Flour:

Honey is a natural skin smoother. Though its solo use can repair dry skin on the face, but it cannot fully cure and soften the deep heel cracks. When you mix honey with gram flour, the paste helps in smoothening and moisturizing the cells deeply by hydrating the dry and stressed feet tissues. Increased hydration increases the quality of cells. And the cells rapidly divide and produce new cells that heal, cure and smoothen cracked heels.

Honey And Gram Flour

4. Neem Paste:

Sounds weird? Well, neem is not just good for acne, hair and dullness, it is exceptionally good in curing cracked heels back to normal. Neem, with the goodness of antibacterial property, is also an hydrating agent. Simply crush neem leaves and apply the fresh neem juice along with leaf fibres on cracked heels. You can also mix the crushed neem leaves with almond oil to form a semi liquid neem serum. Warm the paste and apply it on your heels. Massage the paste for 15 minutes gently. It will help your homemade neem serum to seep deeper within the inner skin cells, cleansing and moisturizing them. Wash it in the morning. It will make your heels soft and radiant within days of its use, eventually repairing them.

Neem Paste

5. Gram Flour:

Gram flour is highly effective against cracked heels. It is mainly due to the dual way it can be used for healing skin cracks. Simply mix gram flour with milk and scrub the cracked heels gently. It will remove dirt and dust from the heels while keeping them moist. Then mix gram flour with milk cream, almond oil and honey to form thick paste. Apply the paste and leave it on your heels for 2 hours. It will not just soften and cure cracked heels, it will also reduce blackness and make your heels whiter and radiant.

Gram Flour

6. Banana Peel:

Banana peel, which we also call banana flesh, is extremely rich in fiber loathed with the goodness of tannin. Tannin contains Gallic acid, and Gallic acid is a warehouse of antioxidants. You can simply grind the entire peel or its flesh in a mixer to form thick paste. Mix the paste with milk cream and apply on cracked heels. Leave the mask overnight and wash with lukewarm water in the morning. Gallic acid will cleanse the cracks against dirt, dust and bacteria. Antioxidants will boost collagen formation. Collagen will trigger the formation of new skin cells that will be soft and healthy. Eventually, they will replace the dead cells in cracked heels, filling the gap.

Banana Peel

7. Boiled Brown Rice Paste:

Brown rice is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can boil brown rice and mash it to form thick paste. Mix the brown rice paste with vaseline jelly and vicks vaporub. Vicks is rich in camphor. Camphor is a proven astringent, smoother and skin repairing agent. Apply the paste on your heels and leave it overnight. You will start noticing the healing and softening effect within one week of its regular use.

Boiled Brown Rice Paste

8. Aloe Vera:

How can one not talk about aloe vera when talking about skin softeners and healers. Simply cut an aloe vera stem and scoop the sticky gel mash. Crush the mash in a blender and mix it with rose water. Aloe vera and rose water will cool down the stressed skin cells around your heels. It will reduce inflammation, reducing pain. The paste will eventually hydrate and soften the dry and dead cells, and help the skin replace those dead cells with fresh cells curing your heels naturally.

Aloe Vera

9. Butter:

Butter is a natural byproduct of milk. It is rich in fatty acid, vitamin A, E and K2. The best part is, all these vitamins and fats are soluble. when you rub butter on cracked heels, all these vitamins and fats are absorbed in the skin. They make the extremely dry skin on heels smooth, since they work on the underlying skin layers, not just epidermis. These vitamins cure infection within the cracks and induce the formation of new cells that replace old cells, and fill the cracks eventually.


10. Oat Paste:

Oat meals are one of the healthiest breakfast recipes because they are rich in nutrients. These nutrients also work wonders for cracked heels. Simply mash boiled oats and mix them with lemon juice. It will sting on the feet initially, but will cleanse the cracks thoroughly. Keep the paste on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with cold water thoroughly. Fill the gaps with vaseline jelly and leave it overnight. It is one of the quickest ways to soften and cure cracked heels.
You have to no more suffer from the pain that cracked heels induce. Use any of the above listed home remedies regularly, and pamper those ignored heels to make them as healthy radiant and soft as your face is.

Oat Paste

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