10 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

For Thick Hair

Women who have thin hair often complain of their hair type and quality. Thus, having naturally thick is a blessing in a way. Women who have thick locks of hair are very lucky as there are natural volume and thickness in the hair and it helps in making hairstyles very easily. Different hairstyles are possible on straight and curly hair with thickness. It is easy to clean and style the thick hair in comparison to thin hair that poses many styling challenges. The best option is to have a short hairstyle on thick hair for a perfect and sharp look. Bob and pixie hairstyles look very nice. A short length hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair including straight and curly hair. It will also look nice on texturized hair. You can choose many other good hairstyles. We will suggest some short hairstyles for women who have thick hair.

Following Are The 10 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair.

1. Jessica Alba Hairstyle

Jessica Alba hairstyle looks very nice on girls and women with thick hair. For this hairstyle, ask your hairdresser to cut the short shoulder length hair into a long bob. Use a hair dryer to style the hair and make it straight. Use Ombre highlights on the hair.

Jessica Alba Hairstyle

2. Pixie Cut Hairstyle

A Pixie cut hairstyle looks great on thick hair. The hair is cut with the razoring technique. The razored hair is cut towards a short nape while longer hair stands are cut into slices towards the back. The hairstyle looks sleek.

Pixie Cut Hairstyle

3. Textured And Tousled Hairstyle

A Textured and tousled hairstyle is an ideal choice for thick and short hair. For this look, get a haircut with bangs. First, style the bangs. Divide the hair into several big sections and curl each part with the help of a hair curler. Separate all curls with fingers to create a tousled and messy look in the hair. Lastly, apply texture spray on the hair. Finish the hairstyle by again separating all curls with fingers.

Textured And Tousled Hairstyle

4. Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

A Wavy pixie hairstyle looks gorgeous on women who have short and thick hair. Get a wavy pixie haircut to achieve this look. Make soft waves in your hair that have a bouncing effect. It will help in creating volume in your hair. Apply hairspray so that the waves hold and stay in place. The hairstyle looks trendy and charming with a lot of movement.

Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

5. Solange Knowles Hairstyle

If you have thick hair, get a Solange Knowles hairstyle with curls. Ask your hairdresser to make a center parting in the hair and do a triangle haircut. Use a hair curler to get dense curls in both sides of the hair. This creates a triangular shaped hairstyle that looks good on thick and short hair.

Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

6. Short Sassy Bob Hairstyle

Short sassy bob hairstyle is an ideal choice for women who have thick and straight hair. To get this look, get a bob haircut with short layers behind the head. Also, the layers should be short on the sides. Give a sleek haircut to your hair to balance the natural volume in your thick hair. The hairstyle has a fun and flirty look.

Short Sassy Bob Hairstyle

7. Ringlet Curls Hairstyle

A Ringlet curls hairstyle involves making interesting and attractive ringlets in the hair by curling them. It looks nice on short and thick hair. For this hairstyle, curl the hair with the help of a hair curler. Use shine spray on the ending part of the hair. Make ringlet curls and apply hairspray. In case the hair is already curly, make the curls more beautiful and defined by applying a hair product called curl cream on the hair. Besides this, you should also apply a diffuser.

Ringlet Curls Hairstyle

8. Katie Holmes Chic Hairstyle

Get a Katie Holmes chic hairstyle for short hair that is thick. For this look, ask your hairdresser to do an angled bob haircut in your hair. Also, make long bangs with the bob. It gives a beautiful and classic look to the hair. The hairstyle is also suitable for curly, short and thick hair.

 Katie Holmes Chic Hairstyle

9. Chic Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyle

A Chic asymmetrical cut hairstyle gives an edgy and girlish look to women with thick hair. For this hairstyle, get a short and shaggy haircut with thick waves. The hair is cut in an asymmetrical manner. The hair has long bangs that give a feminine touch to the hairstyle. Wear big earrings with this hairstyle.

Chic Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyle

10. Long Fringe Hairstyle

The Long fringe hairstyle looks very nice on short hair that is thick. Get a haircut with heavy bangs and a fringe that frames the face. The hairstyle gives a very defined look. Style the hair with the help of a hair dryer. Use medium round brush for this purpose. Use a hair straightener for making the hair straight, sleek and smooth. Finish the hairstyle by using texture cream on ending part for piecier appearance.

Long Fringe Hairstyle

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